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Corina Helm Dec 2011
Daddy, where have you gone?
I remember you holding my hand
and walking me to school.
You said "I love you" and
turned and walked away
So tell me
Daddy, where have you gone?

Daddy, where are you?
Are you safe,...happy
Momma's here, so is
Little Joey.
So tell me
Daddy, where are you?

Daddy, are you going to come home?
I made potato pancakes hoping you would.
Little Joey doesn't remember you,
but Momma and I do.
So tell me
Daddy, are you going to come home?

Daddy, have you witnessed death?
Momma killed the pigs yesterday,
you use to do that.
I have witnessed death,
So tell me,
Daddy, have you witnessed death?

Daddy, why did you leave?
I watched you walk away.
You turned and waved
I never saw you again.
So tell me
Daddy, why did you leave?

Daddy, are you happy?
Little Joey is always smiling,
it makes me and Momma
happy too.
So tell me,
Daddy, are you happy?

Daddy, why did you leave?
Were you angry with me?
Were you angry with little Joey?
Were you angry with Momma?
So tell me
Daddy, why did you leave?

Daddy, are you in the War?
that is what Suzzie said.
Her daddy is in it.
So tell me
Daddy, are you in the War?

Daddy, are you safe?
I heard Momma talking
about the War.
she said it isn't safe.
So tell me
Daddy, are you safe?  

Daddy, what is war like?
I think it is ******
and lots of people die.
Lots of girls lose their Daddies
So tell me
Daddy, what is war like?

Daddy, are you hungry?
We have shortages
of food now.
I am hungry.
So tell me
Daddy, are you hungry?

Daddy, why have you been gone so long?
It has been
three years since you
left me at school.
So tell me,
Daddy, why have you been gone so long?

Daddy, can you come home?
Momma is older now.
Little Joey isn't little anymore.
But I am still the little girl you
left at school.
So tell me
Daddy, can you come home?

Daddy, are you dead?
Joey thinks you are.
Momma refuses to think so
I don't know what I think.
So tell me
Daddy, are you dead?

Daddy, are you in Heaven?
Are there angles?
can I come to Heaven if you are there?
So tell me
Daddy, are you in Heaven?

Daddy, are you missing?
Suzzie's daddy is,
and I thought you might be too.
So tell me,
Daddy, are you missing?

Daddy, do you miss me?
Momma misses you,
so does Joey, even though he doesn't remember
I miss you too.
So tell me,
Daddy, do you miss me?

Daddy, will you be there for my wedding?
I have always wanted you to be there,
But now Joey is here,
He is going to give me away
For my wedding, if you aren’t there,
So tell me
Daddy, will you be there for my wedding?

Daddy, will you be there for the birth of your first grandchild?
Momma will be,
And I want you to be too.
So tell me,
Daddy, will you be there for the birth of your first grandchild?

Daddy, did you find Momma?
She left yesterday, she
Wanted to see you,
Just like I want to see you.
So tell me,
Daddy, did you find Momma?

Daddy, did you meet John?
He was my second born,
He died last week.
Did Momma meet him?
So tell me,
Daddy, did you meet John?

Daddy, will you meet me in Heaven?
I will be coming soon,
Joey went to the war like you.
I want to see him before
I leave,
So tell me,
Daddy, will you meet me in Heaven?

Daddy, do you miss me?
I missed you tons,
Over the years, but now I will
See you again,
Daddy, this is my last breath,
I will see you soon, but Daddy please,
Tell me,
Did you miss me like I missed you?
Apple juice Feb 2020
Surprise surprise
Daddy didn’t show
Daddy doesn’t care
Daddy doesn’t know
Daddy does care
Daddy knows best
Then why does daddy make empty promises?
Daddy says this
Daddy says that
Daddy buys us gifts
To make up for what he missed
Daddy met a girl
She was daddies world
Next thing you know she replaces daddies little girl
What used to be daddies girl grew up in an empty world
No longer daddies only girl
Daddy left her all alone
No daddy to buy us gifts
No daddy to see his kids
Momma took the blame when daddies girl misbehaved
Daddy had no part in his little girls birthdays
What once was daddies girl
Became a lonely world just a reminder of what used to be daddies girl
Surprise surprise
Daddy isn’t here
Let it be up to daddies to up and disappear
Daddy says funny things
Funny things about wedding rings
Daddy has a lot of flings whatever that means
Momma and daddy don’t get along
Daddy’s mean to momma when momma does something wrong
Mommas mean to daddy when bills aren’t met
Daddy buys gifts for other girls that’s why we’re in debt
Daddy’s mean to momma
Daddy makes momma cry
Daddy’s mean to momma until sunrise
Daddy slams the door
What was that for?
Daddy went to the store
Why is momma torn?
Momma says daddy has another little girl one to buy toys for one with daddy’s curls
What was wrong with this daddies girl?
Why did daddy decide to give up his whole world
Momma said things will get better
But this little girl turned sour and bitter
Surprise surprise
Daddy didn’t show
Daddy said he’ll be watching from the front row
Daddy’s little girl practiced every day till dawn
Just so she could show daddy her moves were spot on
The curtains about to rise
I don’t see daddy what a surprise
The shows about to start
Daddy’s gonna miss my part
Daddy said he’ll be there
Daddy doesn’t lie
Daddy will be here in no time
About to go on stage now
There she goes with her little crown
“Why is that pretty girl wearing a frown?”
Daddies a no show
So this little girl turned stone cold
There’s momma in her pretty gown
Too bad daddy isn’t here to see
How pretty mommy can be
What can you do
Daddy doesn’t stay true
Surprise surprise
Daddy isn’t home
Mommas sitting here waiting by the phone
I’m getting sleepy
But mommas still sitting here weeping
Uh oh what to do
Daddy came home with the reak of b.ooze
What can you do
What did I do wrong? There’s no telling
Daddy won’t stop yelling
Daddy’s getting meaner
Where’s mommy when I need her
Daddy won’t get off of me
Daddy, why are you on top of me?
Surprise surprise
Daddies little prize
Grew up in a web of lies
Poor daddies girl in a lonely world
No daddy to love
No daddy to hug
Just a mean daddy
Who takes off her p.a.n.tees
Surprise surprise
This daddy is no daddy of mine
Let this be true
That all daddies can fool you
During dark times while in residential i discovered the coping skill of poetry and this..this is my favorite out of every piece I bring to life this one takes me and exposes the most vulnerable parts of my Inner being and now I share with you something that holds so much truth.
Daddy daddy daddy
I love my darling daddy
Daddy daddy daddy
I love my darling daddy
I love my darling daddy
I really do love him
He used to watch the cricket with us
And we supported Carlton and the raiders oh yeah
We went to the YMCA
To do holiday programs and camps
And my darling daddy
Was the camp director
Daddy daddy daddy
I love my darling daddy
Daddy daddy daddy
I love my darling daddy
Daddy loved to joke with us
With his witty sense of humour
But mine was pretty good too
When as we walked past parliament
Saying let’s put our tents up
Because it was fun to muck with daddy my dear lovable daddy
Now Carlton are playing **** yeah
So are they raiders too
Daddy daddy daddy
I love my darling daddy
You see he is now Betty
David’s only daughter
Daddy daddy daddy
Is with dc and Barnsey now
Please daddy daddy daddy
Show me what kid you wanted me to be
I am sorry I fucken punched you
It was just my illness yeah
Daddy daddy daddy
I love my darling daddy
You loved to watch shows with mummy
And you met your mates every Saturday morn
You had a coffee in the arvo
And you made a game out of your walking
You walked everywhere
You inspired everyone yeah
Daddy daddy daddy
I love my darling daddy
I miss you in my family
But I still feel you are close
Q Apr 2013
Daddy Dearest
With your fingers 'round my neck
Daddy Dearest
The definition of a wreck
Daddy Dearest

