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Jane 16h
today the pain is not in breaking
that would suggest some fantastic noise
or cavernous fracture
today is subtle, barely visible to the naked eye
it's a quiet decay
unremarkable in its erasure of humanity
withering away
and that emptiness becomes a new kind of identity
this is all that remains
Jane 1d
fractured whispers, intangible thoughts
weary heart, words escape me
gums ache, muscles cry
depression seeps further
mind body and soul decaying
and i crumble
Jane 5d
The taste of a ghost on my tongue
a memory in my throat
you name your taste your smell
filling my veins, stopping my heart
it's as if you never left
and this feeling
ice in my veins, fire licking
my insides
overwhelming in its newness and familiarity
I know you
I know you
Jane Jul 28
Autumn strips
the branches of their wilting leaves
much like I shed
my insecurities at twilight.
Rebirth is but a season away,
growth is inevitable.
Appreciate your blossom
as you take in
your renewed form,
born again
in the sunlight of a new day.
Eva Cassidy's lessons are silken butterscotch
Jane Jul 27
She is a whirlwind of contradictions
hates her flesh, relishes the freedom of her body naked.
She despises being watched, but performs for an audience
when the chance arises.
Her body thrums with carnal need, but shies away from intimacy
scared to be seen.
She encourages exploration, but is afraid to leave creature comforts
for fear of the unknown.
She's emptied herself to fill others up and fears her brimming emotions might overflow
Naive and wise beyond her years, old before her time
walking through life with childish wonderment and aged bones.
She is messy and clumsy and Not All That Good
And he sees her perfection.
Jane Jul 26
lavender soothes and nourishes all in reach
bluebells dance on the breeze with impish levity
honeysuckle intoxicates in a heady familiarity of childhood

springtime appears and the space between my ribs is cavernous
adventurous. life awaits.
Jane Jul 26
soundtracking my summer, soft and wistful
a teen nostalgia time capsule
of angst and wide-eyed innocence
simplicity wrapped in pastel softness
sugar mice, 99s, Boys Like Girls - how fitting
as thunder rolls in to clear the skies
for sunny promises and late night kisses
undiluted joy with barely mixed ***
sweet on my lips and salt at the waistline
warming our skin through windows
as gulls pepper the soundwaves
how magnificent the glory days are
reborn, revisited, revitalised
with today's knowledge
and back then's hope
danced and tiptoed and sprinted through
to songs of child hearts and dreamer tongues
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