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Aaditya Feb 2019
She's never not happy.
Everything needed has she.
An extremely loving guy
with sharp features and
looks that'd make anyone jealous.

Practitioner of law, has a
permanent job, wears suits,
every woman wants him, but
she is the only girl he loves.

But she has another one
who also has her heart won.
Loves as much as the other,
a chubby bag of warmth
and a heart as big as he is.

A part time musician, an
enthusiast of sports.
Always by her side, and
he's at her beck and call.

Love her like anything, both
of them do. See her growth
is all that matters to them
and they leave no stone
unturned to make sure she
loves them back for what they are.

Yes she loves two men and she
won't choose one over the other,
'cause she loves them as much
as they love each other equally,
As one's her Dad, other's her Daddy.
Inspired by a popular American Sitcom.

— The End —