Nov 19 yúyīn
this is not a ******* poem, but you could see it anywhere else i could post
and we can't have that
we can't have me talking to you, texting you, writing about you

and it's not ******* fair
i miss you
you won't talk to me anymore and i don't know what i ******* did

no one talks to me anymore
and i guess i'm not fit for ******* friendship
and i said it was okay if you don't always wanna talk
but you were supposed to still stick around!

i'm glad you're ******* happy
really, truly, i am.
but ******* i just wanna talk to you again.
you're driving me ******* crazy
and you're not even doing anything (but that's the problem isn't it?)

i wanna talk about when i'm scared and tired
and i wanna talk about when you're scared and tired
and i wanna be there for you

and honestly i want more than you just being there for me
when im about to throw myself out of a window

cuz everyone's ******* there when im about to **** myself
i want someone to be there when i'm not, too
i want someone to like me and talk to me (and keep talking)
for some other reason than
"you looked scared"
"i just didn't want you to be completely alone"
"you shouldn't **** yourself, i'll miss you" (well that's sudden)

and i thought you did. i thought we could talk about stuff that wasn't that
i thought we could talk about waffles and popcorn and annoying perfect people
we could talk about parks and rec and about being ***
we could talk about skateboarding and first kisses
and i hoped it would last more than just a little while
but i guess i was ******* wrong
and i always am

and im so mad at you for not responding except when i tell you
im gonna die
im so mad i never wanna talk to you again
******* for leaving without at least telling me why
but please come back  
i thought i had a friend
really not really a poem i just needed a place to rant and the girl this is about follows me everywhere else i posted and venting to my notebook and computer screen doesn't ******* help anymore
(abt T . imy friend)
yúyīn Nov 18
I can feel myself once again
slipping ... deeper and deeper...
I swear I’m about to lose myself.
yúyīn Nov 6
i need a cup of tea,
a hug and a bullet to the head
One down, two to go ..
yúyīn Oct 30
maybe I do still care about you,
even if I don't want to
i hate you, i love you
i hate that i love you ..
yúyīn Oct 24
I live in my head,
rarely ever coming out.
I really should get out more
yúyīn Sep 22
I write my tangled experiences and feelings into straight lines
  Sep 12 yúyīn
Hey mom-dad, listen.
Hit me, hate me, throw me out,
But don't shut me up.
My dear mom, my dear dad,
Please listen to me talk.
You're the place where I can unveil myself and be true to who I am.
You're the place where I can pour my heart out and expect to be heard.
You're the place I want to spend my life talking and being heard.
Please don't tell me to shut up
Because I talk too much,
Because no one likes what I speak,
Because I talk *******,
Because no one would listen to me,
Because I need to stay silent sometimes,
Because nobody likes the stories I have to tell,
Please don't tell me to shut up,
Just because that's what I need to do.
Listen to me.
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