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Taylor Cuomo Nov 2014
It's never ending
This journey that I'm on
I have no one
I have no direction
It's just me
Lost and alone
With no hope
And no plans
To reach a destination
  Nov 2014 Taylor Cuomo
You'll never know...
When you'll be head over heels
The most enchanting feeling in the world
Your unknown desires, it reveals
A current in you will endlessly twirl

You'll never know...
When happiness fills your heart
Having a precious bundle of joy in your arms
You'll realize in your life, he's the most important part
Not forgetting, he'll make the best morning alarms

You'll never know...
When your heart will be scrunched
Like a ball from a piece of paper
Feels like your chest is being ruthlessly punched
Your skin peeled off with a serrated scraper

You'll never know...
When a friend will turn his back
Whose hand you held, all these years
Intentionally causing an emotional attack
In disbelief, you gather invisible tears

You'll never know...
When you'll be caught in an unexpected plight
Daily reflections occur, due to lack of wisdom
To ease your dark path, you yearn for a ray of light
Nothing much you can do except to crave for freedom

You'll never know...
When the time comes, you might bleed to death
Tears will flow drowning your skin
As you breathe your last breath
You wish you had more time to atone for your sins
You'll never know what and when things will happen..
#life  #happiness  #love  #disappointment  #betrayal
#regret #pain #death
Don't allow yourself to feel "dumb" or "stupid" based on your inability to achieve something you care little about.

-Joseph B Schneider
© Joseph B Schneider. All rights reserved
Taylor Cuomo Oct 2014

                                                       ­                                       breaking

I feel my world falling apart
piece by piece I'm losing everything
I can't even find myself anymore
it isn't making sense
the pain I feel is everywhere
my heart won't stop racing
my throat is slowly closing
I'm trying to catch my breath
it is taking everything from me
and leaving me alone
I feel myself ripping at the seams
making it impossible to keep it together

                                         ­          cracked
                                                     ­                                         **broken
  Oct 2014 Taylor Cuomo
J Drake
Sometimes your heart needs to be broken
So you can see what's underneath,
To the flicker and flame of your soul
That you've always been destined to meet.

Sometimes your spirit shines brighter
Through the glimmering light of your tears,
And when you arrive at the end of it all
Love will outshine the darkest of years
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Taylor Cuomo Oct 2014
I used to feel
I used to try

I can't anymore
I'm not sure why

I want everything
I want nothing

How do I know
My mind is bugging

I feel so lost
I feel so gone

Everything is so much
It's hard to hang on
School has been a little too tough for the past few weeks.
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