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In this pretty,
But little city
People won't praise you for being witty.

If I have a chance
To experience romance,
I know I've changed
For fate has prearranged.

Walking down this lane
Helps me realize I forgot the pain.
Of my past
So it passes me so fast

Look back down that alley
I know I want you to be my finale
This is to my unknown lover.
Will you discover
Me this summer?

In this pretty,
But little city
Where people won't praise us for being witty.
The shower rushes over
  He thinks he's dying                        
  He can't tell if he's crying    
But he looks at his flowers                    
Etched on his arm.          
He holds
That Rose
That Anchor and he knows                
“I must keep trying"
As I lay under the tree
Thoughts so deep and free
I wonder and wonder
Then ponder where you'll be

These thoughts
They force me to roll
All through the night
I know what you stole
And I want to know
Does he know

That you slipped in the sheets
With me to try and feel free
It's quite the feat
For you to never tell him
To “love” him

For I've gathered my fruit
As I lay under the tree
With my thoughts deep
As I ponder and wonder
If the truth sets you free
Does that make me the truth
Sorry for the spam this one just kind of hit me out of no where and got me in my feels. I'm just starting so if anyone can give me feedback that would be great. I wrote this from view as being used by someone in a relationship. To hurt the other and leaving me behind.
Devout people are truly trite
They peer in others
To see only light.
For they react like mothers.

Never doubt the gold
For as I know
“Nothing gold stays”.
To them I don't reap what I sow,
To them gold could never grow cold.

I do ease them into the night
When I show my light.
For those who take my gold
Adore my sight.
Knocking some back,
You know I'm not chasing.
I swear I tried to cut back,
But embracing
It's just in my nature.

So don't get attached
When we're dancing
So stop advancing,
Because I'm just glancing.

You'll wake to cold.
But I told you,
You'll wake.
So don't claim I'm fake.
I'm naturally a ****** fool
Who’s an earnest tool
As I burrow through my coyness
Strangers leer upon me
I can feel there sorrow eyes daut me
For my precocity of intimacy.
For I don't lack legitimacy
I swear it to be.
I won't be the fool,
Who is the tool for the fool.
I just need to know if I'm minuscule to you.
Or am I more than I molecule to ridicule
I just need you to overrule my angst
By telling me what am I.
It's not natural
For beauty
To be factual
Who's duty
Is it to define
So I must decline
Your perpetual
Argument to define
The indefinable
This is based of a conversation I had with my coworker about beauty.
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