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yúyīn Jul 14
One, two, tie the noose

Three, four, close the door

Five, six, slit my wrist?

Seven, eight, pick a date ..

Nine, ten, they'll find me dead.
  Apr 7 yúyīn
It only takes an instant to break
But a lifetime to completely heal
Pain will fade but never vanish fully
There will always be a trace of emotions we feel
And just like that you lose your trust and you never get it back...
yúyīn Mar 27
this invisible monster is strong and i'm stronger,
but right now i'm just tired
yúyīn Feb 9
kissing girls is like heaven 
and worth going to hell for
yúyīn Jan 25
I know a girl. Who’s not really in love, she just wants to be loved, she craves the attention love brings. But she’s not in love. I know a girl who’s been hurt so many times she’s numb to it. She puts on a front she thinks no one notices but I do because I know the real her. I'm her.
Saw this somewhere on an app .. thought I might share
yúyīn Jan 19
It’s not even enough to be on the same page anymore .. I guess we're still reading different sentences.
yúyīn Jan 1
I promise I won't leave before you get better...
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