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  May 19 Anakaren Davila
Peter B
Her eyes
reflect my moon.
In her eyes
it's always full.
Oh moonchild
Yes, you.

You know I can’t
stop thinking about you

Those eyes are stuck
Inside of my rebellious soul

When there’s light
I live for the wait

And at night you remember
It’s never too late
make me your stranger
i'll be whatever you want
as long as I get to listen to
my favorite laugh

make me your neighbor
i'll even be that
as long as I get to grasp you
giving me that piercing glance

being far away from you is danger
i can't take it too long

my body's your paper
so take a pen and come write me down
you shed memories
like a snake
out of instinct

you pack and go
without much thought
without a care in the world

you throw away all that we were
all that we dreamed
all that we lived

yet here I am
picking up
all that you shed
all that you packed
all that you threw away

and I hug it hard
and I hug it close
while I fight not to
lose my mind
as I see you go
I can’t tell if I was day dreaming
Or if my judgement was just clouded
You looked as good as ever
As fierce as always

I don’t know if I was out of my nightmare
Or if you became my night savior
You were as gentle as always
But you brought more trouble than ever

What I do know
Is that I had never felt so alive
Like I did yesterday
Baby you are my fire and chaos
They were there all along
Warning you
To run as fast
And hide as best
As you possibly could

But you ignored them
You turned you face away
They didn’t exist
And denied
That side of the picture

Next time
Look closer
Listen more carefully
The signs are always there
You just have to stash
The stubborn blindfold away
Anakaren Davila Nov 2018
Some nights I still cry about you
I let the tears fall down my cheeks
Like a creek they travel to my heart
And flood it with thoughts of you

Some nights I still talk about you
In silence I whisper to the moon
Who patiently waits for me
to fall asleep after a bottle or two
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