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 Jun 2022 Valya
connections sparking
inside our brains
two hearts beating
connected through a band
of blood
and love
and fire
and power
and you and me
a couple of torches
in the darkest town
lighting up the worst places
and the worst people
and turning them to dust
to dirt
to diamonds.
 May 2022 Valya
 May 2022 Valya
Sometimes I feel like all of the ink in my hand has run out
I keep making the motions
But I don't feel the emotions
I keep drawing in the air
But I can no longer sense anything there.
Sorry I've been so inactive, school's been keeping me busy =)
Hope everyone is doing great <3 missed ya'll
 Mar 2022 Valya
 Mar 2022 Valya
it wasn't until the sun rose
that I realized
just how much
I was in love with the moon
 Jan 2022 Valya
twitching ears
dripping snout
the eyes anyone could recognize
my puppy
my friend
my life
4 my dog, chai, lol
 Jan 2022 Valya
maybe one day ill be written in your sky
ill be sung to angels
ill be sculpted by the gods in marble and shined in whiskey
maybe one day ill be held upon the planets
ill be gifted by spirits
ill be blessed by the fire within you
maybe one day ill be your goddess
your flower
your love
maybe one day..
ill once again be sculpted from the love in your eyes
 Jan 2022 Valya
in your mind
all but a picture of me remains
but in mine
a movie is playing on repeat
and you are the lead
the director
and love interest
school tmr :(
<3 yall
 Nov 2021 Valya
you glisten in the sunlight,
and glow in the moonlight,
you're my compass,
my direction in life,
the beat in my heart,
and the sparkle in my eyes.
‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ love you☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙
 Oct 2021 Valya
all I see are
crashing waves
purple and orange,
and yet my mind
thinks only of you.
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