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Lady Misfortune Mar 2017
Chains, *******, slaves
I'm in an unfamiliar place

I can't escape

Ropes bound me to a destiny
I don't want to take
I don't believe in fate

At this rate I'll never be free
Because even when the chains are gone
My mind is still in ******* and my heart is still broken

My brain is still not as wise as I wish it was
Because regardless the damage they did I feel can't be undone

I think I've finally gave up
I'm in an unfamiliar place

I can't escape

What will it take
To break away from pain
I long to see a smile on my face

Smiling seems so simple
Yet when I try it's so hard
Not one of those fake ones
I wanted something genuine

That would make the bubbly feeling last
Until time passed and I fell asleep

Dreaming of beautiful things
Dreaming of being free from pain
Allie Dotson Aug 2018
Thoughts or actions with no care ahead
you speak simply without worry about what you said
you can laugh without getting upset
or stand up without heat rushing to your head
eyes you know are there
yet how are they no where to be seen
I don't make a sound
for the fear of feeling drowned
that comes anyhow
but not for not making a sound
instead for not being allowed
why am I casted the spell on
when I see everyone around me free
yet I can't even plea
and you can't see me
If I could only make a wish
so that you could see
This isn't me
Moissa Oct 2017
I feel trapped
Though I'm not
I'm free as a bird
Soon to be shot

I can't breathe
It seems I'm trapped
Yet there's no latch
That I can clasp

Invisible forces
Cage me still
I am free
But not from myself.
Erin Nicole Jan 2017
Save me. I am trapped. Inside my head.. No one to talk to, no one to help me escape.. Help me, free me, save me. I need out, now. Please I need out, I need an escape. I will go insane. Save me from drama, school, life, myself.
Kaitlyn Psa Sep 2016
The thrill of recognition
The rush of all the fame
Its nothing that I have known before
It isn't quite the same
It's intoxicating
It is putting me to shame
I cannot keep my focus
And I know that it's to blame
Pull me from the deep end
My soul needs to be clear
This new bold way of thinking
It is causing me great fear
I know I need to escape
But the feeling is severe
This new dark and ****** obsession
I feel I must adhere  
Please free me from my prison
My pain is so sincere
I know you'll do the right thing
And end me now
Right here
The pain in my skin
Makes it abundantly clear
I'm not in love with you,
Or upset,
Or jealous,
Or angry,
Nor do I hate you.
I know now
I am obsessed with you

— The End —