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The  sea of silence lies between us,
but In silence nature's grandest work is done
and the Life's brightest stars rise from a troubled darkness.
So remember, even if you are not ready
for light it cannot always be darkness.
When day comes we ask ourselves where can we find light in this never ending shade? The loss we carry, a ocean we must wade. We braved the belly of the beast. I have seen you in millions of places. I met you in a million forms. We met among the ruins, the ashes and the bones, we lost them all, but we found each other, I saw your lion heart, and it pulled me. I saw the creation and the destruction in your eyes. I see you here in the mud, on the rock, in the rays of the rising sun. We are Dead and alive, we saw a thousand Christs go by As they went up to Calvary but The dove it found no resting place. You were where our solar system was formed, you whispered something to me for eternal love and then you fell from my hands and everything became fire. All the myths always showed you.

We are man and woman, plant and stone, amorphous and form, swallow and eagle, snake and gazelle, fantastic creatures of the depths. They crucified us, beat us, tied us to poles and burned us, wrapped us in gold and silver jewelry, then exalted someone in the world and then we were ridiculed. We stood together in front of the executive detachment, our bodies pressed against each other for the last time, flesh by flesh, as we became utensils for the spirit.
But don’t forget You are my brother, my sister, my child. I took care of you from infancy and you took care of me. We were lovers and friends, we recognized each other with countless disguises, here on one side and there on the other. And in the end, there were no sides at all, only this magnificent loop, this One Circle — majestic, magnificent, royal, timeless, utterly mysterious and towering above all things. Print me in your heart, love is as strong as death “. Does not matter. You are inside me and I am inside you and we will compose again a humanity committed to all cultures, colors, characters, and conditions of man.
The tears of a child, the pain of a mother! A heart full of memories of a dead father! Here's so much sorrow, in every eye.  Nothing but hurt left here,  Nothing but bullets, pain, misery and shattered dreams …. Yet for the children of  world only one equation counts: their shared humanity.

We will gather together as brothers, We will gather together as brothers. and we will live in solidarity with others in this world, we are the thirsty souls of a world without divisions. If we merge mercy with might and might with right, then love becomes our legacy and change, our children's birth right. Let's step out of the shade, aflame and unafraid and don't trust any immortalist. The dove will find a resting place!
If I can stop one Heart from breaking, shall not live in vain, If I can ease one Life the Aching, I shall not live in Vain. Life is too short, A flickering flame, a transient gleam, A flower doomed to swift decay, To bud and bloom and pass away. Between the cradle and the grave a frightened child with tears in his eyes looks at the light. Life is too short, But he who kisses with joy  the life, lives in eternity’s sun rise.
The sky touches the face of the blue earth and whispers, ''I am so yours''. The earth wonders, ''How could that be. You are boundless. You have so starries jewels, stars, suns and moons,  and I , I am little, I have no own light.  And Beyond that, in the modern era, in the Barbaric greed of civilization, I feel, a thousand deaths on my body,
no more flowers left to bloom,  no more harvest to reap,  tears have become irony, fades daylight''.  And the sky replies, ''I know, they came with iron chains claws sharper than the wolves,  came hordes of hunters with perverted eyes of contempt.  But,  Even if your tears are restive your heart glistening in trampled darkness''.
All this universe, to the furthest stars,
all beyond them, is your flesh, your soul.
And one day, under the great sky in solitude and silence,
with humble heart shall I stand face to face with the abyss,
then, I think, i will understand why there is such a play of colors on clouds, on water, and why flowers are painted in tints, why there is music in leaves, and why the waves sending their chorus of voices
to the heart of the listening earth when I sing to make you dance.
Alexis karpouzos Dec 2021
I thought that my voyage had come to its end
at the last limit of my power,
that the path before me was closed,
that possibilities were exhausted
and the time come to take shelter in a silent obscurity,
But I find that thy will knows no end in me.