Daddy, Daddy
Did you know I want you dead?
Daddy, Daddy
Did you know I've tried to **** myself?
Daddy, Daddy

Daddy Dearest
It's my turn to beat you up
Daddy Dearest
Isn't that how you show 'love'?
Daddy Dearest

Daddy, Daddy
It's my turn to fling you down the stairs
Daddy, Daddy
We've got to play this game fair
Daddy, Daddy

Daddy Dearest
It's your turn to slice your veins
Daddy Dearest
It's your turn to go insane
Daddy Dearest

Daddy, Daddy
It's my turn to tell you you're worthless
Daddy, Daddy
It's my turn to tell you you're useless
Daddy, Daddy

Daddy Dearest
It's my turn to tell you how much I hate you
Daddy Dearest
It's my turn to put down what you look up to
Daddy Dearest

Daddy, Daddy
It's my turn to **** your cat
Daddy, Daddy
It's my turn to watch you cry whilst I laugh
Daddy, Daddy

Daddy Dearest
Do you see what you've done?
Daddy Dearest
The monster has always won
Daddy Dearest
Ashley Sep 2013
daddy daddy, where are you going?
I turned three today, are you happy?
are you leaving just for a minute?
why did you pack your stuff?
daddy, can you hear me?

daddy daddy, it's so good to see you
it's been forever since I last have
I'm sorry I ******* up daddy
hopefully you can forgive me
daddy, are you there?

daddy daddy, why did you re-marry?
who is this lady, she seems scary
did you even love mom, daddy?
was I just a mistake, daddy?
daddy, where are you?

daddy daddy, why do I have to live here?
I thought you wanted us to be happy
I thought you wanted what was best
I'm not happy
this wasn't the best
daddy, will you let us go?

daddy daddy, why do you insult me?
what did I do, daddy?
why don't you love me anymore?
did you ever even love me, daddy?
please tell your wife to stop
please tell yourself to stop
these words hurt, daddy
I'm starting to believe they're true
daddy, will you please stop?

daddy daddy, why did you look away?
you saw the scars that I created
aren't you happy?
isn't that what you wanted, daddy?
I'm sorry about the pills, daddy
but you made me feel so worthless,
I do what you always do with worthless things
I tried to throw myself out
daddy, are you even listening?

Daddy daddy daddy daddy
Daddy is my dad
I love my dad with all my might
Everywhere I go
You see he used to talk for the cats
Using a silly voice
Dad used to smoke a pack a day
But he quit when we were adults
Daddy daddy daddy daddy
Daddy is my dad
He was a computer Person
He knew all about it
Like fixing and playing games
Back in the day he was fascinated
In programming it oh yeah
Dad was great because he was
Computer illiterate
He really understood it
Daddy daddy daddy daddy
Daddy was my dad
He went to bed about as early as he can
So he can enjoy the next day
Oh yeah daddy oh daddy
He watched me bowl because I was good yes he did
He wasn’t really into watching sport
With other men but I am
Daddy daddy daddy daddy
He is my good old dad
He believes women’s sport
Should be on tv
So I made him a girl
But when he died I saw he had a
Lot of friends and very really had enemies
Will my daddy in the future
Be a famous women’s sports person
Or will she be a singer like her dad and grandad
Yes daddy is so understandable
Of what he wants in life
He was the one who I got in strife with
But daddy daddy daddy daddy
Daddy is my dad
I hope his next life isn’t bad
I hope her life is fruitful
I love daddy and I know he loves me
He drank coffee I drank tea
David Ehrgott Apr 2016
Daddy got drunk
and wet in the well
Oh, poor daddy
Daddy got drunk
and wet in the well
Oh, poor daddy
Oh, poor daddy
Oh, poor daddy
Oh, poor daddy
Oh, poor daddy
Daddy got drunk
and wet in the well
Oh, poor daddy
He told little Margie
Not to tell
Oh, poor daddy
Oh, poor daddy
Oh, poor daddy
Oh, poor daddy
Oh, poor daddy
Daddy had Edie
on his knee
Oh, poor Edie
What he did to her
When she was three
Oh, poor Edie
Oh, poor daddy
Oh, poor daddy
Oh, poor Edie
Oh, poor daddy
Daddy got drunk
and wet in the well
Oh, poor daddy
Mama bit her lip
and got beat to hell
Oh, poor daddy
Oh, poor daddy
Oh, poor daddy
Oh, poor daddy
Oh, poor daddy
Daddy always said I was never gonna make it
Never gonna leave this town
Daddy always said to just go on and fake it
Never mind the cap and gown

Daddy always said there's no way out but dieing
Never gonna leave this town
Daddy always said there's no truth only lieing
No way up, there's only down

