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Hammad Dec 2020
In the darkest hour
All we need to do
is to close our eyes
and let the heart
walk us straight
and we will find the light
at the end of the tunnel...
Pauline Morris Feb 2017
The sun was shining very bright
In my very darkest night
The stars' they misaligned
The moon I simply couldn't find
Left frozen on that August day
A blizzard of emotions in the way

Amongst the pain and agony
I found myself on bended knee
No longer able to stand
Buried in your life's sand

So now on my belly I'll crawl
Banging my head against the wall
Knowing I'll never see the light
This situation I can not fight

For you see our darkest hour
That leaves us all to cower
Rarely ever comes at night
It attacks when the day is bright
So sleeping with that gun under your pillow
Won't stop the winds of change that billow

┬ęPauline Russell
Dawn Lambert Mar 2016
Walking up
Not time to get up
Waking up
Not time
Cloudy day
Makes you wanna ****
Build it in
In till the full moon
Hold it in
Doesn't work
The formation coming
You have change
Sake up again
****** mess around you
Don't no what to do
Walk home naked
It's what you do
Getting over
The latest darkness hour
Purab Dec 2015
Under the starlit skies,
Binded to this darkest hour,
The silence is deafening,
To it's torture,
I am mute.

— The End —