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Jul 2018 · 117
Alt Reality
nawke Jul 2018
Doctor Strange said to
Spiderman “Don’t bug me”in a
Jul 2018 · 120
Porpoise - Haiku
nawke Jul 2018
Man builds purpose to
reveal the divine purpose
of the Universe.
Jul 2018 · 374
Triple-Dog Dare
nawke Jul 2018
Three dented cars when
a tree fell in the forest
- No one was hurt
Jul 2018 · 105
The Gift of Silence
nawke Jul 2018
First forgive the silence
       That answers prayer,
Then forgive the prayer
       That stains the silence.

Excuse the absence
       That feels like presence,
Then excuse the feeling
       That insists on presence.

Pardon the delay
       Of revelation,
Then ask pardon for revealing
       Your impatience.

Forgive God
       For being only a word,
Then ask God to forgive
       The betrayal of language.
A tribute to Mark Jarman, “Five Psalms” from To the Green Man.
Jul 2018 · 271
Silenced - Haiku
nawke Jul 2018
She hears beyond ten,
the sound of one hand clapping.
Nothing comes to mind

Business of being
is busybodying self,
needs no false witness

Mental o' pedal
tormenter love to meddle
what a nomenclature  

Left behind, acres
of forest writings. None
the wiser on walls

This life's an empty
breath.  A garden ain't here to
impress or placate.

Dumpty the great fall,
silent while branches grew tall.  
Come hear, creator
To scramble mother's nature is human nature.
Jul 2018 · 97
Tooth Wise - Haiku
nawke Jul 2018
Two in her upper
Another two, the lower
No practical use.
Teething Issues.
Jul 2018 · 113
The World's A Stage - Haiku
nawke Jul 2018
Author of Cosmic
play is so hidden behind
scenes, man writes their own.
Jul 2018 · 4.1k
nawke Jul 2018
once in my sanctuary
it came in a loud gallop
followed by a wallop
my sorrowful lumbar
detaching the fear
of a clumsy blunder

shifted away from
the law of physics  
an emptied vessel unmoved
like a sealed vacuum
certain a final curtain
pin drop in code of silence

light time alliances
whooshing me into
ethereal plains
a sublime hemisphere
of infinitesimal space, time
an indescribable beyond

gentle breezes
feathery light teases
soon a star-gazing eyes
darted through a
zero gravity galaxy of an
endless empyrean expanse

a’turnin spherical sight
orange white stripes
rosely red spot
churning roiling clouds
speckled dusty rings
what beauteous it shrouds

why am I here
a knowing voice appeared
melodically close but I
can only behold afar
of an ethereally existential
interstellar manifold

questioning mind
told of convoluted ways
as seen and heard
the rhymes and seasons but
for one and the only reason
mankind's whisper'd words

entrance to the portal
as did my dawned immortal  
met a peaceful assembly
I lay in days, this rapturous gifts
what divine effulgence of
a truly cosmic lift
July 2016 - the trip to somewhere
I long soon, to come and see you, again and again
Jul 2018 · 277
Caved In
nawke Jul 2018
Twelve kids plus monk coach
Caved in for meditations
Survived the ordeal
Kentucky fried chicken and
Less homework. Happy birthday!
Notes to their parents from Tham luang cave rescue. Wild boars Thailand 7/2018
Jul 2018 · 143
Killing Intent
nawke Jul 2018
you carry virus
that will spread and harm others
sorry, mosquitoes
Building good mosquitoes karma
Jul 2018 · 607
I Commune With Thee
nawke Jul 2018
How long, how long, in infinite pursuit
Of this and that endeavor and dispute?