Daddy always said
Daddy always said

Work real hard and still you will go nowhere
Do your best, but this is where you'll die
Work real hard, but still you're getting nowhere
Ask yourself, why do I even try
Daddy always said

Daddy always said that school is just for losers
Never gonna leave this town
Daddy always said, there's no lovers just abusers
This place is gonna wear us down

Daddy always said, that I have no direction
Never gonna leave this town
Daddy always said, I was a waste of an *******
Never gonna leave this town

Daddy always said
Daddy always said

Work real hard and still you will go nowhere
Do your best, but this is where you'll die
Work real hard, but still you're getting nowhere
Ask yourself, why do I even try
Daddy always said

Daddy always said, to just follow the leader
Never gonna leave this town
Daddy always said, the town's  a monster and we feed her
Never gonna leave this town

Daddy always said, that we were both the same
Never gonna leave this town
Daddy always said, I was just a number not a name
And that is why I shot him down

Daddy always said
Daddy always said

Work real hard and still you will go nowhere
Do your best, but this is where you'll die
Work real hard, but still you're getting nowhere
Ask yourself, why do I even try
Daddy always said
Daddy always said
Daddy always said
Daddy always said....
Lazlo Mehl Sep 2014
As come home racing up the stairs, the last place I left mommy was on your bed, where are you mommy why are you not there, as I race to find daddy, he tells me you've gone, gone where daddy, gone where daddy, mommy promised to never be gone, daddy why you crying should I cry too, your face is all red. Tell me what to do. One week later, I'm all in black daddy says I'm going to see mommy, so why am I in black, mommy liked purple I persist but daddy held strong and resist. Not to far daddy holds my hand, don't be sad daddy, we seen mommy again, no my child daddy's not sad Daddy's happy that mommy, had you. Oh daddy I say, you so sweet as I give daddy a kiss on the cheek, before long we arrive and daddy, turns and holds me tight, I love you baby, oh those words. Make me fell all fuzzy inside. Mommy we here as I race daddy down, I've never been here why do so many people frown, excuse Mr why are you sad? Daddy hurries to carry me back, I don't get it, why are we here, and where's mommy she said she would be here, where is she daddy I need to know here beds been empty for far to long. Oh my baby Mommies with God, gone to a better bed, made out of love! Don't be afraid my angel, I'm not afraid daddy,   I know God daddy, mommy always spoke of him, he seems mighty nice and mommy said I can trust him, each day after school I rush up the stairs to kneel beside mommy and say a pray, we spoke with God daddy, and mommy asked that, when she leaves I pray everyday, I like God daddy, do u like him too, he seems mighty nice please say you do, mommy I'm big now its been ten years, I've grown a lot, I have piercing in my ears, daddy left me today, but not before we prayed, he told me to be strong and pray each and everyday, and every time I need a friend, to ask God to extend a helping hand, mommy I get it you had to leave. And so did daddy, to be Gods friends. mommy I love you daddy I love you too, and mommy and daddy, ill see you soon.
Ayeshah Sep 2015
I fell down today  and scrapped my knees, Daddy  can you kiss it please...
A cartoon bandaid, a few cookies & lemonade.

I was push today, Daddy she's  way bigger than me, she said cuz I'm black my hairs a weave,

I said I'm mixed and my hair isn't fake, she spit gum in it and pushed me into the bathroom  stall.

Can you help me, teach me how to fight  Daddy I don't want her to beat me up.

I have no where to go,

Daddy can I stay with you please, I've left him for good!

He won't be hitting me anymore,

Daddy  I need to sleep I'm pregnant & haven't had much to eat.

I got a job today and I need bus fare, can I have 4 dollars  please 2 for the bus and 2 to eat...

Daddy I'll be working after school,  at a hotel and I can even get a free room, 

I'll work in the front office and sometimes help the maids but it's ok since I'll now have my own place

I got married today,

Daddy  I know he doesn't  make much and didn't  ask for my hand but Daddy I really love this man...

He took me to the court house and we said I do, you were too sick to come and I didn't want to bother you.

I've moved away,

Daddy and I won't be coming back,

I left my husband since he has a habit of messing around, putting me down and hitting.

Daddy can you call me I need advise I'm married again 3rd time and  pregnant  for the 4th time,

I wish I could visit you maybe next year, right now I have college, work, and my 4th on the way.

I called you today but I've got no answer, we're  here now and I have a present for you Daddy, 

it's been a while and lil sis says you're not doing too well...

I tried to call you today,

I've forgot what your voice sounds like Daddy.

Forgot I can't  call you anymore, 

Daddy you're gone now.

Daddy  the realization  hits me just as hard as that girl  did when she pushed me into the bathroom  stall,

my eyes brim over with tears just like it did when I pushed out 1 of my kids...

I can't talk to you and get your advise,

can't get lemonade & cookies when I fall this time,

I miss all those years we couldn't be together cause I was in foster care, group homes and again once I moved to other  states..

Daddy I've married again have 5 girls  a few lost pregnancies and some really bad marriages,  3 times in fact.

Daddy I've had some messed up relationships along the way as well had a stalker from  New Jersey  even and what a looser he is,

I've moved  to a whoke new state 3 tines now and laat year I was super sick  and yet worse of it was not being able to share any of it Daddy ...

Not being able to call and hear your booming voice tell me how to proceed or you coming to make sure them exes and maybe even that stalker from Jersey  left me be Daddy!

It's been 14 years Daddy and every day I miss you so much,  but right now Id take the advise and tough  love.

No longer married but I'm sure it'll come...

hehehe maybe  4th times my charm,

right now I'm fine as things are I have 2 cars just got a new crappie job a new house and all your grand kids are doing good so far.

Daddy I'm a grandma  isn't thst crazy and my 1st born your  grand daughter's changed her life round, she's coming home to get her son.