And when old words die out on the tongue,
new melodies break forth from the heart;
and where the old tracks are lost,
new country is revealed with its wonders.
So, don’t give up on love
when it seems that all is lost,
for there is always life
if we’re prepared to pay the cost.
Alexis karpouzos Nov 2021
When the stars shone in their first
splendor, the gods held their assembly in the sky and sang.
''unbroken unity is over all!
But one cried of a sudden,
---'It seems that somewhere there is a break in the chain of light
and one of the stars has been lost in the shadow of mortality''.
Nov 2021 · 403
Alexis karpouzos Nov 2021
Light, my light, the world-filling light,
the eye-kissing light,
the heart-sweetening light!
Ah, the light dances and the sky opens,
the wind runs wild, laughter passes over the earth.
the light is generosity, is shattered into gems,
and it scatters its golden aura in profusion.
Oct 2021 · 72
Alexis karpouzos Oct 2021
i know that i shall meet my shadow, one day, is our fate.
I know that, someday, the light ends for us and the deadly gravity will absorb us. But then, without space and time, without life and death, the infinite pieces will be reunited, a deeper union through the tranquility of silence will be born. And again, a magician spark will shine and a ocean of souls will flood the universe and will give birth to stars and grief. And maybe, just maybe, in another heaven, my dreams will be your dreams.
You see, everything repeats itself and everything will be reincarnated in different forms. An incredible miracle, carefree, and we live in it. Please, stand still and breath the generosity of the miracle. The miracle is folded into your heart.
Alexis karpouzos Oct 2021
The earth ponders,
'I feel, a thousand deaths on my body,
no more flowers left to bloom,
no more harvest to reap,
tears have become irony'.
The sky touches the face of the blue earth and whispers,
'I am so yours'.
The earth wonders,
'How could that be.
You are boundless.
You have so starries jewels in your treasure,
stars, suns and moons,  
and I, I am little, I have no light'.
And the sky replies,
'Haven't you noticed?
Your ***** is as green
and your heart glisterning in trampled darkness'.
Sep 2021 · 380
Alexis karpouzos Sep 2021
Why must I lose everything I own?
Why must I lose all I have loved
All that I desire, all that I've known?
Time is Relentless, dauntless.
Like a fleeting moment, like a speck of dust
In a quick heartbeat, in a fleeting breath
Loss descends like darkness
Like the deep calm of death.
but love Declares a war on loss, on the inevitable,  
asserts its arrogance, love shines its sword.
Such valiance is what makes one stand
Without fear or dilemma, unguarded
Challenging death's aggressive blows.
Yet again and again, life’s designs must fail.
Yet there is a need so great, a longing so strong
Time's lesson unheeded, all defeats ignored
Love asserts its arrogance, love shines its sword.
"You're not real , death, you do not exist"
Life asserts proudly, as death smirks on
Pride stands firm, love marches ahead
Knowing unknowingly…. that all will be gone.
that the Tears evaporate.
Alexis karpouzos Jul 2021
When I shall end my days on this earth.
Hold fast to dreams
For if dreams die
The soul, denies its divine heritage in life
Hold fast to dreams
For when dreams go away, the silent world of shadows is coming. And if the Roads are blocked and Barbed wire rampant everywhere, hold fast to dreams,
dreams are the mystics messengers of freedom
that come within our heart and call us in secret.
A soul rose on this earth and walked its chosen path
to fill her hands with morning songs.
Alexis karpouzos Jun 2021
My child, let your life come into the world of darkness
like a spark of light, without flicker and pure,
and thank them in silence.
You know, my child, they are cruel in their greed and envy,
their words are disguised knives thirsting for blood.
But do not be afraid, my child, go and stand in their hearts,
and let your gentle eyes fall on them
like the forgiving serenity of the night.
My child, let them see your face and so they know it
meaning of all things, let them love and love one another.
Go, at sunrise, open and lift up your heart like a blooming flower, and at sunset, bend your head
and silently complete the worship of the day.
