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I watch life float by
like a dragonfly
riding the breeze.
I need to seize the
current like a
brick of gold,
soar ever upward,
above the swamps,
and dead lilies.
Transcendent light blinds
temporarily, but it's
necessary for new sight,
and stronger wings.
I wanna put it down for you like Brandy.
I wanna take you down like Chris Brown.
Baby, let’s get into the rhythm.
Can we make it interesting?
Can we float like we are on dope?
Can you stroke me nice and slow?
I really wanna go there with you.
I wanna hear every high note that you sing.
Let the harmonies and runs flow through me
As you take me to the infinite lands of bliss.

We can hug and rub as we enter the pre-game show.
We can ride it out and make our love glow like the moonlight.
I can come on slow or strong, whichever way you want me to.
Pour your sweetness all down my neck and chest.
Caress me where it means the most to me.
Send me into outer reality where you are next to me.
We can vibe and vibe, ride and ride, and never get tired.
We get wild and wild, higher and higher, and never retire.
Just let whatever transpire and excite our lives.
Long awaited you have been
Please don’t make me spin

last year had enough twists and turns
it’s certainly a time that’s been burned

into my brain and the memories of us all
As I am sure you recall

Please do me a favor
I’ll take you as my savior

do not make this year hell
I just want everything to go well

Be the opposite of last year
Let’s create a new frontier

a better future
where you are not the same abuser

2020 striped me of so much
but 2021 it is you that I trust
 Jul 2020 Alexis karpouzos
I think in feeling too much, I forgot what it means to feel at all
On days where your bones are heavy
and your hands stay cold,

On days where your brain is overcrowded static
and your heart is sand and dust,

Remember that there is a warm bed
to welcome you home,
and music to soothe the unplaceable ache.
shallow water,
the tide would go back in and out
i saw you, you were floating
while me, i just kept sinking down and down
no matter how hard i tried,
i couldn't get up.
All this emptiness inside
I can't fill the void in my mind
Sometimes I just wanna die
Wish that I could tell you why
Is it all inside my head?
I just can't escape the noise
Is it all inside my head?
I think I'm paranoid
Just like the moon
I shine like a full moon
Once a month...
That's the day ..
When You are with me ...dear!!
Wish you were with me
Everyday ...
To be a full moon every day!!
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