From the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
a recurring theme that life is brief
never let autumn leaves pass in grief
merriment is precious,  love and beauty
bears repeating, is here in fleeting moments
they exist for us to appreciate, to live is your duty
it is never clever to be weighed down with woes
ask one who knows, go for rainbows as they rose

Better be merry with the fruitful grape
Than sadden after none, or bitter fruit.
Inspirations from yonder years.
Jul 2018 · 100
Selfless Heart
nawke Jul 2018
It feels what it feels
No attempt to manipulate
Nor contrive of issues
Not winning or losing
Non judgmental
It leans for integrity
Jul 2018 · 71
nawke Jul 2018
All dressed up
No one to go

All dress-down
Nowhere to go

All dressed for
No body to go
Encountering life's little dressage.
Jul 2018 · 58
nawke Jul 2018
bring along your heart
face its fetters and fears
come to her, near and bare
turn to the moonglade, is there

what part has one played
of accountability and flight
lost in twilight and moment
that one cannot see, so torment

what is keeping you unfair
out of the love one deserves
be a master you love to serve
see how much of it unnerves

leave nostalgia of the past  
as glowing path never go astray
is just one fallen heart away
to a place calling one to stay
Jul 2018 · 200
Unlabeled Bottles
nawke Jul 2018
I rather wake up
to headache than to a heart
that aches without you

I rather drown in
an overactive mind than clarify
that assumptions made about you

I rather live in denial
of a mistaken love than bravely
terminate a toxic one with you

I rather escape to
a world of make-believe than
create a real one sooner for you

I rather pass out to
a state of palpable stupor than
chart to a clear future by you
(revision). A lament on life's observations. May we find compassion but not be an enabler.
Jul 2018 · 53
Rear View Mirror
nawke Jul 2018
teach a kid to tie
a shoe lace is harder
loops and crossings
over and under
tricky little fingers
trying to master
then they learnt
and move on
another feather
in the cap
Remember to be a kid sometimes, relearning to tie a shoe lace
Jul 2018 · 157
nawke Jul 2018
unity makes security
happiness is my harmony
honesty means authenticity
vulnerability gives me serenity
contentment equals tranquility
upset any of these immaturely
with aggression or stupidity
will ruin our stability
What are you prepared to struggle for?Everything else is just scenery
An old 2016 poem that's still relevant.
Jul 2018 · 89
nawke Jul 2018
at the turn of road
much has unloaded
fountain ebbs n flows
eve and an unknown
the endless abodes
a seeking soul dwells
one shell for another
much stories to tell
a little plastromancy
and live life chancy
or settle thy roots to
fold up the parachutes
Jul 2018 · 90
nawke Jul 2018
When the body gets
so tired of the way it feels,
renewal next life
Inspired by darika
Jul 2018 · 89
nawke Jul 2018
Equality is treating
everyone the same
Equity is giving
everyone the same
chance to advance
society's severest test

Sometimes sighted
ones has to be given
the braille test
including the jury
for a wrong righted
affrights no one
Inspired by Jodi Picoult's, Small Great Things.
Jun 2018 · 161
nawke Jun 2018
life's constant journey
always tooling.willing.bleeps
precision mapping
What do we willingly bleep?
Jun 2018 · 129
nawke Jun 2018
city changes fast
ferris wheel and taste of steel
all the repeat deals  
dumb pretty says committee
keep citizens unhappy
Good job with all round blandness. What can't we consume from one to another.
Jun 2018 · 195
Over Time
nawke Jun 2018
when did good reason become the permanent excuse
when did stepping stone become hurdle rock
when did the great leap become blind faith
when did education become conditioned
when did simplicity become complexity
when did innocence become cynicism
when did reality become an illusion
when did advice become criticism
when did habit become havoc
when did when become why
when did how become now
when did I become You
An half-examined life.
Jun 2018 · 121
nawke Jun 2018
picture ****, image
scam and body envy, like
pretty lined canals
of amsterdam, neither a
dam i give nor gram i take
Jun 2018 · 166
Mind Games Haiku
nawke Jun 2018
Leave things open to
happen, simultaneously
waiting to reject it  

the tools, to justify the
truth, twisted to deny

Pretend a happy
giver, but resent taken
without strings attached

Choice is up to you
but get what I truly want
my fiendish intents

Play overt anger
a challenge to test your care
madman's despair

Mental stilettos
best to watch from the bleachers
be a spectator
Decline the invite for torment
No reactions to their games
They will move on to someone else more fun to mess with
Jun 2018 · 133
In Querencia - Haiku
nawke Jun 2018
Bull paused for strength in
querencia, matador killed
it, comfortably
A comfort zone theory in bullring.
Jun 2018 · 70
nawke Jun 2018
Seek understanding
first, and most truth will reveal
is self preservation
Jun 2018 · 296
nawke Jun 2018
When dreams turn to dust, we vacuum
If it's made robust, enter the back room
Turn to distrust, it will ditch us into a drab
So sprinkle stardust to make it dream-like fab
Lost the wits, but never call it quits. Life will never omit where you sit.
[email protected]
Jun 2018 · 82
Going Going Gone
nawke Jun 2018
the origins of unhappiness
and all sufferings are from
human psychology
going inside you

