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We know there is peace
              The Scorpion's tail is down
                                How rare this occurs
~Tyler Castro
The original is posted on my Instagram account. Same username on that as on this. It is a haiku that I wrote to accompany a tribal scorpion I drew.
I ponder the question
Of why might he
Be trying to gain my friendship
Nothing in this world is free
I accept and I thank
Though I keep up my gaurd
I accept and I thank
Though not fooled by their charm
A wee bit suspicious about someone
Sweet songs from long ago
Carried gently through the wind
Translated threw the rustling leaves
To the mothers
   To the daughters
        To sisters
Heaven it must be
To be soothed and cooled
By the sweet winter breeze
Just chillin by my window
The Scales are out of balance
Thanks to the alias: ******
He just couldn't face the challenge
So he went out splurgin'
That B flies Flower to Flower
Forgetting the Honey at home
She prayed for the hour
That his sins he would hold
up to, and never again roam
She, disappointed in his inaction
He, saved by her contraction
... Knives would've been flown
Dedicated to my parents
May is quiet as the night
Prior to the first,
the Seventh-letter was alright
Haunted by the sight
The reaper, he wants to fight
But by luck of an angel
Alive be the fallen April
Dedicated to my best friend and his partner. I wish you two the best.
Your nectar
Please cool me down with your nectar
My passion for you is burning
It's so intense I can feel the flame radiating from my body
Do you feel it? Do you feel me?
I want you with all my being
I can't hold back any longer
The fernace in my chest is about to explode
You know I want you
That I'm hungry for you
Why won't you just take me
Give me what's mine
A scorpio must have what he wants
But in that case I guess you are all ready
The way you tease me
It exhilarates me
I love it
Drives me to the brink of insanity
Till you finally show me mercy
Oh thank you love
Thank you for cooling me down
With your sweet sweet nectar

— The End —