Malcolm McGill May 2013

Four uneven walls make their own doorway to heaven
because the gates are resolute in steadfastness and I'm becoming impatient.

Rhianecdote Apr 2015

You wait only to find Disappointment

So perhaps the key

Is to not Wait at all

The Willow Jun 2014

I’m trying to shed the memory of you
Not like a light jacket that you can just put on and take off as you please
As the weather changes,
But with all the effort of removing an exoskeleton;
It only comes with time.

I’m trying to shed the very skin that allowed me to love you and to
Question everything.

The scales on my spine reminding me that I have one,
And that I don’t have to be pushed into things

Who am I kidding.

I wasn’t pushed into anything.

I just believed the things I shouldn’t have
And distrusted the things I should.

Brett Palmero Nov 2016

It's always me
That does the all of it
Whether or not I agree
I have to commit

I can't be second best
It's not an option
To be like the rest
After all the exhaustion

So I choose to keep going
Despite how hard it may be
Punches I'll keep throwing
Until I'm free

Meghan Marie Aug 2010

I'd love to flirt/charm/be proactive,
I find you sweet/funny/attractive,
You're far too absent/distant/out of sight,
I wish you'd come over/call me/write...

John F McCullagh Dec 2011

When it comes to matters of the heart
it pays to be both wise and smart.
Be proactive and take care
of vulnerable hearts who take Love’s dare.
Perhaps a stress test would be smart
before old Cupid slings his dart.
Be sure your pulse is strong and steady
Not weak and racing and unready
Take Flax seed oil as a precaution,
before you dip into that Ocean
besides the undertow of emotion.
The mermaids that beset your dinghy
may tend to be a little clingy
The sea of love is cold, I’ve found
Tho oft I’ve floundered, I’ve never drowned

A Piffle about love ( A Piffle is a poetic triffle)
Robert Purvis Aug 2011

If you ain't got perspective
And you ain't reactive
Then you aren't proactive

These words only have meaning
If you make them meaningful

should be a vice
Get your daily dosage
So in your old age
You can be part of the new age
The thoughts of many
Has wisdom uncanny
If you ain't ready
And you aren't steady
Then you lose yourself
To the crowd

Chris Neilson Jul 2016

Actively inactive
Re-actively proactive

Quietly loud
Individual crowd

Duplicitous and unique
Level and oblique

Kindly cruel
Enjoying gruel

Happy sadness
Sane madness

Frolic morosely
Keep a distance closely

Soberly drink alcohol
Colourful methanol

Bark a tweet
Punch with feet

Soaking dry in a sun filled night
Right is left and left is right

If you returned but were gone
Try an oxymoron

Messing around
My Dearest Reno Jun 2015

rapidiously loving utilize granular testing waters
energetically healing reinvent proactive relationship
intrinsically encouraging performance based heart
interactively showing affection leverage other's metrics
holistically support network covalent best ethics
orchestrate exceptional quality vectors lovers
engage multifunctional humanistic competencies

good times
that's me
Madeysin Jul 2015

Proactive hip gestures. To lady lusters. Do you know what it's like to have someone shove their hand down your pants involuntarily. Sip your free breeze bundles of Sundays. I'll float on.

nivek Apr 2014

Day rolled out
I rolled over
many times
Then the strength
of day remembered
gently coaxing
Me to rise
filled muscles
and mind
To take more
proactive part.

Manisha Uniyal Nov 2015

Invisible line of faith
balances the rocks of life
the sun and the moon
the day and the night

hopeful desires of the heart
and the guilty reasons of the mind
many a questions unanswered
line of karma, hard to find

Passive contentment
that everything is right
the proactive approach
for the future bright

Dwindling thoughts
from extreme left to right
Rescuer brain
finds the middle path in sight


Mary McCray Apr 2015

(NaPoWriMo Challenge: April 20, 2015)

The tendency to give high accuracy ratings to descriptions of your personality that supposedly are tailored specifically for you, but are in fact vague and general enough to apply to a wide range of people. For example, horoscopes.

P.T. Barmum’s boxcar of fortune tellers, religions and personality tests
predict I may be inadvertently pressuring someone.
I may be inadvertently over-extended. I need to be proactive
and not be proactive in taking on more than I can handle.
However, the sun is in my Professional house
which may affect my relationships. I blame this on my Gemini.

People suspect he’s holding out on them.
(That would be me.)
His problem will continue if he continues to stonewall.
(That’s right.)
If he throws someone a bone, that will buy him sometime.

Nothing is any good in the long run.
Something is always changing.
You never give yourself credit for being specific enough.

Based on my horoscopes today from SF Gate and Huffington Post (Women's section)
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