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Sep 2018 · 204
AAron Roz Sep 2018
Have you ever played Mash?
It's where you write down random things, then by chance, you get them.
I am married to the class clown.
We have one kid, and we live in Iran.
I work at subway, and we own an apartment.

So what's your mashed up life like?
Aug 2018 · 173
too much
AAron Roz Aug 2018
i take too much;

when will I learn?
Aug 2018 · 289
AAron Roz Aug 2018
My best friend lost his virginity to me.
It was two weeks ago.
We've had *** quite more often, though.
He got ****** at one of my life long habits.
I lost my best friend a few days later.
Aug 2018 · 171
AAron Roz Aug 2018

Do you love me?


Do you promise?

                               …I promise...
Aug 2018 · 165
AAron Roz Aug 2018
I want someone to pull me close,
and sneak up behind me to hug me.

I want someone to kiss me with no tongue,
and draw a line down my neck with their lips.

I want someone to be there,
and never leave.

I want someone,
Aug 2018 · 177
Made Me...
AAron Roz Aug 2018
You made me feel whole.
You made me feel loved.
You made me feel me.

You made me feel different.
You made me feel hated.
You made me feel broken.
Aug 2018 · 171
AAron Roz Aug 2018
I want to get lost,
but not without Him.
Aug 2018 · 140
AAron Roz Aug 2018
Have you ever thought about swimming in honey?
Or how mermaids give birth?
Or why we were all made?
Aug 2018 · 103
AAron Roz Aug 2018
Normal teens don't smoke,
or get high,
or get drunk,
or have ***.
Only the teens I know do that.
Aug 2018 · 123
AAron Roz Aug 2018
how can people change their minds in two seconds?
Aug 2018 · 271
AAron Roz Aug 2018
some of my friends and I want to run away.
we want to go to Denver.
its a 12 hour drive.
im the only one not allowed to drive.
im just a stupid child.
Jul 2018 · 164
AAron Roz Jul 2018
I sold my soul to the Devil.
Jul 2018 · 139
AAron Roz Jul 2018
why do people say April showers bring May flowers?
this year we had April snow.
would the May flowers be snow flakes?
Jul 2018 · 139
AAron Roz Jul 2018
why even try
Jul 2018 · 157
no hope
AAron Roz Jul 2018
i am hopeless
Jul 2018 · 151
AAron Roz Jul 2018
Have you ever done something illegal?
I have.
I've smoked underaged,
drank underaged,
drove without a license,
drove without insurance,
*** underaged,
almost anything underaged.
Jul 2018 · 153
summer thoughts
AAron Roz Jul 2018
cotton candy,
ice cream,
piggyback rides,
playing chicken,
jumping off the bridge,
what is your perfect summer?
Jul 2018 · 149
AAron Roz Jul 2018
do you ever feel like you're on the edge of a knife?
AAron Roz Jul 2018
someone's arms around me.
or smokes.
or music.
but never alone.
Jul 2018 · 113
Black lacy
AAron Roz Jul 2018
thong and bra.
Black is the color of my soul.
Lacy shows how incomplete I really am.
Jul 2018 · 136
Stroy of my Life
AAron Roz Jul 2018
Skate. Smoke. ***.
Jul 2018 · 331
AAron Roz Jul 2018
I hate being alone.
I start to pull my hair out,
I see things,
I go insane.
Little by little.
Cut by cut.
Blink by blink.
Breath by breath.
Being alone, is my worst fear.
Jun 2018 · 167
AAron Roz Jun 2018
******* *******!
You cheated on me,
abused me,
and told me you loved me.
Jun 2018 · 194
If I were dead...
AAron Roz Jun 2018
My mum would cry,
and my step-father would try and comfort her.
My birth dad probably wouldn't show.
My brothers,
it would pain me to leave them.
My boyfriend...
I think, and somewhat hope, would try and join me.
Jun 2018 · 330
AAron Roz Jun 2018
I would steal his Broncos hat.
I'd slip it over my braids,
then peer out from under the bill.
He would smile and pull me close.
When no one was around, we would make out for hours.
At the fair, he would hold my hand on every ride.
Then kiss me at the top.
We would share a smoke and vapes,
one drag at a time.
We would sit in each others arms,
and listen to old pop and rock.

Now I wear my dad's old Yankees hat,
pulled low over my eyes,
with no one to laugh with.
And there's no one to share my coffee with.
Now during the fair,
I see him around.
He'll smile and nod in my direction.
I sit alone on the edge of my roof,
going through a whole pack of smokes alone.
I write sad, pity poems about myself.
Missing him because after two year, he left.

I wonder how long my new bae and I can last?
I hate breakups.
Jun 2018 · 274
Back Then
AAron Roz Jun 2018
I remember sitting in his arms.
On his lap.
Giggling at what he whispered to me.
Naughty little jokes and hopes.
He left me for the new girl.
I saw them together.
We never even broke up.

Now I have someone new.
I've never met him,
but I talk to him all the time.
On the phone,
over text,
anytime I can.
I just hope he doesn't leave me the same way.

