6d yúyīn
Hey mom-dad, listen.
Hit me, hate me, throw me out,
But don't shut me up.
My dear mom, my dear dad,
Please listen to me talk.
You're the place where I can unveil myself and be true to who I am.
You're the place where I can pour my heart out and expect to be heard.
You're the place I want to spend my life talking and being heard.
Please don't tell me to shut up
Because I talk too much,
Because no one likes what I speak,
Because I talk rubbish,
Because no one would listen to me,
Because I need to stay silent sometimes,
Because nobody likes the stories I have to tell,
Please don't tell me to shut up,
Just because that's what I need to do.
Listen to me.
yúyīn Sep 5
I’m not heartless, I just learned how to use my heart less
yúyīn Sep 4
I'm a killer, but the only one that
shall ever die by my hand is me.
Can't someone save me?
yúyīn Sep 4
Roses are red
People are crappy
Inside I'm dead
Outside I'm "happy"
  Sep 1 yúyīn
charles bateman
Life so precious,a fragile thing.
treat it with care,please watch what you bring.

just one soul has more value than gold
keep your heart warm

not covered in cold.

make better memories,regret not the past
slow down for the journey don't move to fast

for those you hold dear,remember to pray
from the heart the mouth speaks,

take care what you say.
  Aug 26 yúyīn
Mirror mirror on the wall
Am I too short? Am I too tall?  
Mirror mirror do you care?
About my clothes, About my hair?
Mirror mirror can you see?
The perfect woman I'm obsessing to be

Too skinny, too fat,
Too frumpy when I'm sat,
Untamed messy hair
Too pale when I'm bare
Circles beneath my eyes
Out of proportion for my size
Forever appearing rough
Will I ever be good enough?

Mirror mirror you ignite self rejection,
Every single time I judge my reflection
Mirror mirror I think that you lied
As you never reflect the beauty inside.
I hate mirrors. I honestly do. I think everyone has felt like this at some point, I tried to end it on a positive note, but I'll still continue hating mirrors- fuck you mirror.
yúyīn Aug 17
Not only does my mind wander,
Sometimes it walks off completely.

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