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Claire Davis Mar 2015
a full moon doth shine
through my window
sweet sublime
I am cleansed, repaired, inspired
for myself I care, love and admire
I rub oils into my skin and apologize
for my reticence, my fear
and by the light of la lune
I let the whole world in again.
Claire Davis Mar 2015
consume! consume! consume!
start consuming, feel the ever-present looming!
who cares about nature’s pure essence
when you have to worry for material obsolescence
the rat race is for you!


you know that feeling you got that one time?
when the breeze whispered gently and you tingled inside
you dipped your bare toes in the lake
and smiled for no reason in the sunshine?
do you remember the smell of fresh jasmine,
the way the music floated through open windows in the afternoon
that moment in the song when you could feel every heartbeat in the room?

those feelings don’t matter to us.
what matters is that you consume.
Claire Davis Jan 2015
sweet summer solstice
I'll never wish you to hold less
breeze blew away my to do list
upon my spine the sun kissed
a distant song of you.

barefoot in the garden
times can and will get hard and
the only place my heart is
this rented space with you.

a smirk and a secret
in the moonlight we are fearless
all this time was merely
a lead-up to knowing you.
Claire Davis Jan 2015
Sometimes I forget why.
I forget why I’m here, as if there was a reason at some point.
I forget where I’m going, where I’m from, why thats even important.
And I find myself full up
with this feeling
this lingering, ever looming feeling
that makes me want to burst from the seams of my skin.
And inside that feeling is total emptiness. The darkest of darks
I feel it when I sit in a puddle of myself surrounded by walls
When I am alone with others. Always, always.
I don’t know if it is the world wanting in or me wanting out
I don’t know if they can see it or feel it in my presence
Or if they have it too.
Desperately, I wish it was anomalous.
The feeling goes away temporarily, with distractions
Art, music, a taste of affection
and then I feel the shadow
and there it is again.
Claire Davis Apr 2014
Intimacy begins with the most innocent of gestures

A curious smile

The lips speak a sweet word, yet not explicit; the intimacy prevails.

It hides behind soft kisses

a gentle touch

sometimes in your sublime presence alone the intimacy is far too much.

Intimacy is not behind closed doors
It does not always reside between sheets
It shows itself in a knowing look
In forests, shorelines, streets.

Intimacy sends you shivers through a written word or song

But between you and I it hasn't shown itself in far too long.
Claire Davis Apr 2014
This is you, you is I
In a way we never saw before
He is she, and so are we
Her thought on the basement floor

They're you and she too
You've never seen his go
I'm coming back to save you boy,
Tis the only 'he' she knows.

You're leading us to them
The strangest place they've ever known
His she is theirs as well...
Maybe I'll understand when we're full grown.
Claire Davis Apr 2014
I'm just a bag of bones sewn with ruby thread
A perpetual emotion machine
An ever-changing labyrinth
A love and attention fiend.

In your hands I'm a canvas doll
Diamonds dripping down my cheeks
A threat whispered, a promise hissed
A heart refusing to beat

You may see me but you'll never know
A bag of bones against the garden wall
It's the broken hand, my darling
we learn to lean on after all.
Last two lines are my absolute favourite lyrics from an Iron & Wine song called "Innocent Bones". Credit must be given.
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