“A flower? It’s pretty and all but they die so fast, sort of a waste.” said my love.

“This isn’t any ordinary flower, it’s a rose,” I said.

“Still a flower.” said my love.

“You’re right, but flowers represent our lives and sadly death is apart of our lives but it makes you learn to appreciate the beauty while it’s still there. Enjoy the life while you have it and maybe learn to…” I paused and then smirked

“Stop and smell the roses.” I finished by saying.

“You’re corny.” said my love.

“You’re right, but this isn’t any old flower, it’s a rose. The apex of flowers, the symbol of love in this world.” “A rose has been compared a thousand times to love, talking about how it’s thorns can prick you if you are not careful, how that if you don’t take care of it and neglect the flower, it will die. Just like love.” I said.

I stepped closer and grabbed my loves hand.

"So in case you were wondering, I am not entirely sure where "this" will go and maybe I haven't been careful since I've already been pricked by your beautiful thorns, but I promise I will enjoy your beauty for as long as I can and I will give you all the care that you need." I said this.

and then my love smiled and my heart melted.
I wonder how "this" will end.
Thought I would try some dialogue for a change... Still kind of a poem... Right?
Well hopefully that doesn't break any rules just thought this would be a fun way to describe some feeling of a rose I had.

Also if you are curious about why I didn't give "my love" a gender is because I like anyone to be able to plug themselves into most of my writing. Especially in more romance type stories I really like anyone being able to imagine a scenario with someone they are in love with and not have that be sort of thrown off by a specific gender. Hope that makes sense. But I don't always limit myself to that rule just whatever I'm feeling in the moment.
Also "this" refers to the relationship between the two people in case that wasn't clear.  And sorry for any grammatical errors, don't have the time to really try and proofread this but I really wanted to post this and not take 10 years during the editing portion.
Have a nice day! - SCS
I was so worried and concerned about how my story would turn out.
Or what new story that we could make.
But of course, due to my selfish nature, I forgot about yours.
Your story, and how it will play out.

You tell me your tale and the world you live in.
I’m already so frightened that I just don’t quite fit in it.

I hear your stories of entanglement and the things you deal with.
Of course, I want to help and give you what I can.
But as much as I want to be, I am merely not apart of it.

And I don’t think you want me to be.

Maybe it’s cause you’re scared.
Maybe it’s because you don’t actually care.
Maybe you don’t see this lasting more than the summer.
Maybe, maybe, maybe, and maybes are what my story is becoming
filled with.

Now I’m starting to think the worst,
my head filled with thoughts, and
now horrified I want to cut this off and
say I’m doing what’s best for me.

So I can save myself from you hurting me.
But that’s just my side of the story, I genuinely wonder
what’s yours?
so yeah here's that. A poem I wrote about my summer romance. Will it last longer? Whoooooooooo knows.
There are days,
I feel happy,
days I feel sad,
and days where I feel lonely.

However, today, I feel nothing.
It’s a strange feeling,
because is it really a feeling?
To feel nothing at all.

Perhaps it’s boredom.
Perhaps it’s not.

I could be feeling lonely or sad,
but I don’t relatively feel filled with sorrow
and I’m not dwelling on the
depressing thoughts of my world.

And I don’t feel bothered
by the fact that I am alone.
I am not craving the need for
human interaction at this moment.

There is a chance I could be
But to be content has a layer
of peace behind it.

I don’t feel peace.
There are many things
I am worried about
but for today
I feel none of those things.
Maybe today I don’t have to be anything.
Maybe today I don’t have to be dictated by an
No form to follow no thoughts to consume my mind.
Maybe my brain can be blank for a while.
Maybe I can just exist, and perhaps that can be enough…
for today.
My thoughts and feelings of today.  A very strange day. I felt like writing something and not be worried and concerned about how it looks or that everything is proper and that everything is lined up. Just letting my poem be and not be concerned with being anything else than what it is.
Locked in a battle filled with heart and hurt.
Pain is something I’ve grown to known.
Continually let down and continuously being the letdown,
has made me seal my true self from the world.

Never let anyone close.
Laughing and joking
miss directing them from my truth
because I fear they will not love me.

For I’d rather keep friends
that don’t know me
then friends who do
and no longer love me.

I believe that my life will be great but
for a cost.
I will lose the love,
the love I had always dreamed of having

and live the rest of my days
Here is a poem that I wrote.
Few days had passed
since your last visit.
Cleaning up from our playful

I came across a water bottle
that was left on my desk.
I believed it was yours since not
near my stand.

Parched, I took a drink.
Then I was instantly set back.
This water
It tasted so sweet.

I put my nose up to check,
and it smelt even sweeter.
Reminded me of a fruit,
that I had never even eaten.

How could this be?
While water so refreshing
never had much of a taste
now tasted even sweeter
than a delectable berry.

I wondered if I should chug the rest and let
the taste intoxicate me further
or sip on the water and pleasantly enjoy
the taste of you.

Oh how I find myself
always thinking of you,
craving every part,
still thirsting for your
Sweetened Water.
Hey there! So I wrote this kind of silly little poem. But idk I thought it was cute. I never really write anything cute! My poems are usually really sad or very philosophical. And this poem I wrote last night, the previous poems I have posted are ones from a few weeks ago, so it was nice to write something new again. But anyway I hope you guys like it! It's just about my new potential love life, and they left their water behind, and then this happened to me (lol). Also sad this website doesn't let you italicize? I wrote this with the intention of some being italicised but oh well... and I see other people use it and I have no idea how to but whatever.
Blazing emotion in the lust of first sight.
Uncertain hearts, and unclear minds
tragically filled with stories
of failed loves.

Broken pieces, cracked trust,
and fake smiles, but also a growing desire.
A desire for something real
something that isn’t just a one time passion.

Something that is more than another
failed story.
Something that is real, tangible, and something
that lives on through time and time again.

So is this our new story?
Played in the major scale?
Or another minor detail
in my harrowing tale of love.
Hello! This is a poem I wrote involving a new love interest in my life. It's a fascinating situation that I would much like to keep. But my past relationships tend to end the same, and new ones rarely stick. So I find myself wondering if this person is a major part of my life blossoming an original story or just another minor detail in my current tale.
Silently watching the lives
through my phone
Seeing the smiles and connections.
Sad to see, all the things I’ll never have.

A connection that lasts longer
then a few years.
A bond stronger than the tides
and as bright as the stars.

Someone to honestly share the views of the world with
to show them myself and give them every
minor detail.
For them to love what they see.

I watch their lives through my phone.
I see that world through it.
I so badly want to live there
I so badly want to say

Hello, this is my first poem on this website, and I'm super excited. I'm pretty new to writing poetry so any suggestions would be great! Have a magical day!

— The End —