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Victoria Jul 2018
I can't tell you how much I love you
Just like I can't tell you how many stars are in the sky
I can't tell you how much I love you
Just like I can't tell you how many grands of sand are on earth
I can't tell you how much I love you
Just like I can't tell you how many time I deam about you
My love for you is so much it can't be counted in numbers
But how many times I can tell you how much you mean to me
Victoria Jun 2018
There's a tear on my cheek
It's for you
The plans we made
They didn't go through
There's a tear on my cheek
And the pain won't settle
The happiness we shared
Went to hell though
There's a tear on my cheek
That is filled with sorrow
I gave you my love
but you only borrowed
There's a tear on my cheek
That I whipe away
Becaue im a new woman
Starting today
Victoria Mar 2018
I will never let you go
I will stand for you
I will love you so hard
You are my life
My whole world
Victoria Mar 2018
He was like rain
That washed away every bit of doubt in my mind
He was like sun
That warmed my lips every time we kissed
He was like snow
That you get every winter so you didn't have to go to school
He was like happiness
That spread through my blood stream like a virus
He was like sadness
That I couldn't get rid of because he wasn't with me
He was like lust
That captivated me every time he touched my body
He was like obsession
That whittled away at my thoughts
He was like jealousy
That made me hold his hand a little tighter if his eyes wandered
He was like smiling    
That you practiced everyday so people can't ask if you're okay
He was like hate
That you would choke down because you have company
He was like war
That you tried to win every battle but he had the upper hand
He was like fire
That you need to stay warm but if you got to close he would burn you
He was like love
That you wanted to fight for but at the end of the day
wasn't worth it
Victoria Feb 2018
We are the definition of TOXIC
We hate to be around each other
But are so madly in love
When we kiss
Its like fire is dancing happily around my mouth
When we hold each other
It's like the world stops moving and its only you and I
When I look into your eyes
I see love
True and honest
Without question or reason
But EVERY TIME  we open our mouths to speak
Nothing but insults
Heart ache
Horrendous misuses of words that can't be taken back
And even knowing all that
I'd still take you back every time
Because when we're quiet
And we don't say a word
And the silence of you and I existing together
It's love
Victoria Feb 2018
I couldn't find a song
The music didn't fit
No lyrics could describe
The wall the we hit
The pain
Our lies
You leaving so abruptly
Looking back at it now
It all sounds so funny
You learn to forgive
But its hard to forget
We'll always have a connection
That we can never unlive
So you showed me in songs
Just how you feel
I'll tell you in word
So you know that its real
We had a good run
We loved
And we lost
I forgive you for alot
As long as you forgive me
For calling the cops
There will always be a place
Right in my heart
And I hope every night
You don't fall apart
Victoria Feb 2018
Rules to being a lady
As told by the women in my life
1.Don't put your elbows on the table
2.Don't chew with your mouth open
3.Let the men get the doors
4.Say please and thank you
5.Don't speak out of turn
6.The oldest man goes first in the house(for anything)
7.Clean the house
8.Lay out his clothes
9.Cook his meals
10.Be a ***** if you need to be but only if it doesn't make him feel uncomfortable
Rules to being me
As told by me
1. Listen to how you feel
2.If it feels right then do it
3.If it doesn't then don't
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