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Gingers' Ginger Jul 2013
Once when I was younger
I had a broken heart
I couldn't find all the pieces
I didn't know where to start
The rain started pouring
Just in time to hide my tears
I was crying for you Daddy,
Wishing you were here
To show me Real daddy's Love
And how it's supposed to feel
To be a "Daddys Little Princess"
And how to tell when the love is real
I looked for you everywhere
all day and night
I'd even think I'd found you
But it was never you or right
I prayed you'd hear my calling,
We would reunite at last
Well eventually I found you Dad,
But our time had already passed
Still I kept on searching
There might be someone else
Who'd share a part of you with me and offer me some help
As the years went by I collected pieces along the way
I still I felt a little empty
But I still hoped and prayed
One day a prayer was answered Dad
Much to my surprise
Aunt Mel and cousin Donna
Had found my desperate pleas online
Through them I've got to know you
Thank God they found me too
I get to see another side of me
And a part of me that's you
My heart is on it's way now Dad
And all I can say
is that you've got my Mom in Heaven now too - so wishing you Happiest of Birthdays today
a poem for my dad I never got to meet edited for his birthday 4/23 -
Dimitri Ali Jun 2018
When I become a father,
I'd hold you close and play with your tiny fingers,
When I become a father,
My love for you will never fade it will forever linger.
I'd buy you dolls and Barbie's dream home,
Even when I'm away you'd never be alone.
I'd rush home from work just to tuck you into bed,
Wish you sweet dreams and kiss your little head.
When you start school on the very first day,
I hold your hand, walk you in because daddy loves you princes, please do what your teachers say.
When you succeed I'd be there to praise because I'd be your biggest fan.
And if you fail I'd cry too my love, hug you and hold your hand.
When you get older and fall in love for the first time,
I'd get jealous but you're my daughter, my baby girl, you'd always be mine.
When you experience your first broken heart and feel like its all going to end,
I'd take you for junk food and ice cream just to see that broken heart mend.
On the day you get married I'd cry the most but with a smile,
Just know I'd be seeing that little girl playing with dolls in my mind as you walk down that aisle.
I'd hope you come to visit more than often enough,
Pick up the phone and call me when life gets to rough.
I'd love you even if you're too busy,
My love, my life, my daughter , my baby.
Lou Gato May 2017
As hard as it is to face death
sometimes, I find it just as hard to
face breath
thought cycles killing me I can say
I came stressed
you don't know what it is to get
this strained and face mess
main test missed and I cant
retrace steps
and I have to risk pain and love in
the same breath
I change less, with these problems I play
I came best, word to god I just ain't blessed
the only reason I strive to live is to
gain depth
and hopefully I can all but give what I
ain't get
my daughter is my heart and her life is
my main test...

love daddy.
She is growing
Getting older by the day
She's becoming a lady faster than me or her mom care to say
  Her first taste of freedom
She is counting down the days
Soon she will be 16 and finally on her way
I will blow her a kiss and wipe the tears away
I will tell her how I love her  
My freckle face
Wren Djinn Rain Oct 2015
Come join the fun at the club,
it's a new dream. A real good one.
-- It's a nightmare.
Hear these words stare into my eyes,
find a doorway. Sense of safety.
Fall on sword for those you adore
to claim escape. By deception.
-- It's a nightmare.

Flesh and bone, muscle covering.
This is more than just ***.
I am alone, but for you.
This is a servant's one wish:
To serve and not regret it.
How I wish I could change
the answer, but it won't change.

Enjoy the drugs well enough?
Had your music? Then leave with me.
-- It's a nightmare.
Rip my shirt, uncover my flesh
in the alley. That's a good dog.
Lick my heels and follow me, still.
Why did you bite in the first place?
-- In the first place.

Flesh and bone, muscle covering.
This is more than just ***.
I am alone, but for you.
This is a servant's one wish:
To serve and not regret it.
How I wish I could change
the answer, but it won't change.

I realize how you must see me.
I assure you, there's another side.
When you wake up next you
won't remember any part of this.
I'll be an eternal ghost as I get shoved
out of the picture as quick as you met me.

Please be still, I want you in pain,
but not that much. You're difficult.
-- He's a nightmare.
I like you undressed down to the flesh.
Your skin creases to the bone saw.
Don't speak words, but scream as you please.
I need music. I need trophies.

— The End —