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Jan 8 · 270
We were thieves
That night,
Stealing kisses
In the moonlight,
A candle lit
To guide hands
And hearts

Jan 6 · 109
Warm - Lanturne Format
Wind blows
Caresses cold

Lanturne is a Japanese form of poetry that consists of 5 lines, written to form the shape of a paper lantern. The syllable pattern in each line is 1,2,3,4,1 respectively.
Dec 2021 · 367
Tears like honey
T­ears like honey

Dec 2021 · 255
I think it might be nice
To not want or be wanted

To not be an item to be grabbed
Or the hand that reaches out to hold

There is a simple sort
Of naive bliss
In being a wallflower

Never plucked and taken away
Another forgotten decoration
In a glass house

Nov 2021 · 610
While Mother Earth watches herself die,
Sees her fields fade to brown
And trees bare their bones,
We sit and watch frozen tears glisten
Falling from eyes gone grey and cloudy,
Covering the dead in a sheet of white
To wait patiently for the breath of rebirth

Nov 2021 · 407
Can I settle
In your heart,
A most fertile valley,
Let me fill
My lungs with you,
A breath of fresh air,
For I have been a wanderer
Traveling far and long
In search of someone
That felt like home

Nov 2021 · 537
At times
I am a rabbit
In a snare
Desperate to exhange
Flesh and blood
For freedom,
With a need to
To escape
What binds me

Nov 2021 · 1.1k
When the leaves have all run red as blood
And trees stand empty-handed
Diamond snow will blanket all
A land, by winter, branded

Nov 2021 · 371
Some days
I am floating free
Swimming 'round my head
Nothing to weigh me down
To keep me glued to the ground

But then again,
I suppose it's alright
If I drift about
from time to time

Oct 2021 · 388
I will mend my broken soul
Using heartstrings
And gentle hands
To fasten it together
I will patch myself up
Sewing lovely words
Over lonely thoughts,
I will fill in the cracks
Where the light leaks out
And the cold seeps in
This house will be
A home someday
I will mend my broken soul

Oct 2021 · 759
Words -Katuata
Some words taste sweeter
When dripped from your honeyed tongue
Onto sticky lips

Oct 2021 · 982
I fold myself
Into beautiful shapes
And when I can't
Seem to unfurl
I tear myself apart

Sometimes it's just easier
To pick up a new piece of paper
White as freshly fallen snow
Something else to bend

Oct 2021 · 365
Floods in
Washes me away

Hay(na)ku is a 3-line poem with one word in the first line, two words in the second, and three in the third. There are no restrictions beyond this.
Oct 2021 · 411
We stand inside
Stale air compartments
That we call apartments
Because we feel alone here

We spend our time
Earning daily bread
Feeding the constant dread
That wants to consume you

We see our lives
Plastered on screens
The eyes of machines
Ever watching us

We rip ourselves
From empty seats
Walking crowded streets
To find a sense of purpose

Oct 2021 · 675
We watched
Melancholy pines
Paint silver moonlight
Into a velvet sky
Kept warm beside
A pensive fire

Oct 2021 · 488
I want to sink
My teeth in deep
A pomegranate gush
You could be
Sweeter than honey
I could be
Satiated by this flesh

gnasche (n.) the intense desire to bite deeply into the forearm of someone you love
Oct 2021 · 286
Fata Organa
I glimpse something fleeting
On the stage behind your eyes
A dancer leaping from wing to wing
Sure footed in one motion
Yet stumbling into the next

The corners of your lips flutter
Butterflies ready to take flight
Held hostage in your nets
Sitting in wait of their freedom
Yearning to show their colors

fata organa (n.) a flash of real emotion glimpsed in someone sitting across from you
*From the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows*
Oct 2021 · 334
How do
I hold you
With hands
That are not
Always my own

Oct 2021 · 350
With bated breaths
We exhale into crisp days
Cinnamon scented winds
Will carry tidings of cozy nights
As the trees drape themselves
In silks of red and gold,
Beacons in the foggy nights,
Wearing their best attire
In celebration of the harvest moon

n. a wistful omen of the first sign of autumn
Oct 2021 · 1.0k
When your eyes meet mine
I feel waves crash into me
Ocean meets earth here

Katuata is a Japanese poetic form that consists of 17 or 19 syllables arranged in three lines of either 5, 7, and 5 or 5, 7, and 7 syllables. The form was used for poems addressed to a lover, and a single katauta was considered incomplete or a half-poem.
Oct 2021 · 576
I just need some sleep

But I have to let it in again
Because it's getting ever louder
So I'll ease the rapping at the door
That tell-tale heart I can't ignore
And it lingers in my veins

Wandering these empty halls
It will blow out all the candles
And invite in the gloom
Darken each and every room
To make it more inviting

I will carry it around with me
Yet as empty as it feels
The weight only grows
And time never slows
But I will be fine

I just need some sleep

Sep 2021 · 350
Love will lift her skirts,
Dancing across
The deepest lines in the sand
Bounding over
The highest walls we've built
Holding her hands outstretched
To those in need of compassion,
Carrying those too weak
To learn the moves on their own
She watches the sands of time fall
With an understanding
That she is transcendent,
And so through it all,
Love will lift her skirts and dance
Love is the greatest conqueror.
Sep 2021 · 744
If only I could stay
In labyrinths green
Ever wandering
In hallways of sunlight
Nothing more than
A lingering thought
Left floating through
Wooden minds and
Mossy corridors

Aug 2021 · 1.1k
Tell me,            
How can
Be so heavy?