Remember, my child, gods and demons,
ghosts and elves are fragments of one,
built by the hand of the abyss.
So, move on, go to the shore of the vast darkness,
there, is the Great Meeting of Children,
there, the sea gives a smile to the beach,
there, sing the waves facing death.
Alexis karpouzos Jun 2021
Crossing the far away sky of soul,
In the pilgrimage of light,
on the fine coast of extinction,
we will meet.
There, in whose space,
creation first became existence,
we will turn this monotonic world,
into  a celestial melody of sounds,
In the emptiness spinning
without aims or needs.
Alexis karpouzos May 2021
Our road not marked on maps.
Fugitives of the centuries,
our origin is the breathing
and our destination is exhalation,
A thousand suns are flowing in our blood,
and the vision of infinity is always chasing us.
The form cannot tame us,
Our days are a fire and our nights a sea.
Alexis karpouzos Apr 2021
if stars are still lit it means there is someone who needs them.
It means someone wants to love,
Why then do we feel so much pain and heaviness of heart?
are we waiting for something, regretting anything?
To whom I can strech out my hand in the somber desert?
Who will accompany me on the empty night?
Who will give me a fiery day?
Who will bring back the sea that left?
No hope here. Torment is certain.
Without sacredness in the emptiness of this world of ours,
the heart of man fades like a flower.  
Suddenly, the shuddering of the heavens penetrating my soul,
Oh never let the parting sun, no star is ever lost we once have seen, the long rains will continue to fall.
Alexis karpouzos Apr 2021
You can only find out
what you are from what you are not
which is everything and nothing.
Your home is everywhere and nowhere.
Your true identity is no identity.
You aren't an owner but  
a messenger of the infinity,
The no-thing is open to everything,
timeless and Free.
Alexis karpouzos Apr 2021
Time is the architect of fate,
fleeting omen, pure phantom
in enchanting light of absence,
and our life the play of love and death,
only love will never die,
because In love no longer ‘thou’ and ‘I’ exist,
only the blossom of sacred unity.
Alexis karpouzos Feb 2021
The gods are silent in a naked sky.
the stars glitter
but the eyes of human are closed,
looking through the shadows.
If the Mountains fall and seas divide,
life brings men into deep waters,
not to drown them, but to cleanse them.
Alexis karpouzos Jan 2021
An old dream is dead
but a new one is being born,
as a tree that pushes through the solid ground to recede.
A new strength, born of pain and suffering,
is pulsating in the veins and a new empathy
and understanding is being born of past suffering.
Alexis karpouzos Jan 2021
Behind the heavens,
life and death, a tone,
Behind the heart,
a butterfly dancing,
In the end everything is simple,
as simple as a leaf that one holds in one’s hand,
as simple as the laughter of a child.
Alexis karpouzos Dec 2020
All humans on earth are one.
We descend from the same family of common ancestors.
We are, in a quite literal sense, siblings,
and like siblings we depend on each other's love
and care and responsibility.
We are interdependent not just in our families and communities,
but in nations, and increasingly on a global scale
- just as we are also interdependent with nature,
with earth and the universe”.
So, different souls  and cultures but one earth,
so, different stars but one universe.
Alexis karpouzos Dec 2020
In every moment
life offers herself,
whole and ardent,
in every moment
life invites itself at the banquet of possibles,
possibilities, silent messengers,
through the mists of time,
they invite the world to take shape,
to come out of hiding place of eternal silence.
Alexis karpouzos Dec 2020
The earth, a grain of dust,
suspended in a sunbeam,
it underscores our responsibility to treat
each other with more kindness and compassion,
and to preserve and love this pale blue dot,
the only home we have ever known.
Alexis karpouzos Nov 2020
Where have you been?
I returned to the river,
I returned to the mountains.
I asked for their hand in marriage again,
I begged to wed every object and creature,
and when they accepted, then I knew my soul
—every soul—then i knew,
the souls are drawn from the oceans of silence.