That would just about **** me.
My ex cheated on me. So I cheated on him.
Payback's a *****.
Jun 2018 · 217
No More Lemonade
AAron Roz Jun 2018
When life gives you lemons
don't make lemonade.
It will be the worst crap you have ever tasted.
With no water or sugar.
You will be drinking straight up lemon juice.
This will make you sour.

No one likes a sourpuss.
Jun 2018 · 149
Getting Old
AAron Roz Jun 2018
Dirt on my shoes,
rust on the sink.
Blood on my shirt,
dust collecting on the shelf.

Not all things stay new...
Blood on my shirt...
Jun 2018 · 273
AAron Roz Jun 2018
Whenever I see him,
whenever I hear his voice.

The dull ache returns
within me.

When I think of him,
I hurt so much.

When I remember he
loved me.

And left me.
Heartbreak hurts. A lot.
Jun 2018 · 158
AAron Roz Jun 2018
Jun 2018 · 289
AAron Roz Jun 2018
I could feel his warm breath against my ear.
His arm was slung around my waist.
Hours before, we were partying as hard as normal teens,
but we
aren't normal.

We are us.
Jun 2018 · 142
AAron Roz Jun 2018
Emptiness fills my mind...
Jun 2018 · 128
AAron Roz Jun 2018
Bugs crawling all over you.
They were just the eyes of your haters.
Jun 2018 · 117
AAron Roz Jun 2018
He would let her out, but she always had on a leash.
Jun 2018 · 126
AAron Roz Jun 2018
Her lips were sewn together by her lover.
Jun 2018 · 122
AAron Roz Jun 2018
I hate how people always say, "It's gonna be ok" or **** like this.
Jun 2018 · 158
rain drop
AAron Roz Jun 2018
It's raining.
Jun 2018 · 130
AAron Roz Jun 2018
Her soul was as dark as the night.
His eyes could see right through her.
Jun 2018 · 150
AAron Roz Jun 2018
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

                            -William Ernest Henley
Jun 2018 · 263
Forever Lost
AAron Roz Jun 2018
Loose your footing,
stumble around.
Waving your arms around,
trying to find a light.
Cut your arm on the fence,
stub your toe on a rock.

There is pain in this horrible and blind society,
that we don't know just yet.
Jun 2018 · 163
AAron Roz Jun 2018
D.  N.  A.
do not antagonize
Jun 2018 · 283
AAron Roz Jun 2018
Hearts can be round or sharp,
long or fat,
whole or broken.
Broken hearts happen before whole hearts.
Hearts can be thin or heavy,
big or small,
light or black.
Hearts are all light to begin with.

Only you can control them.
Ugh, my random ****** writing...
Jun 2018 · 148
Paper Plane
AAron Roz Jun 2018
we're like paper.
we can be cut into a million pieces,
shredded by machines,
and forgotten by all.

we are like paper.
we can bring people together,
become beautiful creations,
and fly away.
fly away like a little paper plane
Jun 2018 · 217
Is It Just For Now?
AAron Roz Jun 2018





Jun 2018 · 206
AAron Roz Jun 2018
most cut
others pop pills
a few choke out
but I...
I write

this is my way of handling it
Jun 2018 · 368
Peotry Date
AAron Roz Jun 2018
I fell asleep with the poem to my chest.
It gives me a much warmer feeling than any of my blankets.
I take it everywhere I go.
When I go to town, to bed, or just to the fridge.

It's from my Easter bunny.
The one that I love from his nose to his toes.
He's a strong little bunny.
With his light curly hair, that hides the truth.
He's also a sneaky little bunny.
He got me to be "normal" for a week.
For that I should give him a treat.
"Here little bunny, I want to play."

Would you play with me?
You can choose the time and the place.
I will bring the toys and poetry.
Thanks for the poem, Underneath! It means a ton to me!
Jun 2018 · 155
Standing Out
AAron Roz Jun 2018
When you tell someone you have depression,
it's like letting your principal read you diary.
Or like reading half a book, then returning it.
Maybe it's like ordering a steak, but being allergic to it.
It can be a million different things, some worse some easier.
It depends.
Depends on what?
If you have blond hair?
Or blue eyes?
It depends on everything and nothing all at once.
Be different.
Be unique.
Be you.
I just told my whole family I have depression.
May 2018 · 265
Cats :3
AAron Roz May 2018
Fluffy, funny friends
They rub when we slap
They run when we walk
They chase when we eat
They sleep when we work
They love when we hate
Truly the best are cats

By Unknown
My inspiration is my cat, Badger.
May 2018 · 342
Happy Thoughts
AAron Roz May 2018
You are a very loved pain in the ***.
May 2018 · 764
AAron Roz May 2018
I felt his tongue following my curves.
I heard his soft moans.
I felt the pleasure passing through him.
I could sense his want and needing.
I couldn't contain myself.
I didn't want to.
I let go.
I failed.
I'm not me.
That changed me.
It also made her her.
She is my baby.
My child.
My life.

I'm sorry for that one time.
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