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the joke of spurted *****
sticks to her smooth skin
spider silk waiting for
some long-lost splendour

her eyes puddles of misfortune
full of double layers and his flames
violently demanding refuge spurred
by a heart taking hold of hers

behind the human stench
a man must live
to gently grow old with
until nothing but the essential remains
small and slow and helpless
fly sweety
your eyes were made for wandering
but please stay homesick
for your bed will always be made
just in case you need some warmth
my fridge will hold your favourite fruits
                             I’ll keep them fresh forever
and according to the gravity of your mood
I have red and white wines to ease the night
countless candles and I’d love to make a bonfire
                           if ever you’re in need of light
for your heart  I’ll be a refuge
even if you flew
out of sight
there isn't all that much to worship
but the long fingers of some unknown
god granting us with melody
and meaning

or maybe this girl of my dreams
she sells sea shells by the slaughterhouse
a real diamond in the rough
saving dimes to escape from ****** mountain

I found truth in a forgotten library
the rise of the blue lotus
watered by the flooding of pain

dawn appears
your body is not just a body
it is filled with you
and you are the nectar
after too many moons
he slows down time
looks outside in anger
refuses to let anyone in
the bed unmade because
it will only be him for
the rest of his life

after too many moons
there is no return home
home a long lost throne
giving memory colour
sharply against this
endless white of
endless walls

after too many moons
he will be forgotten
by so many who once
were just like him

after too many moons
any tear is welcome
to create a new ocean
leave    me    be

every guidance
a misguidance

growth is all I need

my inner law is strong enough
i won’t need any lawyers

no one to judge me but
two blue eyes in my mirror
ancient present from grandma

the first step - the highest -
was acceptance

what follows
should be equanimity
for years I searched for new paths
  as if the only thing that really mattered
    was to get elsewhere as soon as possible

this shoreless thirst connects
    my little matter
                           with my oceans of dream

           everything breathes solvability

     and my mind creeps up
      only those walls that
          I cannot handle
      and lurks like an owl
       through your woods

over here you don't drink coffee
without some liquor

the temple was built
for naked dancers

and this love is my resource

my resource for some divinity
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