Alexis karpouzos Oct 2020
When one door opens, another closes.
this is the eternity's circle,
mistakes belongs to us, but not all,  
the fate mapped out for us to follow,
but does not define our choices,  
beings of necessity and randomness,
we're rattling over the abyss
in the vicinity of dying stars
Alexis karpouzos Sep 2020
After time,
people will say,
in those years,  
we lost the meaning of we,
we lost the sense of universality
found ourselves prisoners into ego,
in a long soliloquy
and the infinite life reduced to i,  
war inside us,
we fight inside us,
the birds of prey scream
and their beaks hurt us
but through the fog, the stars,
the makers of wandering dream
with their accumulated wisdom
they're sending us a mutiny message
go on and on the tragic crossing
the owl flies at night.
Alexis karpouzos Sep 2020
Dawn meet the light,  
and the twillight the moon
all are mirages
on labyrinth of mind,
ever since time waking.
Do you think that our existence
makes any difference
to this vast universe?
Did we just happen
or were we meant to happen?
In the universal scheme of things,
we stand nowhere.
We may manage to survive in it,
but we have no control upon it,
except in the little space and time
that we create for ourselves.
We are little possibilities
in the endless probabilities of the universe.
Alexis karpouzos Sep 2020
Τhat sad hour when walked down the shadow,
i noticed a starlight mark and i followed it,
far away, to where another world begins,
between everywhere and nowhere,
there i met the circle of infinity,  
where bird and man were one and the same.
Alexis karpouzos Sep 2020
We know so little,
so little, almost nothing
and this is only truth,
when and from where?
from the fissure of infinity
and the unreel of time,
lonely splinters
we wander on dreamy travels,
and the truth a flowing shadow
and it call us,
but the call still is not heard,
nor does the caller reveal his face,
and people voicelessly love and die,
because the truth dosen't speak,
but dance in the harmony of unity.
Aug 2020 · 179
Alexis karpouzos Aug 2020
our place is placeless,
traces of the traceless,
beggars, made of immortal light,
we search the lyric grace of silent music,
the hidden harmony of stars,
we come on life to signal the end of darkness,
love, this great pull in us to connect
Alexis karpouzos Aug 2020
Maybe, in other kingdoms
to have the infallible sense
of what our lives are meant to be.
Maybe, the trees may touch us
and the flowers have time for us.
Maybe, we may gleam
a sunny morning on the leaves,
maybe, we may rest
on the immaterial chords of love.
In other kingdoms....
Alexis karpouzos Jul 2020
''I want to open up the heart of humanity,
i want to know what's inside her''
''Look your own heart.
you're a collection from angels and demons,
fairies and monsters,
a eternal battle is taking place within you''.
By day and night, the shadow is chasing us,
and the edge of the cliff is our home,
accept your shadow, in the dark the eye begins to see.
Jul 2020 · 295
Alexis karpouzos Jul 2020
We fall, we fall so fast,
so fast to shadow,
and the skies of love diminishing,
our humanity is not here,
there is no humanity here,
in this vicinity of universe,
the stars are going out.
But you are more than you can see,
a immeassurable soul,
like love to welcome her.
Alexis karpouzos Jun 2020
To dream with the black man in one eye
and the white in the other,
a blame for all, we are human beings
and ought to be here  for each other, as revercently, as lovingly,
by teaching  the language of tolerance, of justice,
as we would before the entrance to immortality.
Be boundless, feel the earth recieve you as you are,
be conscious and the infinite expanse of heaven
will grow even wider.
I know that underneath the mess of our differences
everything is common. Just think about it.
Alexis karpouzos May 2020
And at the end, what?
what happens to the living when they die?
what happens to the tears when the eyes close?
Where do the stars go when we don't dream?
where the pain of memory goes?
What happens on the myriad greens of foliage
in sun and shadow?
On the deepness of the glade,
a gentle breeze wraps us with the quiet of power
by unifying our silences.
