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Mrs Anybody Jun 2020
i am more
in love
the thought
of being
in love

than actually
being in love
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Victoria Feb 2018
Rules to being a lady
As told by the women in my life
1.Don't put your elbows on the table
2.Don't chew with your mouth open
3.Let the men get the doors
4.Say please and thank you
5.Don't speak out of turn
6.The oldest man goes first in the house(for anything)
7.Clean the house
8.Lay out his clothes
9.Cook his meals
10.Be a ***** if you need to be but only if it doesn't make him feel uncomfortable
Rules to being me
As told by me
1. Listen to how you feel
2.If it feels right then do it
3.If it doesn't then don't
Mike lowe Jun 2015
While she wants you to fall in love with her skin, be more focused on the stars in her eyes. Connecting the constellations to her heart, and falling in love with her mind.

— The End —