adorating Sep 24
There will never be
enough time
for me to ask the world
about how you make me
so much in love.
There will never be
enough answers
to satisfy the universe
about how great it is
my desire of you.
I would give up
anything and everything
just to be able to see
both of the corners of
your lips
curled up upwards,
forming an enthralling
on your beautiful visage.
adorating Jul 10
For every second
turns minute
twenty four hours
through days
in a week
the world has been
so exhausting
there is no time
for me
to breathe
through weeks
in a month,
next year, darling
I will be
seeing you soon
I will be
coming home
to you
adorating Jun 21
I've always been
in love with words
never did I find the
what, when, or how
but I know that I do
And loving you is
always like that
the feelings are
pervading through
my veins
loving you is always
like falling for words
without any
what, when, or how
I just do.
adorating Jun 19
Hiraeth calls me
it is painful
and sometimes ineffable
I could not word it
longing, longing, longing
your name,
you know
is mellifluous

But hiraeth calls me
I'm in limerence
with the thought of you
Maybe that is why
I can not stand it
everytime you look at me
and speak
this feeling is illicit
I want you

And hiraeth calls me
I'm feeling homesick
home, home, home
to you,
you know
I can not return
you were never mine.
adorating Jun 15
Have you ever
for one second
think about
all of the pleasures
that this world has?
Have you ever
for one second
think about
all of the happiness
this world could give?
That one second
of mine,
is never about
but him
calling my name
For one second,
and that's all
I ever ask.
adorating Jun 1

She wasn’t able to give any response. She remained silent and he started to move his hand to hold hers while the other one was holding the steering wheel.

“Stay, will you?”

She smiled widely as she let out a soft giggle. All he did was asking her to stay but it was pain that she felt. That was the only thing he asked and she did not think he’d understand a thing.

                                                       I can’t.

“Don’t go anywhere, stay.”

He did not understand anything. His hand stayed there, holding hers tight. She looked away as she slowly took a deep breath. That night, she knew exactly the meaning of ‘temporary’.

                 I can’t. With your hand on mine, like this, I can’t.

“Please stay. Because with you, it is enough. This is enough.”

This is enough. You are enough. She could’ve said yes to that but she hated the idea of hurting someone else, and no matter how much she wanted to stay, no matter how much she cared for him, she knew it wasn’t right.
                                                 But I have to go.

                                         Because I am temporary,

                                       and she is your permanent.
adorating May 24
I hate trying
for I've been spending
the time
thinking about
the unanswered questions
The end of the road is here
it is infront of my eyes
I see no light
and no way out
It is suffocating,
in dire need of air
I keep on swimming
even when I know
that I am drowning
I hate trying
for the fact that
I can never stop
And I have always
been trying
to let you go.
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