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Her thoughts and I,
we stay awake
waiting for someone,
hoping for somethings
for the heart in pain
needs no tending
just a pinch of the divine
and that silver lining.

I think of the moments
we gently stole
from the curious eyes
of tired souls
our driving the distance
to escape our own
and finding the universe
in our palms, unfold.

There in the coffee shop
she stares at me
from the helpless tea bag
in scalding water.
In the bottle she would get
to quench her thirst
I find her asking if
my need's greater than hers.

The empty seat of car,
in front
is taken in her absence
by her memories warm
The gear shaft
without our fingers twined
is stripped bare
of our naked thoughts

The rains when they come,
they flood my heart
for a stormy noon
is still parked within
when the highway was lost
behind a sheet of rain
and in lights all turned on,
our tongues were mating.

Her breath is all over
this gluttony of a glass
half filled with wine,
half consumed by need
Now, the dam opens,
blood rising to the lips
flooding me with her thoughts
she can never read...
Where do you find love?
In the absence of your love...
  Sep 2018 Alvaro
Both can ****
        The only difference is
                      Cigarettes shatter lungs
         She shatters everything

            I remembered the first moment
my lips pressed the filter
     as I lit it up breathed it all
                savored every smoke
       as if we covered up painful lies
        in a container of painkillers

The same way  
we used to pressed our lips
     sparked something between us
           savored every moment we had
    as if our love was a rose
               in a valley of tulips
  Jul 2018 Alvaro
Anakaren Davila
If I could call you
anything other than your name,
sweeter than honey and blame,
I'd call you safety.

If I could taste you,
even while you're away,
you'd taste like home
on rainy days.

  Jun 2017 Alvaro
I can only imagine
what it would feel like
to have your lips
touch mine.

Would there be a spark?
A powerful force of the unimaginable
by this interaction,

Would there be fireworks?
Going off in the background that
some how managed to
start at the right time

Would it make time stop?
Where it's just you and I,
would we notice if we even started to fly?

I don't know what it would be like
but i know there will be no flying
no fireworks at the right time
and definitely your lips would never touch mine

I can only imagine.
Alvaro May 2017
lo simple que es quererte

lo simple que es verte
y sentir tranquilidad

lo simple que es escucharte
y sonreir de mas

lo simple que es
lo que vale la pena
y tu lo disfrazas
de dificultad
Alvaro May 2017
you jumped in the water
but the fire's inside
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