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Corina Helm Mar 2013
For them
the fear of it
of the possiblity of it
increased their fear.

Their fear became their
They lived what
no person could imagine
Their lives wre held
none so delicatly
In the hands of

Some lived through
while others were
crushed into ash
by the hands of

Fear was reality

Reality was held in the hands of Death
Corina Helm Mar 2013
The clock chimes
feet begin to sound in the
The smell of bacon
wafts through the air
making the bleary eyed
rush down the stairs.

The house begins
to wake from the long
slumber of the night

Chatter soon fills
the air
as hungry mouths
fill hungry stomachs

Hungry mouths and hungry stomachs
wonder lost in the
hidden rooms
playing until the next meal.

The clock chimes
feet begin to sound in the
Corina Helm Mar 2013
The sad roll of
far off drums has faded.
Caskets have been lowered
At last,
May They Rest.

The blood soaked ground
may dry
The sounds of cannon fire
may cease
At last,
May They Rest.

May their spirits
live on
as their bodies
lay silent.

At last,
May They Rest.

After witnessing it all
and living on
Their spirits wander lost
through lands they once knew.

At last.
I visited Gettysburg battle field and this is what came to mind. It applies to every war too, I guess.
Corina Helm Mar 2013
a child's smile
as the sun continues to shine

the sweet innocence
as the world around grows dark

in the impossible
as dreams begin to take flight

the days past
as distant memories for the future

on the stars
as the sun continues to shine
Corina Helm Jan 2013
As I sit here and stare
acting like I do not care
for some reason I cannot move
my feelings of hurt I cannot prove.

They were suppose to be there that day
I waited so long
Friends are suppose to care
but mine
Mine are all gone

So I sit here and watch
as they do not give it another thought
they do not care about one of their own
they do not see my fears of being alone

The darkness will consume me
leaving me alone
Someone could break through
but none are brave enough to do it alone

I will sit here and pretend
that their words do not leave scars
I will put on a facade
and pretend I am just
Corina Helm Jan 2013
The loud noises,
The laughter.
I hear them now,
Even though I am miles away.
Their voices hang in the air
Like pictures.

Forever reminding me of what could have been.

I could have done this,
I could have changes myself
I could have been the one who didn’t

But, I wasn’t.
I choose to stay true to myself
To be who I wanted to be
I choose to not let their views affect me.
I choose who I was without the help of other
Who would criticize my every move
Who would try to make me something I was not.
The voices,
The laughter,
Are hallow.

I know they all wanted to be like me,
Free, not carrying about a thing,
That world defines me.
I don’t blend in with the crowd.
I am the one you can pick out easily.
I am the only one who is different.

Now more so than ever.
I can watch them without their knowledge
I can influence their lives
I can make them who they want to be.

I could be alive,
But that would take away who I was.
I could be the girl who no one saw for years
And changed the most.
But I wasn’t.

I died, not because anyone wanted me to
Or because I wanted to.
I died because I was needed elsewhere.
I was needed to help those around me in
A way they will never know.
I died to help everyone, to be their guardian angel,
To be their loved one.

I did not die
I am not in a coffin,
But I am so invisible
I could be dead.
Corina Helm Jul 2012
You know,
they had type writers,
We have computers.
They didn’t have cell phones,
We have ones with touch screens.
They had board games,
We have X-Box, Wii, and Play Station.
They sent letters,
We send emails.
They had to use books to research,
We have the internet.
They had records, cassettes,
We have i-Pods.
They had stick shifts,
We have automatics.
They had concerts,
We have YouTube.
We realize these things
Are still present in today’s society,
But we over look them and go to the
Newest thing.
We are Generation @.
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