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Apr 2017 · 330
Good bye
Purab Apr 2017
In the silence,
she kept his good bye.
Apr 2016 · 492
A diary!
Purab Apr 2016
A diary filled with dark pages
A diary filled with painfull emotions.
Apr 2016 · 261
her usual nights!
Purab Apr 2016
She sits in a dark room,with all her pain inside,holding a half empty bottle of wine.
An observation of mine.
Mar 2016 · 1.7k
A feeling of helplessness
Purab Mar 2016
He never felt so helpless before
like he's feeling today
And when he just needed someone
to share his pain with
there's no one today
And you too left when I needed you the most.
Mar 2016 · 5.1k
An optimistic soul!
Purab Mar 2016
The life of him,
A saga of broken dreams.
The soul of him,
A shattered reflection .

His soul,lost in a misery.
Forced to a living,
that no one can understand.

He firmly believes in this quote-
"God help those
who help themselves"
Again he tries,
to reach a mile,
With his broken legs.
Never give up. Keep going.
Mar 2016 · 370
Seems like
Purab Mar 2016
Seems like
This heartbreak of mine
An incurable chronic disorder
It's been a year nursing my wounds and trying to accept the reality but....
Mar 2016 · 729
That's who I am!
Purab Mar 2016
Many people ask me,
Who are you?

"Doing something for someone without asking for anything in return"
That's  who I am.
Feb 2016 · 946
Another day to come
Purab Feb 2016
Another day to come,
A battle new,
within your head,
To rip u apart,
Get ready with your swords,
to slay the demons again!
It's  that point of time again when thoughts take shape of demons.
Jan 2016 · 663
Purab Jan 2016
under blackened skies.
from a thousand wounds.
waiting for the silence,
to greet me the final moon.
Shadows start to gather,
embracing my release.
Heading towards,
a journey to the darkside.
a forever rest in peace.
Inspired from a nightmare.
Dec 2015 · 2.8k
One enticing beauty.
Purab Dec 2015
Held captive,
by a silhouette.
A dim light,
Tracing her curves.
Raindrops dripping,
From her lips.
A wet sweetness,
I want to taste.
Inspired from a scenerio.
Dec 2015 · 335
Purab Dec 2015
Walking in the shadows
Of my blackened mind
Lost inside this shallow
Vanity of time
Dec 2015 · 393
chained to a fate!
Purab Dec 2015
Chained to a fate
Surrounded by a fire
Its searing flames lick
Bruises and burns
All over my soul
An infernal pain
A suffocating misery
Scratching the soul
Leaving me tormented
Every now & then
Oh thee lord
Grant me salvation
Or else
Break my chains
And set my spirit free
Dec 2015 · 1.5k
Purab Dec 2015
A music genre
that speaks of
The soul of withered flowers
the soul of warriors
The soul of fallen ones
The soul of phoenixes
The soul of survivors
The one music genre, that speaks my soul.Proud to be metalhead in a plastic society.
Dec 2015 · 377
Purab Dec 2015
Under the starlit skies,
Binded to this darkest hour,
The silence is deafening,
To it's torture,
I am mute.
Dec 2015 · 558
sweet voice
Purab Dec 2015
A voice so sweet
even the "koels" stopped
with a twinge of envy
Dec 2015 · 881
Bleeding in utter silence!
Purab Dec 2015
Underneath a ebony sky,
Sitting at the foot of a tree.
Magnetic depths of the night,
Draws me in.
Eyes glued to a moonless sky.
In this mournful sadness,
A darkness seeps,
Through my cracked heart.
In my veins,
flows a tar of chaos.
Painful tears,
tracing through,
the contours of my face,
The scenario so far!
Bleeding in utter silence!
Dec 2015 · 2.5k
A never ending misery
Purab Dec 2015
A never ending misery,
Seems like.
Years are passing by,
But the sounds of the night,
Remains the same.
Dec 2015 · 4.6k
A feeling I crave for
Purab Dec 2015
Your pounding heartbeats,
On my chest,
Like gentle flutters,
Of caged butterflies.
A pure ecstasy.
A pure emotion.
A pure devotion.
If only I could feel that again!
Nov 2015 · 1.8k
Monochrome night
Purab Nov 2015
Monochrome night,
Spreading its wings.
Etched to a scenic solititude;
In it's dead silence,
Heart sinks.
Thoughts within me,
like tides,
They Roll,
They crash,
rise again.
Inspired from a poetic dark
Nov 2015 · 314
A poison!
Purab Nov 2015
Her rude words,
a poison,
he sipped,
Just to save,
d relationship,
Wid a thought,
She will change someday,
but he was wrong.
And some people never give a second thought before they open their mouth.
Nov 2015 · 2.6k
A blissful escape!
Purab Nov 2015
Reality is cold,
So am I.
Soul headbangs,
To the riffs of,
a melodic death metal song.
A Soul that dwells,
In a lyrical coma.
A blissful,
escape route,
Death metal is the call of the hour!
Nov 2015 · 389
A wreckage
Purab Nov 2015
A wreckage
Amidist a
fierce battle
of raindrops
starring at the
cold rainy night
Lost in the subdued
Colours of this night
Inspired from a scenario. A glimpse of me, depicting a lost soul !
Nov 2015 · 320
Cold paradise!
Purab Nov 2015
The sun in my paradise
never rise
It's a cold and dark world
I live in
I belong to a galaxy of
Dead stars
Nov 2015 · 376
A raw poem
Purab Nov 2015
In a coffee shop
Past memories haunt
Took out my pen
To give 'em a shape
In a tissue paper
A raw poem
Etched with
So many emotions

— The End —