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Manisha Uniyal Sep 2016
Dipped in mild rain
over the black pepper sky
rollers bolted with panache walk
ruffled & dusted , their style

their teethy smile with rocky cuddles
And then they collide,
bursting in to pebbles

path, once led by the rolling stones
Now dusted trails in silence of winds
they click musicals
Uncovering the destiny ,thus their story begins

marching sounds of invasion
territories new, abounds the future unknown
brazen roads up to the corner of the sea
where once , little daunting cold had grown

careful walk , delicate as it could be
they slip quietly in to the ocean
as the rest after the thunder, they had forseen

Manisha Uniyal Jan 2016
Ablaze night, by the pearls white
Sickle moon, shinning silver in light
Thrift of the whistling wind
And tap of the hooves ringing loud
Rider of the sky
In whites of the cloud

Fiery vermilion on the fore head
Valiant like sun
Eyes like fire, tall stature with mountain strength 
His gallant armor with diamond harpe his only weapon 
Crown of his, unique of the clan
Heroic dazzle and rings of power in his hand 

 Shelter far away in the milky land 
In the galaxy of the stars 
With golden falls and silky sand
Red grasslands and purple hanging trees
Reverse in the times of the gigantic clock wheel 

Fire wings , of silk white
Flying open with the riding wind
To his hides,up away in the hills
Disappearing with the shade of light

Manisha Uniyal Jan 2016
The  path, which I couldn't see
In the woods and near the sea
Tilted grass ever so green
Black damped and scented soil
Under the shade of the trees

Away from the gaze of the sun
But shinning in moon light
the path so close
Kept hiding from my sight    

White flowers in the weeds
Leading to place never seen
Misleading Illusion to the eyes
Of the jungle, river and ice      
Blue waters and crystal sky
Island of dreams, the other side
this world I did explore
when I took a step more

Manisha Uniyal Dec 2015
In the light of wisdom
Speaking eyes of curious gestures
Tilted smile of sarcastical humour
Throbing beats of discovering lost happiness
Orange tint sky of the state of pleasure I see
Twirling effortlessly with rhythm of the dancing spirit
Diving in the cushion of clouds    
Reflux of free fall in the laps of nature
Minting the gold of shinning amber
Falling pieces in the solace of his warm embrace                  
I melt in to the bits of his holyness
His selfless and supreme power
Depth of the oceans and heights of sky
I stay afloat, an inch above the ground
His beats resonate my steps, as clearly i see
silently sleeps, the tides of the ocean vast
When in the vessel shallow in cast

A bit of free will  scribble, no sense of connection .
Manisha Uniyal Nov 2015
Blooming flowers in the heart of sky
dancing the shades vibrant of butterfly
magic of grass green
blending in light of the dawn serene

Rainbow with all it's colors
sprinkled on the contours of earth
red and green and blue
Like Sparkling drops of resting dew

soothing white lillies
and sensual red rose
captivating fragrance of jasmine
and the smiling marigold

ornamental purple vines of bougainvillea
glorifying in the bright of light
in the cloudy patterns of heaven
inciting mischief in the playful minds

Bells of Gladiolus
supreme in its strength
Sunlit sword of lily
Blushing,when emerging from it's stem

Manisha Uniyal Nov 2015
Honey laced sweet words
Sugar slippery coated and glaced
Decorated and wrapped in the best
Casted and moulded in the proper set

Used with finesse and matching tone
Years of practice was behind the scene
heartfelt happiness or the showy sympathy
Correct timing with beautiful delivery

Empty words and deaf ears
Fooling culture of exchanging pleasantry
Brutal honesty always hit hard
Society rejects the black sheep from all

Lesson to learn in life
What wins is diplomacy and lies

Manisha Uniyal Nov 2015
A drop of even
with a hint of odd
continue fighting
without a thoughtful nod

as long as one is one
and two is two
religion works
and spreads like flu

question rises
and beliefs are shaken
when even hides
and odds awaken


The tunnel of light
and the ray of hope
suddenly turns dim
and difficult to cope

odd shines
alone in crowd
even dies
Sleeping in proud

Here even refers to daily routine ,regular action .
Odd is out of the league,  different,  not following the herd
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