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Joan Oct 2021
Sory for getting you out of that dream
I created
I had to say it

Sorry for doing to you what you didn't deserve
I hope she treats you better
Than i ever will
Joan Oct 2021
I truly hope for my future self to find happiness and laughter
I don't need money or expensive cars
I need happiness
Give me friendships
And just make me happy
Joan May 2021
Just your body on mine
Nothing more
But now I caught you staring
Through the reflection of my window
Your glassy eyes gaze to long
Nothing more
Atleast for me
Joan Feb 2021
No more bad nights
Just a few years
Our first bed
Our first key
A full fridge
And a full heart
you and me forever
Joan Oct 2020
You want me to cry
Maybe it's better to pray for me
To stay alive
Joan Sep 2020
With or without
I still smile when I think of you
My lonely days have past
The clouds were never so bright
And the birds never sang so high
Life has beauty
And I see it now
My days are full with light
And my love for you is back
I could stare all day
I can sleep all night
You made me who I am
For You
Joan Jul 2020
I want what is real
Give me people to care about

Show me what I never had
And what true friendship is

Life is so alone
Who is there to love?
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