Even though I don't see you I know your with me and one day I'll stand on ya feet and allow you to lead me in a finally dance,

I know someday we'll be together again , with Mommy and my grant parents


Always Me Ayeshah ™ ®
         K.A.C.L.N ©
     All right reserved ®
Copyright 1977 - Present
Daddy, I miss you
Daddy, you’re an *******
Daddy, you made mom so happy
Daddy, I still wear those scares you gave me
Daddy, I hate you can’t hear me now
Daddy, New York City scares me
Daddy, I still cry in my heart
Daddy, I hope Lady is with you
Daddy, it hurts to be myself sometimes
Daddy, you’re missing things
Daddy, ******* with the fuckidy **** ****
Daddy, John misses you too
Daddy, I wish you could have met Jeremiah
Daddy, you were funny, & still are even to this day
Daddy, you were ****** up
Daddy, whatever
Daddy, I’d give you a hug if I could
Daddy, tornadoes are scary
Daddy, life goes on without you
Daddy, I love you
I wrote this poem to deal with my feelings about the loss of my father. Written during my UA years.
Brian Payamps Nov 2014
Story time is what daddy use to say
Come here sit on daddy's lap
You'll always be daddy's little girl
As mother turned a blind eye
And baby girl laid a big kiss for daddy on the cheek
She is one of three
the youngest of her si..blings
Older brother gone to college
Older sister ran away to Dereks
Daddy told baby girl she was jealous
Baby girl is daddy's new favorite

Older sister high on heroine with Derek
Looking for euphoria in her whirlwind
Needle wholes tattooed on her skin
As she cried to Derek one night
O how daddy touched her
I was daddy's little girl for ever and for ever
Daddy said it and he ment it
Derek pressed daddy with the press
Funny daddy had money
Derek came up dead....
...... two days later
Bullets wholes in Dereks corpse surrounded by syringes
Older sister slit her wrist
But daddy's there to save her

You're daddy's little girl as he rushed her to the hospital
Daddys is her savior
Is how New York Times played it
Older sister back at daddy's house
Baby girl was missing her
Kisses on kisses to older sister
From daddy's favorite girl
As no one cried over Derek
Weeks gone
One day in the shower daddy walks in as older sister bathes
Fear in those eyes but daddy sees love
Daddy Scrubs her back with a sponge
You'll always be my little girl
Wether home or gone
Kim Davis Oct 2013
Once there was a girl
Who could feel
A young, playful, and truly memorable child
naturally born to lead, learn, and strive,
Jumped in front of any camera she saw,
because she wanted all eyes on her.
Yet that didn't prevent an inevitable day,
an insignificant, random day
when she was faced with her new reality.
An old lady took a fall,
an animal she'd grew with began its downward spiral towards death
a neighbor robbed of weapons,
and no more did the girl get attention,
but was rather brought to the attention that the world was cruel.
But attention was her drive, her motivation to live
and taken from her, she desperately tried to regain her spirit
but couldn't handle everything she'd ever known changing on her,
and a little girl, third grade, began a path of self destruction.
The natural leader now a follower,
The playful girl turned her interests into other people's pain,
She enjoyed that year the most she could,
secretly hating the old woman, mistreating her
saying her goodbyes to the dog that was there years before she was born,
grades turning from all A's, to B's, to C's, to D's and F's,  year by year.
getting rejected just a few times, but over-complicating it, as she would do everything later,  
taking it personal, letting it destroy her
and so the little girl grew,
first into an angry, manipulative version of herself,
she was no longer slender, pretty, or girly in any way.
She was a wreck. No care for herself anymore.
Sharpened her finger with a pencil sharpener.
When mad, would beat herself up.
Demented, but that was just covering a layer of desire for attention.
Something so simple, something everyone has to learn to live without, took such a toll on a little girl, because it was just cut off, one insignificant day.
But one day she got attention again, months after another
insignificant day.
This insignificant day, she remembers,
daddy standing by the mailbox
she was outside playing with neighbors
and she heard daddy talk funny.
A sliver in his voice, that was never there, was it?
and listening, she heard it again,
and she looked at dad, and in his eyes, he wasn't there.
his body, his face, his smile, but his eyes weren't there.
And the little girl ignored it.
But daddy was in pain for months. Didn't tell a soul.
and when that sliver in voice kept going, mom forced him to go to the doctor.
But the sliver wasn't it, there was blood, daddy was coughing blood.
And so the doctor diagnosed it as bronchitis.
But it was deeper than that, it was the big C,
and the little girl knew that daddy saw it coming
his smoking tripled
and he got a recorder so as to record what he was thinking
and there was that night, at her aunts, everyone in the kitchen,
the little girl heard it from a distance,
but she wanted to be wrong, so bad.  
She gets in the car with her mom, and receives the news,
but upon seeing her mother crying, doesn't know what to do.
She was supposed to be strong for her mother, everyone expected that of her,
but everyone also expected her to be fragile, and wanted her to cry more than anyone about her dad.
But the conflicting emotions resulted in the girl, not so little anymore, to grow up.
To shut off all human emotion, to be a walking robot. To never cry, never feel.
That made everything pile up in her head.
Daddy had cancer.
Daddy was doing Radiology treatments.
Daddy's treatments were failing.
Daddy was getting skinnier.
Daddy was doing Chemo.
Daddy was trying to **** himself.
Daddy was in and out of the hospital.
Daddy wanted her there.
Daddy needed her there.
Daddy cried in front of her and asked, "Why don't you love me anymore?" because she showed her disinterest in tying his shoes for him since he couldnt.  
But there's nothing more terrifying, than seeing someone one genuinely cares about in the hospital.
Than being afraid to break the person one loves in half with just a hug.
Daddy was dying, and daddy wouldn't talk all day until she got home, even if it was just a hey and a smile.
To this day, she'd love to say now that she would go back, and do it all differently, show that she loved him, not that she was disgusted in what he'd become, but  she knows herself, and she'd shut herself down again in a heartbeat.  
Daddy died of three types of cancer,
and the little girl got the attention she'd longed for, but in the form of pity.
But she hated pity.
She stopped doing anything.
Couldn't go out with friends,  secluded herself in her mind.
Until she found a way to be herself and get attention, and became someone new.
Then someone else.
Then someone else.
And then the girl was no longer herself, she was someone who made an impact on people.
Someone who people were attracted to,
Someone who had friends,
Someone who had company who couldn't physically show her pity,
company that satisfied her romantic desires, and company that was there when she was down,
and who she could manipulate to her desire, to understand men and women on a deeper level.
And that sweet, playful, little girl, was a monster.
Divided in two, she emoted on a fake half of her, a half that wasn't her, a fake story personified,
what was left of that little girl was skinned, and buried in dirt.
So when the girl had had enough damage inflicted on the sane, but fake side of her,
and was unhappy regardless of who she was that day,  at that hour,
she would tell herself it was over, it was time, this should have ended a long time ago,
and her skinned corpse of a soul was trying to crawl out of its grave,
pulled back by the dark cloud it became, and buried again with the fake's love,
because that side of her, with skim, but human emotion,
couldn't bear to hurt people it'd already done enough damage to.
So one day, when she was found out, by best friend and an ex, it was a sigh of relief,
just to feel the air on that hand, reaching up to get out of her grave.
But she didn't know that what followed was losing half the people she loved,
most being the ones she loved most, the most active in her life at the given moment,
And even then, with the remaining few, she felt too awkward in that situation,
too conflicted, that she once again, turned off her emotions.
And now, what's left?
A broken little girl, in a big, damaged carcass, freezing in mud, staring down at her own grave, unable to find her skin.
big daddy
big daddy
could talk the talk

