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Love will lift her skirts,
Dancing across
The deepest lines in the sand
Bounding over
The highest walls we've built
Holding her hands outstretched
To those in need of compassion,
Carrying those too weak
To learn the moves on their own
She watches the sands of time fall
With an understanding
That she is transcendent,
And so through it all,
Love will lift her skirts and dance
Love is the greatest conqueror.
If only I could stay
In labyrinths green
Ever wandering
In hallways of sunlight
Nothing more than
A lingering thought
Left floating through
Wooden minds and
Mossy corridors

Tell me,            
How can
Be so heavy?

Some days
The burden is lighter
A helping hand
Carries the weight
With a smile
Or maybe
I find a place
Where it would be safe
To leave it for a while

It always makes its way
Back into it's place
In the middle of me

I am a hoarder
Of memories
Some of them
Adorn my walls
And some of them
Haunt the very halls
I seem to roam
Even when I feel
Oh, so tired

So I paint over them
Everything smeared
With colors astounding
Yet, somehow
They still manage
To fade to grey

Often, I find myself wandering this hall

These empty walls feel
Familiar to me
Like looking into a mirror

Cobweb thoughts still hang in corners

I never come here to tidy up
Only to leave
More footprints in the dust

I walk into these little rooms

Places that are always
Easy to find
Why do I have trouble leaving

The doors don't lock around here

Your name rests
Between my lips
Like a prayer
Or maybe
Something sweeter
Dripping off the
Tip of my tongue

Wandering into night's embrace,
The moon will guide your way
As you look up to the sky,
See the trees begin to sway
You're following a feeling
You can hear it in your heart
Though this life is at it's end,
A delicious one will start
Your invitation glows ahead
A brightly burning pyre,
Silhouettes dance 'round it
Howling chants into the fire
Writhing bodies greet you,
Introduce you to this boon
As you step into the circle
'Neath the hanging crystal moon
A sacrament will soon begin
As Writhing forms reach deep within
Souls weave together through inner power
The overwhelming magic of the witching hour

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