Some days
The burden is lighter
A helping hand
Carries the weight
With a smile
Or maybe
I find a place
Where it would be safe
To leave it for a while

It always makes its way
Back into it's place
In the middle of me

Aug 2021 · 297
I am a hoarder
Of memories
Some of them
Adorn my walls
And some of them
Haunt the very halls
I seem to roam
Even when I feel
Oh, so tired

So I paint over them
Everything smeared
With colors astounding
Yet, somehow
They still manage
To fade to grey

Jul 2021 · 533
Often, I find myself wandering this hall

These empty walls feel
Familiar to me
Like looking into a mirror

Cobweb thoughts still hang in corners

I never come here to tidy up
Only to leave
More footprints in the dust

I walk into these little rooms

Places that are always
Easy to find
Why do I have trouble leaving

The doors don't lock around here

Jul 2021 · 2.3k
Your name rests
Between my lips
Like a prayer
Or maybe
Something sweeter
Dripping off the
Tip of my tongue

Jul 2021 · 736
Wandering into night's embrace,
The moon will guide your way
As you look up to the sky,
See the trees begin to sway
You're following a feeling
You can hear it in your heart
Though this life is at it's end,
A delicious one will start
Your invitation glows ahead
A brightly burning pyre,
Silhouettes dance 'round it
Howling chants into the fire
Writhing bodies greet you,
Introduce you to this boon
As you step into the circle
'Neath the hanging crystal moon
A sacrament will soon begin
As Writhing forms reach deep within
Souls weave together through inner power
The overwhelming magic of the witching hour

Jul 2021 · 354
It's getting late in the day

Silence lingers heavily here
Where gleaming fingertips
Dig into scarred horizons
Running red with the light of a dying sun

Open-air hallways full of empty windows
Reflect what is left of the day
Into the faces of passersby

The only warmth they will find here

Eyes without faces march in lines
Parallel to uneven streets leading them
To places where illumination
Is only a figment of the imagination

Jul 2021 · 282
While daydreams reverberate
Off of blockade brains
We sit in wooden cages
Our painted faces
Plastered in melting windows

We watch pale skies
While waiting for rain
Or maybe the atom's apple
To break the monotony
Of thinking about the end

Jul 2021 · 383
I'm lost in a trance
Caught in a dance
With memories abound
All twirling around
So light on their feet
And when we meet
Feelings take flight
Oh, what a sight
Reliving within me
A life only I see

Jul 2021 · 361
I have spent
too many days and nights
on broken things
out of pocket expenses
given too freely
to those begging
for any amount of
someone else to get them by

I was spare change
jingling in hands
too full of nothing
to be so very heavy

Jun 2021 · 289
Passing through
Many hands
And many minds
Ever hiding
Around the corners
In the rooms
I'm trying to escape

Always the name
Perched on too many lips
Demanding penance
For crimes committed
Against myself

Voices fill
Empty chambers
Loaded, as bullets
Into mouths, like guns
Howling their grievances
Into open ears

Will it ever be

Jun 2021 · 1.2k
Take me with you
when you depart
when your stars go

will you carry me
into darkest nights
Wrapped up in galaxies

© FaerieFoxPoetry
Jun 2021 · 1.0k
Take me to kneel
At mountain monuments
Towers to the heavens
Casting their shadows
On the sinners below

Take me to rest
In forests pristine
Reliquaries for souls
Who wander dreaming
Through many bountiful arms

Take me to purify
In oceans tumultuous
Let me cleanse myself
In the deepest wells
Primeval founts of life

Jun 2021 · 393
Cobweb corners
House friends of
Crooked faces
Watching from
Lopsided frames
Half covering holes
Gaping wounds
In these walls
Left haunted

May 2021 · 474
Gardens will grow here
Hungry roots will reach
Between bones
An Eden in death
For the undertaker
Two lips
For my lover
Petals pressed
In cold soil

May 2021 · 325
When grey clouds
Are always spilling over
With the ebb and flow
Of their seas  
Those with soft hearts
Will soak it all in
Only to pour it back out
A greedy catharsis
Under overcast skies

Mar 2021 · 818
It is so very easy
To open these veins
When love runs
Deeper than blood

Mar 2021 · 245
The spaces in between
Claim to be memory and dream
Though I can feel the walls around me
Things are not as they would seem

Mar 2021 · 524
Kaleidoscope skies
Pour from drifting prisms
Spilling crystal color
Onto a canvas of muddled grey

Mar 2021 · 816
The sky is on fire
In the spaces
Between tree tops
Swaying to the
Orchestra of twilight

Feb 2021 · 2.3k
Moon's eye opens
I look at her,
She gazes back at me

I can't help but wonder
If she feels
A little lonely tonight

Feb 2021 · 416
Such a lovely temple
At which to worship
Divine rituals
In sanctified flesh

Feb 2021 · 330
Rain - Epigram
We will beg for rain,
When it washes us clean

Feb 2021 · 552
Haiku - Blackberries
Blackberry vines curl
Around wooden skeletons
Reach for sunny days
Feb 2021 · 745
My soul feels alive
Wrapped in rays
From sunniest skies
Hanging there in
Your bright blue eyes

Feb 2021 · 469
You let me
Trace the stars
In your skin
With my fingertips
Like constellations
In the night sky
Feb 2021 · 227
These honey thick words
Stick to the tip
Of my tongue
And syrupy thoughts
Are hard to swallow

Feb 2021 · 496
I want to
My heart out
So you can
Your fill

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