big daddy
big daddy
couldn't walk the walk

I met big daddy
down in New Orleans
he told me that he'd
make me his queen

that two bit man
didn't follow through
his eyes went wandering
onto Mary Lou

she had assets
that were so appealing
all the time big daddy
was double dealing

that man had
a no good lame heart
falling for Mary Lou's
piece of ****

big daddy
big daddy
could talk the talk

big daddy
big daddy
couldn't walk he walk

somewhere in
the back of my mind
I knew big daddy
didn't want my bind

Mary Lou employed
her comely wares
which proved to be
a good snare

in the delta country
of New Orleans
Mary Lou now reigns
as big daddy's queen

if past history
is anything to go by
she'll be left
without a dry eye

big daddy
big daddy
could talk the talk

big daddy
big daddy
couldn't walk the walk
Babygirl Oct 2014
Mommy, help me.
Daddy, look and see!
Help, anyone, he is coursing through my veins.
He has taken my soul and wrapped it in iron chains.
Mommy, he is taking over, I'm losing all i have become.
Daddy, please, it's hard not to give in; succumb.

Mommy, i know you're sick, but please don't leave me.
Daddy, i know you didn't wanna but you left and i don't know how to be..
I am trying to make you both proud, but i feel like im failing.
I am goin to give into the monster, he is prevailing.
Mommy, please don't cry..
Daddy, please don't hate me for wanting to die.

Mommy i love you, and im sorry for the pain i put you through.
Daddy, i know this wasn't what you would have wanted me to do.
I am sorry for not being strong enough to beat the monster inside my veins.
I have been broken and he is all that remains.
Mommy, i wish you could see me grow..
Daddy, i wonder do you hear me calling you when i know the wind will blow?

Mommy I tried to tell you about the pain i was hiding.
Daddy, i know this is something i shouldn't be deciding.
I know the pain it will cause mommy and i know i will regret it later.
But the pain i feel is greater..
Mommy, i am leaving soon to be with daddy in Heaven..
Daddy, the best memories ended when i was seven..

Mommy, i am lying here in my own blood, cold as ice.
Daddy, help me, i wish i would stop and think twice!
'Get up, get help, scream, get someone to hear you..' the thoughts swirl in my brain.
But i can't there is no way to open my mouth, there is so much pain.
Mommy, i tried to change my mind, but it was to late..
Daddy, is this really what is supposed to happen, fate?

Mommy, if you're reading this, i want you to know my last thought was you.
Daddy, hold my hand, I'm scared to lose you too.
Watching my own funeral i let the tears fall.
I see your face and i scream your name, but you can't hear my call.
Mommy, i love you and im sorry i had to cut my life short.
Daddy, mommy will die without my support..

Mommy i was selfish and thought of myself before you..
Daddy, do you think she will ever forgive me for what i had to do?
I will always watch over you from the stars above.
Sending you peace with the sight of a mourning dove.
Mommy, i am always in your heart..
Daddy, this is what was supposed to happen from the start...
Shane Carmichael Feb 2012
     I caught this fish just like you showed me.
     I can do it by myself... oh wait... ok maybe not.  Thanks for helping me.
     I’m nine, so that means I can get 15 dollars for my chores and not 10... right?
     I love my puppy.  I think I’ll name him Champ.  Cause he’s my Champion just like you.
     I’m not crying cause it hurt... ok... maybe I am.  You can hug me as long as you want.
     Thanks for taking me to get my license.   Don’t worry I won’t drive too much.  Today.
     I know my Drum Major uniform is expensive... thanks for buying it anyway.
     I know he broke up with me but you can call off your buddies from his house.  You’re the only man in my life.
     Thanks for helping me learn how to change the oil in my car.
     I’ll be home around midnight.  Don’t worry about me, I’ll be with Paige.  Thanks for the extra movie money.
     I’m sorry I can’t stay in this house with mom.  She’s going to be the death of me.  Oh... you too?
     I found a great place to live and you’ve always liked Paige... she’s me roommate.  Love you too.
     Thanks for getting the rest of my stuff together.  I’ll come see you soon and rescue you from mom like you always rescued me from the monsters in my closet.
     What do you mean you don’t remember me moving out?
      Please... please don’t leave me alone in this world.
I love you Dad.  No matter how bad it gets.
Mollee Nelson Jul 2016
Dear Daddy,
you found out mommy was pregnant. you told her how happy you was and how you would always be there. you said that you was excited and loved us both, you said you couldn’t wait until you finally got to meet me.
i can’t wait to meet you either Daddy!

Dear Daddy,
i heard mommy crying and really upset.
she said something about another women.
she said she hated you.
but don’t worry I’m still here
i can’t wait to meet you Daddy!

Dear Daddy,
i was just born, you gave my soul a look that said you would always be there
you helped mommy give me a name!
Mollee Ann Langemkamp
wow today was great.
I finally got to meet you Daddy!

Dear daddy,
im a day old and you already are mad at mommy infront of me.
i can’t see you but i can hear your anger.. i can feel your anger
Mommy gave me a have a new name
Mollee Ann Nelson
I guess we will have to meet again Daddy!

Dear Daddy,
i can remember you and mommy fighting over me.
you dragged her down the driveway while she was in the car.
my brother drove after us.
he wanted to **** you
your lucky i looked over my shoulder to stop him.
Because if i didn't.. then Bubby said you would have met god...

