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May 2021
Dad have never think about his dreams only to fulfill his child dreams
but he never complained about it
He have forgot to sleep
bcoz he want his child to sleep with smile
He is the backbone of the family
He never wasted a penny on himself
so that he can fulfill all his children wishes
He is strict also
but only bcoz he never want his children to be hurt ever
Whatever he do he always comes after mother
because it's hard to see his unsaid struggles
It's said he is stonehearted because he never show his love like a mother do
but they never understand this only for their children's best future
Mother always being like a friend
and father's like being a teacher
both guide their children in their own way
but what's an irony a mother's have given a name motherhood for her struggles,love and sacrifices
but what for father,
Why do he always left alone
because his unsaid struggles can never be seen by anyone
and he also never said that
if he never cries it'd doesn't means he is not hurt or he do not love his children
It's just he himself don't know how to express it
Akta Agarwal
Written by
Akta Agarwal  21/F/Kolkata
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