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How are you?
Nice meeting you.
I like you.
You are everything.
I love you.
Forever and always.
We are happy.
We were happy.
But then again,
You left me.
You hurt me.
What went wrong?
You got bored?
You broke me.
I was broken.
And then suddenly,
You are here.
Out of nowhere,
You came back.
I am sorry.
I was wrong.
One more chance.
Words you've said.
Words I've heard,
from your mouth,
full of lies.
Mischief and deceit.
I'm not stupid.
I am strong.
I am healing.
Slowly but surely.
And I replied,
You should leave.
Let me be,
Finally moving on.
Starts with Hey.
Ends with goodbye.
I feel like time is running out,
And everything will soon go south.
Together, we have lesser time,
It's starting not to be fine.
I'm just really missing you,
Looking for attention out of the blue.
Paranoid and Needy
That time when you were calling.
You were talking, I was just listening.
Random thoughts you were saying.
Throughout, we were both laughing.

You said your hands were shaking.
And I asked if you were okay.
You and all of these little things.
So much to tell, words I couldn't say.

I felt a little bad after you hung up.
You said hearing me laugh is enough.
You comforted me same as always.
You'll wait even if it takes days.

Roughly a month from that day,
We planned to do it again.
Three sentences as promised.
And that chance was not missed.

At first I hung up so many times.
You were patient until I got it right,
finally had the courage to say hi.
We never wanted to say good bye.

We called that phone call a date.
We did that for  two weeks straight.
And I guess now we are addicted,
To hearing each other's voice as predicted.

We took it one step at a time.
Now I can't let a day pass by,
Even just to hear you for a while.
I love you and this is one reason why.
He wouldn't shut up about the bug but that broke the ice :)

At night
When eyes are closed tight
Tears falling in endless sight
Nothing had gone right

In my mind
A place tonight I feel so confined
Negativity I'm hiding from behind
A state no one should find

So ashamed
With this feeling that overcame
I only have myself to blame
Disappointment when I hear my name
Trying too hard, on the verge of desperation.
I'd rather shed tears every night
Than to cry even in broad daylight
Because I'd be lost and broken inside
If we give up on us without a fight

I'd rather shed tears every night
Missing you so much at midnight
But I'm lucky our worlds did collide
Being with you just feels so right

I'd rather shed tears every night
Longing to finally hold you tight
Even if you're not by my side
You still love me with all your might

I'd rather feel what I'm feeling now than continuing to live without my safe place, my love.
There are times when I wanted to write,
times when I was ready to burst inside.
Sometimes they were thoughts of a happy life,
sometimes they could simply make me cry.
Oh, how broken I am in my heart and mind.
And of course baby, you’re the reason why.
 Jun 2016 Dangle
Just Me R
I watched you sleep
Watched your chest rise n fall
You were at peace
Not in torment at all

Your breathing was deep
But you did not snore
You looked content and sweet
I watched you more

You must have sensed me
As you turned to your side
Arms wrapped me tightly
So in your chest I could hide

The soft glow of the moon shone
Casting light from a darken sky
Tomorrow a new day is born
But what a beauiful night for today to die
humming slowly
as i sway with this sad song
dancing the rhythm
of this broken sonata
feeling this heartbeat
that started to fade
if only you could see
the dreary tune in this piece
you would rather listen
than see the lyrics within this song
crumpled sheets of paper
scattered all around the floor
with every sheets
there is a written tale of us
seeing this sheets
makes me wonder
when will i be able
to touch the sky?
give me love, darling
give me love cause lately
i am craving for more
give me love, darling
so the tale of these crumpled sheets
will became true
give me love, darling
so this piece will cry with joy
so i beg
like beggar in the street
so i cry
like a baby in a crib
cause lately
i don't understand
why i am craving for more*

give me love, darling

©IGMS 2014
Inspired by the song of ed sheeran
 Sep 2015 Dangle
As I lay here,
With my head on your chest,
Our bodies entangled,
You've got me wondering.
You've got me wondering,
Just how many girls
Have laid here before me,
How many girls did you talk into bed?
Do you use the same lines on all of us?
Did you tell them what you told me?
Or is it really different with me?
I lay here with my head on your chest,
My eyes wide open,
These thoughts racing through my head,
When you ask me,
What's on your mind?
But I keep quiet about this,
Mumble nothing to you,
And as you drift off to sleep
I grab my things and leave.
I grab my things and leave,
Just like all the others did before me.
this one is self-explanatory.
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