"Be focused and sharp, proactive and smart"

It's my new job today
But I'm not here I'm away
Lost in thoughts
Where I am always distraught

Off I go to start my day
I need to make a good impression, I say
Be focused and sharp, proactive and smart 
You can make a go of this, just play the part!

Life could be worse, people would say
No money, no job or a place to stay
Those are the most important things to some
But to me those things are immaterial 

Peace of mind and happiness is key
Nothing or noone is more important than these!

"Be proactive and take care"
John F McCullagh 

When it comes to matters of the heart
it pays to be both wise and smart.
Be proactive and take care
of vulnerable hearts who take Love’s dare.
Perhaps a stress test would be smart
before old Cupid slings his dart.
Be sure your pulse is strong and steady
Not weak and racing and unready
Take Flax seed oil as a precaution,
before you dip into that Ocean
besides the undertow of emotion.
The mermaids that beset your dinghy
may tend to be a little clingy
The sea of love is cold, I’ve found
Tho oft I’ve floundered, I’ve never drowned

A Piffle about love ( A Piffle is a poetic triffle)
"I'd love to flirt/charm/be proactive,"
Meghan Marie 

I'd love to flirt/charm/be proactive,
I find you sweet/funny/attractive,
You're far too absent/distant/out of sight,
I wish you'd come over/call me/write...

"A dietitian that's proactive"
Damaré M 

She dropped my heart
But, I'm still falling in love
(Of course, not with her because when she had it; it splattered)
Someone else gathered it
Scooped it
Knitted it
Tethered it
Right aside her own
Right where she felt it belonged
...On the left
Beating the same chest
Assisting the same breath
I breathe to keep her pleased
Because I didn't ask please
Yet, she dropped to her knees and raked up a potential disease
Rolled up my cuffs
Stuck it up my sleeves
Allowing me to huff and puff
Before I was crying and sighing
Fast talking and lying
Creeping in silence
Hurting, but disguising
I just wasn't able to see women as woman
Because I thought the world of girls
Only involved with the ones that's immature
Today I can adore
Ladies thats like
Unlike whores
Her caress is the cure
No patches
Nor scratches
Scar tissue
Pain or leaks
I'm worry free
Picture a surgeon, without the fee
A doctor who make their job personal
A dietitian that's proactive
She don't just attack the symptoms
A cardiologist who doesn't just study
She believe the functions of the heart is lovely
So she used the defibrillator
And it shocked me I didn't think I can feel so deep
So intense
So immense
The same pulse is in my temples
Thriving through my brain
...I felt it first
Then I made up my mind
She the one who controls the ups and downs
... Of my life line

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