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Afrah Nov 2019
You mean so much
to me,
to the world,
to my heart,
to everyone around us

so everytime we part…

I’m at a loss,
without you,
without the one I want to protect the most,
the one I feel with, not for,
because I feel it with my all,
like its my own,
with you,

like you are home.

I worry about us
I really do
because I put my all inside of you.

I do this a lot, I find-
with the women that get me in a bind.

but this is different,
because you are you,
you are male,
you are a best friend,

one with whom I just never want to see the end…

usually, I know it’s not far
I know I will last
reunited by the New Year’s star.

but this time is different,
because of you,
because I know you are hurting,
I know you are far,
I want to protect you,
and give you my all.

I’m scared of the time
the time to think on my own
to worry
and wonder

and miss my “You” home.

for now,
I will wait
I will see you again
but I can’t stop the hurting

I can’t not miss my friend.
I love you so much, with my entire heart. May our life of support, love and friendship continue on, in your words.
Afrah Aug 2017
it felt like a summer day
the sun casting shadows
consuming the world with its yellowy tint

it felt like a pat on the back
from an old friend
reaching up
and smiling wide

that book,
it felt like
a never ending friend.
Afrah May 2017
i find that even when i sit down to read a book, before i begin, sometimes i’m hit with a wave of sadness, this heart-dropping feeling of loneliness, fear of the emotions i’m about to feel, the emptiness, the focus i’m putting on my own mind… allowing myself to face my own thoughts all alone as they run through my head… it’s a scary, weird feeling and i wish i didn’t feel like this... i need to stop being afraid of being left to myself, of being an individual. i need to find fulfillment in life, in things, in reading alone, in taking photos alone, in spending time alone, in going on a walk alone... in being alone. at the beginning of this year i wasn’t like this, i found happiness and made peace with myself when no one was around but it’s changed, because of /you/ it's changed, something’s shifted, and i want my old self back, i want it to shift back, can i reverse this? can i please take back my old self?...

what have you done to me???
Afrah Oct 2016
so i put on my brave face
i conceal
vulnerability is not a choice
to be shown
i must fit in under my constraints
these restrictions
i don't have time
i don't have  place
i don't have a second to waste
so i put on my brave face
and i lunge at my obstacles
funny though
how it's never enough
the time always seems to escape me
entangling me
in my web of work
which i tried so hard
to break apart
there's nothing more to do

so i put on my brave face.
i have had enough and it's barely just begun.
Afrah Jul 2016
The day wrestled with her long night
She gazed as they dove into the plight

A screamed out plea like every day
She just did not know another way

At last it had become all too much
She needed a renewal, a revival as such

So she shut her eyes and she filled her head
With things unseen and words unsaid

She tucked herself right into bed
And she let the trance
  Jul 2016 Afrah
Amanda Stoddard
Home of the brave land of the-
246,6660,710 white americans
living in this country,
which accounts for 77% of our population
but Black Americans
only make up 13%
and somehow in 2015
were killed at a rate 5x higher than whites.

Lovely, wonderful free land of America
Where 37% of black americas
were killed by police in the year 2015.
And out of the 102 cases
of unarmed black men being killed
only 10 police were charged
only 2 were convicted.
Only one spent jail time-
one WHOLE year of weekend come and goes.

Oh America-
Where colleges would rather
cover up a ****, than catch a ******.
Where High Schools take pity
on abusers who play sports
or have a high social standing-
Where abusers don't get charged
because the girl they *****
was "intoxicated".
Where 4/5 of assaults are committed
by someone known to the victim.
44% of victims are under 18
and every 107 seconds another PERSON
is sexually assaulted
and 68% go unreported
and 98% of rapists will never spend a day in jail.
and I know I mentioned this in the last poem
but Brock Turner, I'm looking at you.
But not in the eyes-
I don't want you to think I want it or anything.

Where said white male ******
only gets two-six months in jail
and a man selling CDs in front of a gas station
gets four shots to the chest.
But instead of asking
why he got shot,
they pull up his criminal record-
because you guys, I thought you knew
committing a crime automatically
qualifies you for ******!
But the white rapists
swim record gets pulled up
his mug shot gets hidden
and his social stature gets him sympathy.
But some people see Alton Sterling's son
distraught on a TV screen and feel no remorse

Where again
the people who are supposed
to protect us-
just end up killing us.
By us I mean people
and by that I mean "All Lives Matter"
because ya know
more whites get killed by cops too!!!

Where white people make up 77%
of this lovely population
and black people only make up 13%
so it would make sense
that more whites die.
Even though statistically that's inaccurate
(please see first paragraph of this poem).

That reminds me
We're home of the All Lives Matter movement
because white superiority
is being called into question
and we like to think white supremacy
doesn't exist anymore!

"Why do black people
have such a chip on their shoulder all the time?"
"Can't they just like, idk- get over it?"
They will get over it
When racism doesn't exist anymore
and they can do everyday tasks
without experiencing discrimination.
They will get over it
when people don't see their skin as a threat
and use the "n-word" like it means nothing.
They will get over it
when they can receive a fair trial
They will get over it
when systematic oppression
isn't etched into their amount of melanin
They will get over it
when justice is ******* served.

where the idea of blacks being inferior
is what the constitution and this country
was built off of.
Where people like Tomi Lahren
obviously don't own a history book
because she likes to think
the civil war was fought
to actually end slavery.
Instead of beefing over turf.

home of the brave land of the-
Trump supporters!
& as Trump Says-
Let's Make America Great Again!
I'm sorry, I'm having trouble remembering
can you remind me-
when this country was ever actually great?
It seems like he actually means-
Let's Make America A Grave Again.

Hey America-
I'm not ******* around anymore.
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