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Just Me R May 2018
I looked in the mirror and did not recognise the person looking back

I closed my eyes and saw me from within the dark
Just Me R May 2017
The scars we carry is our legacy of love
The deeper they are, the more we felt hurt
Just Me R May 2017
Once I was your wife
I was your future
Now in your life
I feel like an Intruder
Just Me R May 2017
I used to walk to your home
It took me an hour and a half
But I didn't mind, mom
Was worth it to hear you laugh

Every day come rain or shine
I was by your side
You were my light sublime
You were my guide

But then you had to go away
And leave me behind
The pain I feel every day
You are always on my mind

So now I walk a lonely road
In my heart you are safe
With heavy feet and an empty soul
I bring flowers to your grave
Just Me R May 2017
You gave the performance of your life
Came right out of the other side
Left others in the wings
Whilst you took centre ring
You shone like a star in the night
Smiled when things didn't go right
But now the curtain has fallen
And you have forefilled your calling
It is time to rest now
So take your last bow

Just Me R May 2017
Whisper so softly
So we can hear angel's tears fall from the skies
Touch more gently
Than the wings of butterflies
Love unconditionally
With honesty and purity
Live happily
As tomorrow is not guaranteed
Just Me R Apr 2017
If you forgive their mistakes
It proves you love them
If you forgive them for your heartbreaks
It proves you don't love yourself
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