Alexis karpouzos May 2020
In the heart of time you will find the birds of imagination,
they are emissaries of sacredness,
create something that still does not exist,
unmasking the invinitely inventive life.
The birds of imagination, no doubt or  hesitation, no gravity, no names or religions, no nations,
only journey, journey creative,
one-way flights to unspoken desires.
Alexis karpouzos Apr 2020
Darkness at the shut of day,  
broken hearts and silent tears around me
the words are sad,    
the clocks stopped,
but the light from a dead star  will live in infinity,
its rays will continue  to cross the vast starry heavens  
and they will illuminate worlds of miracles.
Alexis karpouzos Apr 2020
In our brief life,
so many roads,
so many miracles
and blessings and glories,
but also so many curses and denials,
grief and contempt,
continuous waves on the planetary seas
that come and go,
and they crawl us into the vast heavens,
in that quiet rhythm universe
listen to your heart beat.
Alexis karpouzos Apr 2020
Is a cloudy day,
coldly winds blow,
the people hold their breath,
looking from distance their fate,
the fear of the shade cover the earth,
and suddenly from the depths of unborn worlds
a secret language says, the unity is our guide
Alexis karpouzos Apr 2020
It's hard time to be human in times of fear,
between twilight and the silence,
the earth in freefall,
and if you are alone at the edge of shadow,
don't worry, the light shine in you
you see, the world partly reveal and partly veiled.
Alexis karpouzos Mar 2020
Our life a dazzling dream and the death a new arrival,
there is no end and never was a begginning.
Thousand centuries will gone and will leave faint signs
in the breaths of time, thousand suns will light up
and will burst and unexpected visitors
will come and will gone,
but something innate in us knows,
we were, we are, and will be forever,
a timeless gentle touch in eternity's face.
Alexis karpouzos Mar 2020
Our souls are tied across universes,
there is unbroken continuity,
you see the love is more powerful than death,
so let the winds of the heavens to dance with you
and give your smile at the other's welcome.
Alexis karpouzos Feb 2020
Come to me wearing all your scars,
come to me bring the divine tears of despair
and the darkness of your fall,
you see i want it all from you,
don't worry, the softness of our lips
will change the fate.
Alexis karpouzos Feb 2020
Beyond the heaven there is the country of heart,
here dwell the deepest secret nobody knows,
here the bud see the bud, the mind
can't hide its darkness and the shadow
of the soul is illuminated,
and this is the miracle that's keeping
the stars in harmony orbit.
Alexis karpouzos Jan 2020
Every life dwell in the ***** of the love,
echoing the bliss of eternity,
ringing as a heavenly gong the holy song,
the song of love wherewith  even hell
had thrilled and the grief ignites,
and the eager souls lean to hear with awe.
Alexis karpouzos Dec 2019
Fallen angel! Why are you scared?
Why you dwelt alone in shadow?  
Why you tighten your fists?
why threaten the whole life?
i know, afraid to .love,
let tenderness pour from your eyes
to irrigate the earth and the light of love, silently,
will lift you on the heaven again.
Alexis karpouzos Dec 2019
i  saw a little leaf to whirling in the wind,
didn't want to fall from the tree
but the leaf keeps falling over,
i prop it up, it falls again .
At the end, the heartbroken leaf
leaves a tear when it falls
and say goodbye to the tree,
Then, the little leaf, reincarnated into the earth
and started its cycle all over again.
Little leaf, the storyteller of our life.
Alexis karpouzos Nov 2019
i ask the lips, why are you crying?
'I lost my colour, i lost my flame,  
i lost my longing'.
The eye says:
'I lost the inward tenderness,
fade the light around me'
and the ear,
'i don't hear harmonies
but lamentations and screams'.
And the heart whispers:
'Finally the breeze
will continiue to lightly caresses
the night sky
and the clouds will disolve.
Pain itself
will crack the rock
and let the soul emerge'.
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