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Jack Bennett Feb 2018
Streets lined with colours

That beg to be bought

And we like moths

To the flame

Do flutter our wings

Aggresively smashing our heads

At the windows
Jack Bennett Feb 2018
If the sun doesn't rise

Then Japan was wrong

And the emperor should abdicate

Most definitely
  Feb 2018 Jack Bennett
Bo Burnham
Old people's skin sags
Because it is being pulled
To the Underworld.
Jack Bennett Feb 2018
I'm in a room of mirrors

They're each telling me something different

About myself

The mirror I should listen to

Is the one that reflects my heart
Jack Bennett Feb 2018
Lawnmowers mowing
The familiar smell of grass
Leaves my nose sniffing
  Feb 2018 Jack Bennett
I love my iPad
It takes me around the world
And it's all for free
Jack Bennett Feb 2018
Heaven only knows
The lengths I'd go to hold you
Chasing the moons face
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