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Kaitlyn Psa Feb 2017
Your name I do not care to say
You riddle me with curiosity
People encounter you every day
You provide no mercy and have no pity
You can show off a horrific display
Or you can be simple and almost pretty
You're a bully who forces all to pay
You are overall rather ******
I know you not personally, and lets keep it that way
Thinking of you keeps me far from gitty
Death.... You're a *****
Kaitlyn Psa Dec 2016
Chem is cruel to my mind
It strips me of my dignity and makes me cry
None of the answers I'm ever able to find
The class makes me lose hope and makes me want to die
It makes me wish for a brain that is not mine
I would say that I am doing okay but that would be a lie
I wish I had not taken chem, for in another class I would surely shine
Chemistry oh chemistry should I still try?
If I accept my failure will I end up fine?
Or will chem consume me?
Body Soul and Mind.
Silly Little Poem About My Frustrations In School! Basically a little rant! Hope you enjoy :)
Kaitlyn Psa Dec 2016
I was cheerful and bright eyed but never saw a future
I've always limited myself in an agonizing suture
I've been lost since birth and I fear that god was mistaken
For I am slipping away and I feel that my life span has been taken
I am suicidal and in search for reassurance
I wish for death and wish for liberation from this earth
I spoke of god but I know of none
I know that once I am gone that it all will be done
Sorry for my rambling, I  have finished my self loathing
Good bye my loves, for now I must be going
Kaitlyn Psa Nov 2016
If someone were to read another's diary,
A line made of trust would be broken.
To violate a person's thoughts and feelings...
This is an act that's high on the betrayal hierarchy.
It's true that a diary holds words unspoken.
To know someone's deepest desires is a notion quite appealing.
To know a persons deepest fears is a notion quite thrilling.
To read someone's diary is the closest thing we have to mind reading.
Tell me this.
Is the surge of power...
Worth the violation....
that could cost you a friend?
Are you ready for the trust I have in you to end?
Kaitlyn Psa Sep 2016
The thrill of recognition
The rush of all the fame
Its nothing that I have known before
It isn't quite the same
It's intoxicating
It is putting me to shame
I cannot keep my focus
And I know that it's to blame
Pull me from the deep end
My soul needs to be clear
This new bold way of thinking
It is causing me great fear
I know I need to escape
But the feeling is severe
This new dark and ****** obsession
I feel I must adhere  
Please free me from my prison
My pain is so sincere
I know you'll do the right thing
And end me now
Right here
Kaitlyn Psa Jul 2016
As new as the freshly fallen snow
As fragile as the petals of a flower
Could this blossom into something more
Could this new awakening provide the finishing blow
This longing and resentment is so alien
This new experience is something very new
I am curious and also frightened
I am embarrassed and quite nervous
It is nothing I have ever known before
So I will let go
Letting the current take control
  Jun 2016 Kaitlyn Psa
Pauline Morris
Sweet summer kisses
The mind reminisces
Arms warm and strong
Lingering so long
Weighing the chances
Knowing glances
On the blanket some fun
Love in the sun
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