yúyīn Jun 8
My favorite color is blue,
but it's times like these
when I remember how
beautiful red really is.
yúyīn Jun 5
Death fears me
so it takes what I love instead
and it's taken so many
yúyīn Apr 21
Today I met a great friend
Who knew me right away
It was funny how she understood me and all I had to say
She listened to my problems,
She listened to my dreams,
we talked about love & life;
she'd been there too! well it seems.
I never once felt judged by her,
she knew just how I felt,
she seemed to just accept me & all the problems I'd been dealt.
She didn't interrupt me,or need to have her say,
she just listened very patiently & didn't go away.
I wanted her to understand how much this meant to me,
but as I went to hug her, something startled me.
I put my arms in front of me and went to pull her nearer,
I just realized that my "new best friend" was nothing but a Mirror”
I don't remember where I saw this, but it's beautiful. I just copied it to notes so I could read it as much as I wish
yúyīn Apr 19
she was an angel craving chaos,
he was a demon seeking peace
yúyīn Apr 18
It was her chaos that
made her beautiful
yúyīn Apr 18
Take me back to the moment I meant more to others than I do to myself
So I can stop my life there
It should be my decision when this existence should end
But instead it’s theirs
God damnit, I care
Just not about me
Can’t you see that I’m lonely trapped in this body?
I’m not ready for this life
Or the one after that
Or after that
So take me back
yúyīn Apr 2
But sleep doesn’t come for a long time, and when it does, the nightmares are all still waiting.
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