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 Jun 2014 Arran James
In my dream,
I was imagining kissing you so
I grabbed your favorite book
and I kissed the spine where it crinkles up
like a pair of lips,
and then I realized
that even in my dreams,
a place where your nocturnal
thoughts can waken from their slumber
and roam free,
disguising themselves and their harsh realities
as innocent characters and objects in a
I can't have you.
Fantasy(*noun*)-imagining things, especially things that are impossible or improbable. I was going to title this 'dreams' but, no, dreams can be achieved.
I trace the curve of your spine
And write my secrets on your bones

We're surrounded by others
But your eyes say we're all alone

Is it that I'm myself with you,
Or that you're yourself with me?
Maybe it's the feeling of togetherness,
the power of we.

I don't know of it was that **** smirk
Your scent,
Your clothes
Or your jokes
All I know is you turned me inside out
My usual thought-out replies
Replaced with a measly choke

There's really no thesis to this,
No ******, no conclusion

Everything I just described so vividly
Is merely a self-made illusion

I haven't met you yet - the one that'll make flowers blossom in the corners of my mind

Who I'll crave and adore
And with whom I will spend my time

I'm not waiting for you, I have no time to seek

You're somewhere living your own life.
Each minute,

The memories you're making now I will hear about in years to come

Along with your whispers in my ear: "This is it... you're the one."

Maybe you think you're in love now, with him or she

But the universe will make it happen

The one you love... it'll be me.
 Jun 2014 Arran James
sometimes you're like homework
so confusing
and i just stare at you
hating you
yet you're important to me
it's so hard to finish you
and i lose inspiration every now and then
but when i get high as my grades
i come running back to you

i can't wait to graduate from school
get rid of this infatuation
we would be adults by then
and hopefully this mess will be sorted out
Say what you mean,
but say it without being mean.
Who am I kidding? I am always so terribly mean. Oops!
 Jun 2014 Arran James
Words are deceiving,
My having dem does not negate my feeling dem.
To find em and feel em, den breathe life into dem
Takes courage, Suh

So why bwoy you na link me na more?

It wasn’t easy for me to ask you to let me know when you’re out
You laughed and drew me a diagram of the particular ways you wanted in.
My words were not foreplay Stranger.
I reinforced the sentiment - for your future reference and got back to work.

So, how did I end up here?
Feelings weren’t caught
But respect was lost
So the only words I have left for you are:
“Whiskey, straight up - no twist.”
 Jun 2014 Arran James
A weird moment
Where you exist over there,
And I forget before I remember.
But hopefully it will pass,
If I choose your words: It will pass.
 Jun 2014 Arran James
 Jun 2014 Arran James
Mind heals faster than body,
So all's well soon.
Reluctant to be let of the hook so quick
It’s bad when it feels good
When the flow just goes.
I hope he knows it too
Cessation breaks one cycle
Leaving him holding his.
 Jun 2014 Arran James
The crucifix inked on my neck burns me
A reminder of the ***** that stunted me.
Free will denied when imposed too young
The deception felt a lot like grief.

If I put a gun to His head
Maybe new meaning can be brought,
To a stain no amount of unlearning can excuse.

- don’t worry
Jesus isn’t dead, he’s ridin’ a unicorn to Narnia

 Jun 2014 Arran James
"Saw you walk past the pub last week. Hope you’re good."

I saw you too and I got good
But it took a minute.

If I sound nonchalant,
It’s because you wanted me to be.
If I fall silent,
It’s because I gotta be fair to me too.
You can up and leave
( I guess you already knew that)
But I remain.
So I don’t know what else to say…
To you…
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