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Apr 2016 · 594
Stringed Along
I look down and all I see are strings
Attached to my feet, tied around my ankles
I hear an engine rev in the distance
Sound of the engine goes distant
As I see the strings
Rise atop the ground
I panic, there's no escape in sight
I get dragged along the rocky ground
Bumps and cuts and scrapes and blood
All over my body, there's no escape in sight
Is there no escape or am I scared to cut
Cut the strings and let go
Let go of something that wasn't real
Something that was never real
Dec 2015 · 608
Ran (Rough)
There's ringing in my ears, people are talking. About me, about what I've done and who I've hurt. But I hope to god, it's not you, my love, the one I hurt. They say time heals all wounds but mine never will. Leaving me behind, bruised and scarred with a bottle of pills. She followed me into darkness and I let go her hand. Naive and foolish had no leg to stand. So here I am, I ran. Cowardly without a second glance. Her walls closed in as I quickly escaped. Started to lose her breath as she came to her fate. Beaten and broken, she limps through life all sad and alone. Praying for a Prince Charming, to sweep her off her feet. Until then she will continue to weep. Cause she can't stand the way that she feels. Beaten and broken, the tears continue to stream. Not up but down her life goes as everything comes to a halt. So she pops a couple of pills, downs a bottle, and waits for her heart to start and throttle. The pain consumes her entire life, she doesn't exist anymore. All there remains are her broken pieces along the ****** floor.
Sep 2015 · 392
You're my favorite memory, but that's all you'll ever be. Pieces falling from infinity, causing ruckus beneath me. Felt no pain like this before, making me so insecure. Thinking out loud to what I've done, look at me and what I've become.
Sep 2015 · 1.1k
You walk around
Pushing people away
Its your insecurities
That makes you feel this way
Sep 2015 · 472
Broken Hearted
I'm that dude that'll make you laugh
I'm that dude that'll never last
I'm that dude that'll give his heart
I'm that dude that'll fall apart
I'll never have that forever and ever
There's no reason for me to ever last
So I'll be alone and drown in my thoughts
End up taking these seven shots
Sniff and taste a few more lines
Feeding this fire for one last time
I drift off into this beautiful dream
So now, here I am, I am forever asleep.
Sep 2015 · 431
At Peace
I'll tell you one last time, there's no need to cry because I'm just fine. Falling in reverse within this hearse, as they carry me to my final site. Lay me down and say a few more prayers, but remember this, I don't need a savior. I'm fine with what I've done, settled all my demons. The time had come, so hold all your tears.
Sep 2015 · 328
Sitting in this bar and just like that my life turned around. Saw this beautiful gal with the slightest frown. She looked at me and then straight back down. Knew she was a mystery with tons of history. Calming my nerves and ask for one more shot. Thinking back on all my thoughts. This is just destiny, it has to be. Thought to myself what is there left to lose but my dignity. So I go over and introduce myself. She smiles and looks back at me. Caught a glimpse of her eyes as her twinkle sent me sky high. The night went well, she gave me her number. As they say, the show is now over.
Sep 2015 · 317
Final Moments
Feeling so alone with nowhere to go, give me a reason to slow this role. Thoughts become darker as my heart grows colder, reaching my wits end. Scaring myself to the point where I can't defend, defend myself from my own thoughts. My mind goes numb and I hear the whispers taking over my mind. So I pulled a bottle out of the cabinet, running out of time. I grab the phone and said my last goodbye.

Call me weak, call it wrong, but you don't know what had been done. She stole my dream, my hope, my smile. Have nothing but this bottle and vial. Tried to forget the one that done me wrong, listened to my deep darkest thoughts.

As the phone goes silent, can't resist it, think to myself this is perfection. Writing a letter, without hesitation. Pulling out my gun feeling a sensation. Took a deep breath  and pulled the trigger. Loud bang, blood splattered along the wall, dripping to the ground. As I fall to the floor, can't ignore that there's no more frown. On my face, nothing but a smile, there's no denial that this was final.
Sep 2015 · 379
It bothers you, doesn't it?
When you see me with her
Eyes locked in, minds in sync
Cause we had the same thing
Fell apart in  an eye blink
Through a crevice
Splattered all along the floor
Had no one here to mourn
The loss of my heart and soul.
Jul 2015 · 340
Her voice echoes within, hold your breath and do not let it in.
Her voice'll go deep inside and penetrate your mind.
Before you're left hopelessly abandoned, you must attempt to fend it.
Her voice vibrates against your innards and slowly eats away... at whatever you have remaining at the end of the day.
Jul 2015 · 445
Sail Away
And as the stars collide, they glimmer in your eyes. My heartbeat races and my thoughts are sent sky high. Cause I saw the future a short ways away, with you by my side I'm set to sail away.
Jul 2015 · 371
You and I
From here on out
We'll go our own way
All my hopes
Have just flown away
You and I
But no togetherness
Two separate hearts
Not in unison
Drumming alone
Heart beat consistent
But won't stay true
Till I see you again

— The End —