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Eliseatlife Aug 2019
I can't describe it
it's a feeling
just like air
I can't grab it
Eliseatlife May 2019
Everyone thinks of someone
but not everyone is thought of

The feeling that you are alone
With so many people around you

Cold and empty
All alone
Eliseatlife Sep 2019
If love is a battlefield
Then I must have forgotten all of my armor at home,
Its a war I never agreed to fight
Eliseatlife May 2020
Secrets are there to keep
We hold them very tight,
As we go in the darkest nights

I always kept all the secrets,
The secrets that were for the good and the bad

Some are easy to keep
Some are heavy that I can't sleep

But I kept them for you,
And that is what I always will do

I trust you

So I hold them tight,
As I go in the darkest nights
Eliseatlife Sep 2019
When a door closes
Knock on it a few times

But if it still does’t open
Let it stay closed
Eliseatlife Nov 2019
I see sadness in your eyes
As if you knew what I saw
As if you know what I think
As if you fall how I fell
Eliseatlife Jul 2019
Like a flower
I will bloom again
As winter passes
Eliseatlife Nov 2019
You left me
And now I am free
To be me
Eliseatlife May 2019
You gave me something
I never had

and now its gone
Eliseatlife Jul 2020
Watching birds fly free
I like that, I want that to be me
Waking up and hearing the birds sing
In every season
summer, winter, fall and spring
That makes me happy

The late night talks with friends
Where we don’t have to watch the time
Making memories that will never end
That makes me happy

Standing by the ocean
Looking around and watching the sunrise
Listening to the sound of the water
And hoping that this is what I will always remember
Breathing in and breathing out
That makes me happy

Being with the people I love
Where I can be who I want to be
Hearing them laugh and having fun
That’s what I love to see
That makes me happy

All these things make me happy
All these things make me feel,
that I am the happiest person in the world

Eliseatlife Mar 2020
what you keep in your heart,
you will never lose
Eliseatlife Jun 2020
I don't know
If you like it or not

But that doesn't matter anymore

I like it
Eliseatlife Dec 2020
When people see something they don't believe,
They first doubt themselves
and then the world around them

But sometimes it is the world that is inexplicable
Eliseatlife May 2019
Sitting here
Staring to the world around me
Listening to something I want to hear
Waiting for you to come
Looking for the key
To open me
Eliseatlife Nov 2019
I know who i am
I mean I think I know
I don't ''know'' know
But do you, do you know
Eliseatlife Jun 2019
We are all people
You and me

Standing on a road watching the traffic
All people go a different way

But sometimes u meet someone
and they become so special
that you want them to stay

We were never meant for each other
but I'm glad that even for a moment
it felt like we were

you go left and I go right
I hope we cross again
Eliseatlife Dec 2019
I can get lost
I can always get lost

Lost without you
Lost without you always I love time see
Eliseatlife Jul 2019
Everyone wants some magical solution for their problems
But everyone refuses to believe in magic
Eliseatlife Oct 2019
What you see
It isn't me

I didn't go there looking for you
I went looking for me

But here you are
and somehow in finding you
I think I've found myself to
Eliseatlife May 2019
I have to go
To a place I don't know

I do it all for myself
Not for you

I wanna know another me
So that I can be free

I go to a place where I can think
Where I know what I want

I do it all for me
Its a place where I can see

That place is my mind
And there is the me, that I hope to find
Eliseatlife Jun 2019
The sun goes down,
The lights go out,
And there are the stars and the moon

Night falls and the wounds we try to pretend we don't have,
begin to haunt us

The night is so pure
It lets you think

Think about your mistakes or what you should have said
The moon nows all the secrets

Thats why I lay in my bed awake, thinking
Sometimes feeling empty and the next morning waking up to a new day

And just like the MOON, we must go to phases of emptiness to feel full again
Eliseatlife May 2019
You there,

The one who is always ready for her friends with the best advice
The one that everyone wants to see happy
The one who believes in multiple opportunities
The one who always wants to see the positive in people

But broke deep inside
Sometimes you can take a step back

Sometimes they have expectations so high
Like a mountain with a top that can never be reached

But you will be alright
Take that step back
Just for a moment

you will not abandon someone
you're just there for yourself

Then come back as the best version of yourself
Be happy and smile
You deserve being you
Take care of yourself!
Eliseatlife Jun 2020
You are just like music
Always on the right beat

But if you are no longer here
I am out of my rhythm
Eliseatlife Aug 2019
she was in pain
and when she was alone
the tears came out as rain
but she hid it so well that no one will ever know
how heavy it really was
Eliseatlife May 2019
You have to know
the sun and the rain,
to see all the colours of the rainbow
Eliseatlife May 2019
You have shaped me into something
I never wanted to be

but that's okay,
I can't blame you
Eliseatlife Feb 2020
You came as a shooting star in my life
I could make a wish
But the wish never came true
Eliseatlife May 2019
you are strong enough to face it all,
even if it doesn't feel like it right now
Eliseatlife May 2019
Sitting on a swing

back and forth

up and down

Watching everything that happens around me

Only the swing is just a little too high

My legs float above the ground

I would prefer to stand with both feet on the ground

being one with the world

being one with everything that happens around me

I just have to grow a little bit
Eliseatlife May 2019
Despite all those thoughts in my head
The tears in my eyes

"I'm fine" I will say

Always keep going and never give up

Finding myself back searching through all those thoughts

Something you have to give time

I am busy searching, it only takes a while

Then I will find it again
Like a little light in the darkness
I am a thinker. I have not been writing poems for that long, I may not be so good in English but I am trying. I now put all the words that come to my mind on paper, and that feels very good
Eliseatlife May 2019
Time is ticking and passing by

but I, I'm standing still

Everything is going too fast around me

but I, I'm standing still

There are so many ways to move forward

but there is only one way to stand still

One step forward,

but what if this step is the wrong one?

One step back

I'm standing still again

Still as always

afraid to take the wrong step
This is the first one that I wrote.
Eliseatlife Feb 2020
Time is what we want most
We all need it
But time never waits
Time never stops


Use them
Time is now
Eliseatlife May 2019
Yesterday was the past
but I still think about it, that's not what I asked

Tomorrow is a new day
I'm looking forward to it, but that's okay

It's just that we live now
thats what I want to say
Just love today
Live your life
Eliseatlife Sep 2020
If I can’t play against the best
Then I’ll never be the best

But I try
Eliseatlife Mar 2021
Why is
Eliseatlife May 2019
How do you let go,
From what you want to keep?

You know I'm always there for you
And there they are again, my tears over my cheeks in blue

There is just one thing I have to do
and that's letting go
of YOU

— The End —