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Jul 2015
She had an option now
Once a goal, fed until wings spread until flight took until she lost the town
Until shot down
She had an option now, a full fledged choice, all teeth and silence
In the wake of her indecision grew envy, which looks like a giant mosquito, if you believe in giants

Before we go towards sore mode and mope so hopelessly over "wrote poetry", let us take time to give the mosquito a little appreciation
Unlike choice, envy is a toothless *******, and instead pokes and prods and leaves an undesirable little welt
But like choice, envy hovers

She slept on cardboard that night
That night in particular was rather dreary, grey and wet
Kicked out of her home, alone so closed and prone to no hope
She dove to floor and groped dope to erode her dome


She hit that stash and sat back happy in mad hat fantasies
Mad hat had-to-be's and lap dance reveries she tapped untapped man, she gagged for bags and haggled deep

Back then, she was a pariah,
She floated and she owned it, turned around and wrote it and low and behold she sold it, and now she's bold poet

Funny how the world wants you when you don't need it
Funny how a girl flaunts too, for the temporary feeling

We swat bugs who want a fix

But when they're butterflies...

They flutter by
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