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Feb 2019
The ride had ups and downs,
Rockiness on the way.
But overall it had been smooth,
Nothing bad was there to say.

Although the path seemed linear,
Motion was spiralling about.
There came a sudden void
Which promptly ****** me out.

A completely different universe,
Filthy beautiful to feel.
More venturesome than before
To me, definitely did appeal.

Wild by nature,
by aura serene,
Tougher on the outside,
Softer within.

This new place had it all,
Tears of joy, glee of pain,
All the seasons at once,
Sunshine, snow and rain.

Countless days went by
Away from my actual path.
Lost in this exquisite journey,
Unbeknownst of the aftermath.

Could still see the old spiral
Mending away its route,
Changing its course with time
Becoming a thing of beaut.

Didn't really matter though,
was happier in there,
But there was a sudden ******
Pushed me out, out of nowhere.

Back to reality, a kosher one,
The path straighter than ever.
Yet the nostalgia kept hitting
Of the ties that did sever.

After all it was a vortex,
Taught me how to survive.
All I wished, it be the dimension,
Where I shall always thrive...
Written by
Aaditya  26/M/Chennai, India
(26/M/Chennai, India)   
     Fawn, Darrell Landstrom and Juneau
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