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Haven't felt euphoria
but they say it's notorious
with sympathy that disease.
That loves to seize
hearts and hold them captive.
That's pretty attractive
to take hold
and force a heart to fold.
Euphoria I need you
repair my smile
piece it together
even with cracked tile.
Whatever it takes.
People dissolve feelings dissolve
I'll dissolve this city will dissolve
Those people with liquor
Those people with sticky lips
While with other sit and sip
They claim it is ichor
That runs through their veins
Liquor is just a chain
That grips their brains
At night into false blissfulness
But when sober they know sinfulness
People dissolve feelings dissolve
When will I dissolve
Will i dissolve before i find resolve
Will i feel unfinished in life
And left like a ***** knife
For sinners
To eat with over dinner
a shattered poet on floor
he swore he'll do no more
if he throws his poems out the door
he's done for

He'll get back up,
but do no chase
As if some race.
"Pour me another cup."
I can't make any plans
Time is not in my hands
I lost another one
That is a year done

Looking at eighteen
Feels like a crime scene
Made it nineteen
Thanks to caffeine

But mainly my friends
They pushed me to seek amends
My greatest committee
That never gave me pity

I can't make plans
Time is in no man’s hands
Neither mine nor yours
Now it's time to open my new door
Spring turning out
      A summer new
      With brisk dew
To a roundabout
      I'll soon be anew.
"Come view this sight!"
Can I help myself?
She can help herself .
It's quite the night,
So let's slow down.
Am I fast?

I want this to last
I should ask around.
Hopeful you'll ask,
About this trick
Let's keep this chat not so quick.
Let's get going
But no need to stay distant.

I'm pretty consistent.
I'm bad at showing,
I care.
I know it's unfair.
Let's get tea,
maybe we'll see.
In this pretty,
But little city
People won't praise you for being witty.

If I have a chance
To experience romance,
I know I've changed
For fate has prearranged.

Walking down this lane
Helps me realize I forgot the pain.
Of my past
So it passes me so fast

Look back down that alley
I know I want you to be my finale
This is to my unknown lover.
Will you discover
Me this summer?

In this pretty,
But little city
Where people won't praise us for being witty.
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