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Eliseatlife Mar 2020
what you keep in your heart,
you will never lose
Eliseatlife Feb 2020
You came as a shooting star in my life
I could make a wish
But the wish never came true
Eliseatlife Feb 2020
Time is what we want most
We all need it
But time never waits
Time never stops


Use them
Time is now
Eliseatlife Dec 2019
I can get lost
I can always get lost

Lost without you
Lost without you always I love time see
Eliseatlife Nov 2019
I know who i am
I mean I think I know
I don't ''know'' know
But do you, do you know
Eliseatlife Nov 2019
I see sadness in your eyes
As if you knew what I saw
As if you know what I think
As if you fall how I fell
Eliseatlife Nov 2019
You left me
And now I am free
To be me
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