Dear Daddy,
its christmas and boy am i excited.
I’m five and begged Mommy for this new dress.
i hope you come this time.
this time i have a good feeling.
maybe ill get to see you and meet your new girlfriend!

Dear Daddy,
its christmas again.
I’m six.
you called.
but you didn’t show.

Dear Dad,
you have been missing a lot of visits
i don’t know why
i cry a lot over you
why aren’t you here..
Did i do something dad..

dear dad,
im 10.
you called mommy asking why she was trying to put you in jail.
you got mad so you ended the call
you called back
i think it was the first time i heard your voice in almost a year.
the first words you said to me were “hey brat how old are you now?”
brat.. rung in my ears..

Dear Chris,
i haven’t heard from in you in two years.
im 12
you fought to get custody of me
the judge didn’t allow it but he let you visit
five hours max
i cancelled a lot
so did you

Dear Chris,
its been four years
i can barely remember what you sound like

dear ***** donor,
you contacted me the morning of my 18th birthday
i went off
you tried to make me feel bad
i didn’t give a ****

I was given someone who decided they would no longer care. They would bail out before i could correctly form words into sentences. I was given a father who as barely even a stranger in my life.
But i was also given a brother who made my life much different..

dear Bubby,
You found out mom was pregnant.
Boy was that a shocker huh, 20 years apart from you will be fun!!!!
I can't wait to meet you!

Dear Bubby,
You was there to help mom when she was crying about Daddy and a woman.
Wow i can tell your going to be a great brother!
I can't wait to meet you!

Dear Bubby,
You was there when i was born.
you were so excited to meet me.
You told mom she was making a mistake by letting me take my fathers last name.
You and him meet with a lady to fix the problem.

Dear Bubby,
Mollee Ann Nelson
Our last name
Wow Bubby i think its so cool you helped mom
Its like meeting a whole new me

Dear Bubby,
Mom fell out of the car when Daddy was backing out of the drive way.
You were really mad.
You told Daddy he was going to meet god.

Dear Bubby,
I know you want me to spend christmas with our family but Its Daddys turn to have me.
Boy am i excited
Im five and i begged mommy for that new velvet dress you like so much.
I have a good feeling Daddy will come this time.
Im supposed to meet his girlfriend but you seem unamused.

Dear Bubby,
Its christmas again.
Im six and you cuddle me while i sob because daddy didn't show...again
You called saying i would have a new sister to meet.. Thats a good gift i guess..

Dear Bubby,
Every visit he missed you were there..
You held me close and told me it wasn't my fault..
You knew he was braking my heart
You knew you would meet a different person.

Dear Bubby,
Do you remember how angry i was when he hung up.
When i questioned why he didn't want to talk to me?
But don't worry he called me back.
He didn't even remember how old i was..
Its like we were meeting at a reunion..

Dear Bubby,
We were both confused when he tried to get custody of me back.
We laughed and the judge must have too.
He was allowed five hours max
I cancelled on you because i was in power to do so.
Your meets will have to wait

Dear Bubby,
I don't remember what he even sounds like..
Do you?

Dear Bubby,
I remember how happy you were for me when i was finally able to tell my ***** donor how i felt about him.
To bad it had to wait until i was 18 huh!
Sorry this is so long <3
Tishka Nov 2018
Daddy the kids at school are mean to me
They say bad things to me
They push and shove me
Can you fix it for me?

Daddy the boy I loved hurt me
He said bad things to me
He pushed and shoved me
Can you fix it for me?

Daddy mommy's bleeding
She's lying on the floor weeping
You pushed and shoved her, daddy
You hurt her while I was sleeping

I can fix it, daddy
I can make mommy feel better
Don't hurt me yet daddy
First let me fix her

Daddy why's mommy so cold
Why is mommy so white
Get her a blanket daddy
Let her rest for the night

Daddy mommy won't wake up
Daddy where'd you go mommy needs you
Daddy, please, I don't know what to do

Daddy your bed is empty
You left mommy alone
Daddy come back
And fix my broken home
yúyīn Jan 2017
Alone in bed she looks around
Afraid of what's to come
The shadows dance along her wall
She hears her daddy hum

Tears fill her eyes she starts to cry
Up out of bed she runs
And locks the door; the **** then turns
And Daddy whispers one

"Don't make me wake your mother up
To tell her you've been bad
Come give Daddy a kiss goodnight-
You're making me very mad"

She turns the key and steps away
And Daddy walks inside
Slowly shutting down again
She crawls inside to hide

Alone inside her little world
She cannot feel the pain
Innocence lost long ago
Left in a ****** stain

Images fly through her mind
First her then Kristy too
Baby Carrie's next in line
Before the night is through

Anger builds around her heart
"Please stop!" she tries to yell
But Daddy's hand is on her neck
He knows she'll never tell

She struggles underneath his wieght
As he removes her shoe
She tries to hit but misses
And Daddy whispers two

His grip on her is tightened
And his fist comes crashing down
She tries to fight unconsiousness
As Daddy rips her gown

He rolls her on her belly
Pulls her close so he won't miss
Then he enters hard and quickly
As he gives her "Daddy's kiss"

The minutes seem like hours
As she opens up her eyes
And she hears the desperation
In her little sister's cries

Daddy thrusts in one more time
Then rolls onto his back
And she just lies there motionless
And awaits his next attack

She looks into her sisters eyes
And reaches out a hand
And little Carrie reaches back
And slowly starts to stand

But Daddy isn't finished yet
And Carrie's pushed aside
He holds her down and spreads her legs
And takes another ride

She falls asleep all bruised and naked
****** and surrounded
By the sisters she had reached for
While her innocence was pounded

14 years of **** and lies
She fall into depression
And suicide is what's to come
Of a childs molestation

3 days later a little body
Washes up on shore
A suicide; her wrists are slit
But the sherrif sees much more

The headlines scream the story
Of a young girls devastation
And the silent screams that go unheard
All throughout the nation

But Kelly's story isn't through
Her secrets now unfold
For she tells them with the bruises
On her body now so cold

Now the lights flash through the windows
And there's people all around
Asking all these questions
But we don't make a sound

Kristy hasn't spoken since they
Told her Kelly died
And I am little Carrie
In a corner I now hide

