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Quisha May 2016
Next time, I want to be loved for all of me
Not just lashes and lips
No, not my ears and eyes that so seamlessly
breathe new meaning to life

No, no I want to be loved for the crusts of me
The thick and thin of me
(Baby there ain't no thin of me)
Just ripely thick honest sweetly raw delight.

Which is precisely how I want to be loved
Through thick and thin
Bring strength and nourishment,
Challenge both body and mind with thought and compassion

Night and day, day and night,
Light and dark,
Good and works in progress...

Will not be told "too much you ask for"
No, that jus means I too much Woman for you.
Get back at me when you can relate
I'm out.
Quisha May 2016
Not Woman, I die
If you don't see me I gone.

You don't feel me,
Between your arms
Between my legs.
You could never sing me
Your no woman, no cry.

Without tongue, without touch
How is a Woman to know she is wanted?
Without tongue, without touch
A Good Woman continues the dance
Enjoying the curves and crevices She possesses.

Without tongue but with cheek.
No Woman, no cry.
Quisha Apr 2016
Nah, just koz that is who SHE be
Does not mean SHE get to treat ME
However the **** SHE want

Nah, that's just not ME, Bee
I heard somewhere I was free, see
Not just YOU that gets to breathe ease-y

'Less pigment based privilege
Affords you your discourse...
Quisha Apr 2016
I am, what I am,
You say what you say,
But I am what I am.

And I'll do what I do,
Koz I am, what I am
I will not be, no fool, for you.
Quisha Apr 2016
You tease me
I needs to free me
Koz you fear to be thee

Rejected, you don't know me
Distance kept completely
Unsure if I want a chance to show you what could be

I stepped aside
Koz you hurt deeply
Striving to heal
I released thee

Afraid I not enuf
And lose you harder
I chose to run
Too bad when it wasn't fully real
Never fully healed
Because I hid it from myself
Rejection too true to speak

Of course you wouldn't choose me
And I unarmed to watch you love another
That way I know you'd love your lover
I couldn't smell her on your smile
Become less and less significant to your other
And justly so.
I wouldn't watch
I chose to leave
I choose to be free
Won't have the energy to break away whole again
Quisha Apr 2016
I must leave you to be whole again
And by leave, I mean lose you
For - you can't be the standard no other can raise to
And me left woke and untouched.
Quisha Apr 2016
The truth you tried to hide from me
Had to hear from my heart that cried to me
Neither of us thought I, good enuf
And my heart would not face, your face
To hear as much.

The truth I could not hide from you
Felt like I had lied to me
Not much less you
For far too many a sun rise.

That I could want any less than all of you
What other reason do I need to ask to be with you
Put simply, I crave the smell of you,
Or how painless life is when I'm with you?

And so I pour all that passion, cardimom and care for you and our union
Into the arms of another
Who will inevitably get crushed under the weight of such power and clutter.
To early seen unknown and known too late,
Was meant for no purpose but you.
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