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Robert Purvis Feb 2013
Clinging tight
Can't let go
Please release me
From this indignified tripe

I can't seem to let slip
My grip
On this barrage of desire
I need a lover
But disdain love
So I need release
I need peace
Of mind
If you would be so kind
And stop being
The apple of my eye
Please let me unwind
This tangled mess
of my mind
I could let you go
And find some other girl
But god forbid she be a ***
So please could you bestow
The honor of being your beau
And just forgo
The pleasantries
Please just Set my heart aglow
Another practice session for rhyming
Thought I'd let off some steam while I was at it
Robert Purvis Feb 2013
I want you
All the little things
That make you perfect
All the things that don't

Every morning
I want to see
That heartwarming smile

Every day
I want to hear
Your cute little giggle

Every night
I want to feel
Your smooth curves

I want you
And your daddy issues
I want your fears
Of the dark
Of spiders
Of abandonment

I want your
Big heart
I want your
Naive humor
I want your
Good nature

I want you
And all the little things
That make you perfect
All the little things
That make you imperfect
I want the beauty
And the beast
All the flaws
All the mood swings
I won't withdraw
No one night flings
Just a little poem about desire I came up with real quick
Robert Purvis Jan 2013
I feel the familiar weight
Of a familiar depression
Before, My response
Was violence
To myself

And with a knife
I carved the peace
And tranquility
Out of my veins
The answers to my misery
Flowed crimson
Down my arms

But the blood runs dry
And the knife
Is dull
So now what will I do?
Robert Purvis Jan 2013
Life bears down
Grabs you by the horns
Takes you head on
It never surrenders
And never relents

All life ever does
Is push you
And so builds
The pressure

You seek only release
But wait
Aren't you master
Of these affairs?
Didn't you drive
These needs out?

After all
Your release is obvious
Aren't there tally marks
Of the flesh
To mark
Every time you gave in

Until finally the desire
Nay even need
Becomes unbearable
Crimson shall be yours
For the low low price
Of weakness

And so finally
At the end of the week
Your tally
Comes out high again
Unearthed this one from the vaults....wrote this many years ago
Robert Purvis Dec 2012
Cage these feelings
Round them up
Chain them down
Don't let them escape

Hear them cry out
My desires
Are my own
Although I turn
A blind eye
To the misdeeds
Of my heart

I know better
Than to let the feelings out
To express my feelings
Would jeopardize
All we've got
Such great bonds

So strong now
But can they withstand
The fire of desire
Not sure where I was going with this...
I wrote it in a half sleep daze last night
Robert Purvis Dec 2012
These thoughts
Inside my head
What are they?
Here with me
Laying in bed

They go to places
I feel I shouldn't follow
Confusing and dark
Such betrayals
I should not allow

My brain knows
Where the line is drawn
It's off limits
But boundaries
My heart has forgone

Without regard
My heart ponders
Just a friend?
Oh here she comes!
My heart flutters

And my thoughts wander
Another quickie...I'm just not sure if that's how the poem should end...
Revised ending
Your thoughts?
Robert Purvis Dec 2012
On the sweet wind
Of a lovely spring day
The kite dances on the wind
Up it flies
Like my spirit
In the wind

The kite silhouettes
Against the sun
The light glistening
Off the thin plastic
Of his flimsy wings

But together
The kites
Dance and dance
In the spring day sun
Shining down
So comforting
With my fiends
You can't tell
Which is cozier

The sun...
Or their love
Quick little poem :P
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