Handcuffs bind his hands and wrists
The evidence they found
Her body told of the abuse
When Daddy was around

"How many?" Mommy askes of him
"How many and God why?"
And Daddy looks away from her
And Mamma starts to cry

"How many did you do this to?"
And then he looks at me
My green eye bruised the night before
And Daddy whispers "three"
This brings tears to my eyes everytime
I haven't been a victim, but this touches me very deeply.
** I can't remember the poet who wrote it
IrisJoy Jun 2020
Dear daddy
I'm almost sixteen now
       and I've felt
       and feared
       and loved
       and lost
       and laughed
       and cried
I know you look at me,
And see the ten year old girl
So bubbly and bright
And those pretty green-grey eyes
That twinkled when I smiled.
But I grew up daddy
You saw me changing before your eyes
For so long my bubbly face had sad green-grey eyes
I know you think I"m only fifteen
But my heart
       and my mind
Are so much older than most kids my age.
You tell me things you think I don't know,
But I've known them for years
It just didn't show.
And daddy,
I'm not a child anymore,
I'm more of an adult than you sometimes are
In the way I look at life
        and death
        and other people.
I've experienced things you never knew about
Felt things you never felt
Cried tears you never cried
And loved people no one else looked at.
I know what it is like to be uncool
       to be rejected
       to be disliked
       even hated.
They never saw me for who I was
So every day I would cry.
Thats why my green-grey eyes were so sad daddy,
That's why.
But look at me now
I stand so proud
       and so tall,
My green-grey eyes aren't so sad anymore.
And daddy,
Don't look down on me,
I know that you're older than I am
But in my walk I can be miles ahead
And others haven't even began.
I wish you'd found peace like I did daddy,
I know I'm just a teenager
But I formed my morals
       and my beliefs
Years and years ago,
And I've stuck by them.
I'm not like the other kids daddy,
I have people in my life
That I hold so close to my heart,
And we've experienced things together
That most people our age don't.
If you only knew the start of it daddy,
Maybe you'd understand
Why my green-grey eyes are so serious now,
And why I can't relax like other kids do.
I think they notice I am different
It scares some of them, I think,
But others just fall in love with my green-grey eyes.
And daddy,
I've had boys hold me,
       and tell me that they love me,
And I turned them away because I was scared.
But then I grew up daddy,
Didn't you notice?
And I realised how much I loved them too.
And daddy
I tried to do so much,
And I know you saw me try.
I tried to save the world
Save innocent people from dying.
Have you ever wondered why I don't watch the news daddy?
Its because it just makes me cry,
and I am only once person daddy,
They all see what you do
       a little girl.
So saving everyone was too hard,
Because they thought I was too small.
Dearest daddy,
I love you
You know that I do
But I wish you would realise how I feel...
I'm almost sixteen now daddy,
so please start to treat me on the same level as you.
And let me feel
       and fear
       and love
       and lose
       and laugh
       and cry
The rest of my life,
And let me share it with you.
Because daddy,
If you hold me back,
You are only pushing me away
And these green-grey eyes,
They'd really love to stay.
Another one from the archives, written about 15 years ago
Crystal Dawn Jul 2014
A girl and her Daddy
Run and play
Not a worry in the world
About the next day.

A girl and her Daddy
Are sitting in a boat Daddy
To catch a fish
Is their hope.

A girl and her Daddy
Playing in the floor
Daddy is tired
But she wants more.

A girl and her Daddy
Fuss at times
She wants to go out
He says, "it's not time."

A girl and her Daddy
Talk about life
How fun it can be
And how hard at times.

A girl and her Daddy
Dance to their song
They celebrate a love
That is life long.

A girl and her Daddy
Say Goodbye
They know it's not forever
But still they cry.

A girl and her Daddy  
Write letters back and forth
One from the south
One from up north.

A girl misses her Daddy
And wants to hug his neck
But knows she'll have to wait
Until the next trek.

A girl and her Daddy
Will never fall apart
Because a girl and her Daddy
Are in each others hearts.

CDS June 2014
I love you Daddy
Micks May 2020
To the daddy's girl that I never got to be,
I hope you're cherishing each time that you two spend together because I never got to.
To the daddy's girl that I never got to be,
I hope he treats you like you deserve the world because he was never there for me.
To the daddy's girl that  I never got to be,
I hope he only speaks words of love and encouragement because all I got were curse words.
To the daddy's girl that I never got to be,
I hope he wipes your tears when you cry because he was the reason for mines.
To the daddy's girl that I never got to be,
I hope he wishes success in everything that you put your mind and heart to because he only wished for me to fail.
To the daddy's girl that I never got to be,
I hope he shows you the love that he has for you and that you may remember the good that he had done for you because all I got was neglect and never experienced a father's love for his daughter.
To the daddy's girl that I never got to be,
I hope he sets high expectations for the boys that will come into your life and that you will realize not to settle for less because he always gave you his best. But I never had expectations and found it hard to let boys love me because I was never taught to love myself.
To the daddy's girl that I never got to be,
I hope he's there for each milestone that you accomplish in life because he was never there for mines.
To the daddy's girl that I never got to be,
I hope he made every birthday special for you, stepping up his game every year because he never remember when my birthday was.
To the daddy's girl that I never got to be,
I hope he taught you how men are suppose to treat ladies: with respect and dignity. The only thing he taught me was that the first man who was suppose to love you turned out to be trash, so that created a pattern of ****** men entering into my life.
To the daddy's girl that I never got to be,
I hope you realize that you are blessed because not everyone has what you have.
To the daddy's girl that I never got to be,
I hope that you won't let the lack of your father affect you.
To the daddy's girl that I never got to  be,
I hope that you find someone who treats you like the **** queen you are and nothing less.
To the daddy's girl that I never got to be,
I hope that you believe in yourself to achieve great things.
To the daddy's girl that I never got to be,
I hope that you never become resentful of what he did and simply forgive him.
To the daddy's girl that I never got to be,
I hope that you will become a inspiration to other girls who are just like you because you never let his mistakes determine your life.
Dear daddy
Dear daddy I miss you
Dear daddy I love you
Dear daddy I'm married
Dear daddy where are you?
Dear daddy I feel you
Dear daddy I wish you where here
Dear daddy are you listening?
Dear daddy
Dear daddy I wish I could call you
Dear daddy I really do miss you
Dear daddy
Dear daddy
Dear daddy I love you
R.i p.
Steven J Kelly Jun 2017
Daddy John
You are gone
You are Gone
Daddy John

I Didn't know
If I'd carry on

Daddy John
Why did you go
Why did you go
Daddy John

I could never understand
I will never comprehend

Daddy John
I miss you so
I miss you so
Daddy John

I was a boy when you died
I was young when I cried

Daddy John
I love you so
I love you so
Daddy John

I was not sure if I'd done
Something wrong

Daddy John
Come back
Come back
Daddy John

Or if it was my fault
You left for me never to see you again

Daddy John
Don't go
Don't go
Daddy John

I never got a chance to say good bye.
I never got a chance to ask you why

Daddy John
Good Bye
Good Bye
Daddy John

I never got a chance to grow up with my dad there for me.

