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Kenneth Gray Nov 2020
The evil in my mind, ya see
Eviscerates the light in me
It clashes with the fight in me
I'm trying to break free

The evil in my soul, ya see
Devours all the life in me
It harbors all the strife in me
It must be a disease

The evil in my heart, ya see
Inhabits every thought in me
It loves what it has wrought in me
And now its filled with glee

The evil I will purge, ya see
discovering the might in me
Dispelling all the blight in me
For this I have the key
Just gotta deal with it I guess.
Kenneth Gray Nov 2020
I took you at a glance that day
And met you with a kindly nod
Although you a strictly tried
to hide your evil,
I unraveled your facade
You think you can deceive us
"Simple folk" with your bodacious ***
But babe, I know of your decrepid soul
I promise this on God

You strut yourself around this world
Up on your pedestal
You harbor your self righteousness
And think you're "oh so cool"
You think the world should worship you
And see you as if you're a dazzling jewel
But I hate to burst your bubble gal
Cause you're one conceded fool!

Don't try and dance around the truth
And lie your way to goddess status
Cause after all is said and done
You're definitely no Trish Stratus
Your well thought out ruse just
Stands no chance when your heart is filled with malice
Girl, you're a mortal just like us -
You weren't delivered in a palace
So come back down to planet earth
And relieve us of this madness!
Just a goofy little poke at fun I came up with while brain storming.
Kenneth Gray Nov 2020
Hello suicide!
Its been awhile
Remember me?
Yer ol' buddy Kyle?
I need your assistance
To escape from this trial
Forgive me friend
If I'm unable to smile

Ah, yes! Kyle, of course!
Forgive me bud
If my voice does sound hoarse

I've been hanging around
Don't you see?
I'm glad you've swung by
To console in me
For my first recommendation
Is hanging
Yes, in fact
This is my plea
Might I suggest a rafter
Or perhaps a nice tree?
This ones on the house
Yeah, this one is free

Ah, yes! A hanging
But if I were to do that
A rope I would need
Not only that
But I could be rescued
And freed
Do you have another?
Please forgive me suicide
Forgive me for my greed
What else can I do?
Please consider my plead!

Ah, yes! I can do one more
But I'm growing tired and weak
And my neck is still sore

Take a handful of pills
And overdose
This I know you've tried
And you came really close
But you can't be easily rescued
And you don't need a rope
Do it! Destroy your dreams!
And trample your hopes!

Excellent! This one sounds great
For sure!
I do have a decease
And pills might be the cure
But what if I live
What if my body endures?
But this option has potential
And it has great allure
I'll consider this option
To you, I ensure

Well, well, well!
Look what we have here!
Looks like I'm successful
As if a death is near
Theree no need to panic
Theres no need to fear
However, I do need payment
So start paying in tears!
Now RIP my good friend
Its been fun mate, cheers!
I've dealt with suicidal thoughts alot in my life. So this is kind of like the dialogue I have with it. As if we know each other and were friends.
Kenneth Gray Nov 2020
I'm so *******. I AM so aggravated.
I willingly and personally decide to be sedated.
The love lost, the love "you tossed" we've so heatedly debated.
A subject I intrinsically have loathed and thusly hated.
My heart you sliced, effectively diced and ultimately serrated. You've efficiently torn apart my bleeding heart, stabbed in the back right from the start. Since the very first time we dated. Now looking back, hinesight intact, I can't believe I was elated. Nay, even more I so adored. I did explore so far, in fact, that we even mated. My mind is blown, as love has flown. Your hearts now stone. As I have clearly stated. No love in sight, try as I might. I won't win this fight. Because your heart has been deflated. Goodbye! Now don't ask why I'm aggravated. I hate this situation! ✌
Anger is an issue when love is lost and marriage dies. Feelings flail and words do fly.
Kenneth Gray Nov 2020
Do you love me back? I asked
Nay, she says.
Of that I am devoid, of that I truly lack

My love for you is like unto a dry riverbed.
All that lies therein is gone. All that lies therein is dead.

Did you ever love me? says I
Nay, she says
Nor ever will I, until the day we die

My love for you is like
unto a beaches sand
And as such has slipped right through my fingers, slipped right through my hands

Why did you ever say you loved me? I plead
Truly, says she
I abused you for my wants - your services I did need

My love for you was like unto a piggy bank
I take and take and take
But when you wanted a return on love
This piggy would just never break.

Its fine, my dear
I finally see
Your putrid love wasn't good enough for me

As my love for YOU was like unto a fine diamond ring
In spite of your decietfulness, my heart did truly sing

Nor did it ever wear and tear, or rust and rot and disappear.
Now I've learned that a love like yours
Is a love that I should truly fear

Its fine my dear,
The recompense for your twisted love draws near
A lesson in karma that you should truly fear

XoXo, My Dear
Have fun with that. Just some idea I got and decided to write down. Failed marriages give alot of angles to write about.
Kenneth Gray Nov 2020
My words echo and bounce
back from a stone
The stillness of the air around me
Ensures that I'm alone
As I wait, there's no response
My heart does surely groan

I love you! I love... I... I... I...
The echoes of my heart sincerely cry
I still hold hope, but I believe there's no real point to try
I love... Love... Love...
I am sure, there'll be no response
Even unto the day I die

I love you! That's it! That's all I've left to say!
Although I eagerly await your response
I am sure the answers nay
As my words fade into darkness,
What will you have to say?
I know its all one sided
Its the price Ive had to pay

As I sit, listening to the echoes of my heart
Knowing that the void response will tear my heart apart
Knowing that my cries will die
And I'll be back at the start
Just here, crying I love you!
As my words fade into dark

I love you! I love... I... I...I...
My heart sincerely cries
I still have love for my ex wife. She told me "I don't love you anymore." And its left my heart in a painful limbo that really *****. I wrote this to express myself and get it off my chest.
Kenneth Gray Nov 2020
Black hole
Broken heart
You've taken sacred love
and torn it apart
Now I'm left
In utter darkness
Did you ever love me from the start?

Black hole
Broken heart
Love is null
Torn apart

Black hole
Broken Heart
Your love is void
Love did depart
Now I'm trapped
In nothingness
You surely did impart

Love does not just "disappear"
Love conquers all and conquers fears
Love does endure so many tears
Love is victorious the moment it appears

Therefore, I must believe this one fact alone
As my beating, pain filled heart does groan
That you have abandoned me and turned your heart to stone
Along with the absolute apathy you have surely shown

Now, in a black hole
With a broken heart
Love did die
Love torn apart
I've made mistakes
Can I restart?
My "wife" left me and apparently stopped loving me. Now I'm left with a nothingness and pain and dunno what to do about it. Just trying to get some of it off my chest.
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