The End
Written by Steven Kelly
© Copyright Steven Kelly 2003
All Rights Reserved. International Copyright Secured
Cee Jun 2016
"Baby Daddy" is an ugly title
It sounds so stupid to me.
"Father" sounds much better
It represents family.
A "Baby Daddy" plants his seed
Then runs around & roam.
A "Father" isn't as selfish
His kid's needs eclipses his own.
A "Baby Daddy" likes to have fun
Not thinking of his girl or boy.
A "Father" loves his children
Their happiness brings him joy.
A "Baby Daddy" can get mad
If the mother doesn't want him anymore.
A "Father" doesn't care about all that
Because it's only about his children, they're the ones he adores.
A "Baby Daddy" could care less
If he doesn't hear from his children.
A "Father" wants everyday contact
To keep their relationship building.
A "Baby Daddy" forgets his children
The second they're out of his sight.
A "Father" thinks of his children
Throughout the day & each & every night.
A "Baby Daddy" forgets birthdays
Misses important events in his kid's life.
A "Father" never forget anything
Never have to tell him twice.
A "Baby Daddy" makes his children feel alienated
As if they weren't there.
A "Father" tells his children he loves them
His children knows he cares.
A "Baby Daddy" doesn't care if he hears from his children
A call every now & then from them will suffice.
A "Father" wants to be involved
In every aspect of his children's life.
I see being a "Father"
Is what I'd rather be.
Being a "Baby Daddy"
Just wouldn't work for me.
My children are my greatest blessing
They are the apples of my eye.
Before becoming a "Baby Daddy"
I would rather die.
*I Love My Children
Poetic T Jul 2016
She gave me a daisy with a smile, so much care
to not let these frail peteals fall.

"Daddy dearest I give you this as a token of
what I see in you,

"In me my little petal, what do you mean so,

She smiled and ran off into the garden a chain
of daisies was her creation on the table little hands
did do there magic and after what was a long time
two little hands and a curious mind created magic
in her eyes.

"Daddy you have the daisy still,

She smiles seeing that her daddy had kept the little
flower safe from harm not crushed or lost.
No it was in pride of place in her daddies shirt pocket
pocking gently out of the tiny button hole.

"Of course you gave it me my little daisy,

Her father picks her up and gently rocks her back and
forth. Her eyes wonder around the surrounding till
they close like curtains on the world. Hours pass and
she awakens to see her daddy cuddling her fast asleep.

"Daddy wakey wakey, rise and shine sleepy head,

He slowly awakens to rising arms and a almighty
yawn, She sneakily tickles his underarm and he lets
out a half yawn half giggling laugh.

"Cheeky little madam,

Laughter ensues while her dad chases her around the room.

"Petal what did you mean when you said you see me
in the daisy every day?

She smiles and holds her daddies hand placing another
daisy in his hand, composing herself she explains.

"Daddy each petal is a the amount of times you make me
smile each day, and the centre is the love I see in your
heart everyday,

"So this one is the all the smiles I have made you see?

Looking at her daddy she smiles.

"See daddy that's another petal you have given me,

"This one daisy is just the smiles that have blossomed
today since we woke up and laughter made more,

She jumps off her daddies lap and runs off into the
garden, daddy sits there a tear slowly falls down his
face she had made him happy with tears.

Calling him into the garden, telling him to close his
eyes as she steers him where she needs him to be.

"Sit down daddy please,

He sits down slowly so not to embarrass himself by
falling off the chair before he had even sat down.
Sitting she says  "No peeking daddy its a surprise.

Eyes tightly shut hand over so no peeking can spoil
a little petals surprise that awaits her daddies eyes.

"Open up daddy this is what I made for you,

He opens his eyes and see a daisy chain that she worked
so ******* before. "What's this my petal,
She smiles from ear to ear as she ever so gently puts this
piece of work over her daddies head, it hangs so delicately
on his shoulders and then she tells him what it means.

"Daddy everyday I give you a daisy,
"This chain represents all the smiles and love that you have
given me every moment of ever day and this is just a symbol
of how many times you have done that this week,

He smiles and starts to cry,  "Its ok daddy boys can cry too,
Hugging her he tells her that he is so happy and cant believe
what a beautiful little petal he has got in his life.

"Today petal gave me a daisy with a smile, and I cried,

She is my the little lady in my life, my daughter makes me
proud to be a father each and every day my petal..
Don't forget Daddy..

I know that Daddy used to see you daily
But it's only on occasion lately
And "lately" starts to feel like "forever"
Daddy thought things would have already been better
Yet it seems as he begins to rise from the ashes
Something happens & he just crashes
Falling further than before
But don't forget that Daddy is still climbing
Because you three girls are all he adores

I know our time together has grown far and few
But he is always thinking of you
Sometimes daddy doesn't always know what to do
But don't forget he'll always be there for you

I know daddy used to work hard to keep a roof over your head
But now someone else has been instead
I wish daddy could answer your when? & why's?  
Just don't forget that he still tries

I know daddy has no home and no bed
He sleeps under an open sun roof because the battery is dead
So tonight the rain falls in
Ironically working as a disguise that hides
The tears that insist on escaping his eyes
Yeah I know daddy lied when he said he never cries
But don't forget daddy holds himself together for you guys

I know daddy used to unite our family
Now it feels he's torn it apart again single handedly
But daddy still fights for that life
And if for some reason we're not there before he dies
Please don't forget that Daddy loves you
More than words can describe

— The End —