the origins of happiness
is relinquish all mind made
commentaries to what's
going around you
Jun 2018 · 55
nawke Jun 2018
Everyone has one
friends circle
work circle
family circle
hobby circle
class circle
inner circle
outer circle
spiritual circle
we are one human circus
in reversal of a life universal
Jun 2018 · 80
Love Merits
nawke Jun 2018
The great light of Gibran once shed
Between what is said and not meant
And what is meant and not said
Most of love is lost
I say hundred percent
Be bold, timely and clear
Express intent and excess prevent
Make that part of life well spent
Sum of more merits --  I guess
Jun 2018 · 70
nawke Jun 2018
Is Galileo, Einstein
or Hawking the cleverest?  
None knows everything
There remains great gaps in our knowledge and mysteries that may never be solved until science and spirituality converged.
Jun 2018 · 61
the big one(ness)
nawke Jun 2018
pure materialism
physics biology chemistry
can't explain consciousness

science and spiritualism
not imminent in converging
and remain greatly dark

math and quantum physics
spooky action from distance
the ministry of human blind spot

reductive material of science
neither instructive of spirits
nor speaks ethereal souls

with defiance we let
drill the blackest holes
in the oneness of all beings
Jun 2018 · 114
nawke Jun 2018
Man spends most his time
fuelling furnace of progress
--  by fighting fires.
Senryu Haiku
Jun 2018 · 116
Hero to Zero
nawke Jun 2018
The children howling
for refuge seeking parents
lovingly foiled
#keepfamiliestogether #immigrant #senryu
Jun 2018 · 100
nawke Jun 2018
the mind has clarity
the body has purity
the heart has charity
the spirit has prosperity
the soul has destiny  

One sees Eternity
Jun 2018 · 546
On Death
nawke Jun 2018
There are good death
And there are bad ways over
Mundane or momentous
Closure is a pain bipolar

To lovers, family, friends
Or old habits and memories
Our hearts of roller coasters
Point always the longest ways
Jun 2018 · 200
From Cradles To Cages
nawke Jun 2018
the god reaches the height of outrageous
and all flee cradles are now in cages
wrap with america's love in all this foil
add zero tolerance, vinegar with oil
nevermind papa are lacking the wages
baby ******* diapers in ops pied pipers
so humanity rage pages to teach all ages
as super agent dancing on loopholes table
just act savages, break'em up like marriages
mother of all separations and isolations
not a **** to refugees let alone day give
drown in this cruelty or tour of its duty
goodbye sanity, welcome cry to show reality
trump the wall, let contagious truth be its fall
Keep the family in, or keep them out
That's what compassion is all' about
I simply don't understand the flout
Pray the children wont be flickering out
Jun 2018 · 119
nawke Jun 2018
we can make
something out of nothing
is like not-sowing a single seed
yet we reap far and forever more
and forever is incomprehensibly long
so while waiting for something
anything arrives
and oh, how it thrives
soon, we begin to make
everything out of anything
chasing something
or another thing  
since they look like nothing
we've ever seen before
often, so certain that we already
know nothing very well
forgetting truly
nothing came from something
we would be
good with nothing
Windmills of the mind.
Jun 2018 · 87
The Tao Teacher
nawke Jun 2018
Good teachers teach that
to each his own lessons learnt
at times too, unlearned

The East also teaches
one cannot lose the teacher  
til lessons are learned

Also, when the student
is ready - a teacher appears
one stores it for years

Blessed the teachers
students and pathways
with truest minds uprear
Jun 2018 · 92
Sleeping Dog
nawke Jun 2018
where love lays weeping
not every sleeping dog is
mine to wake, from lies
Jun 2018 · 82
nawke Jun 2018
Past is the fetter
that's kept my kingdom tethered
says Prince Kim Jong Un
Rahula (fetter) - meaning ball and chains; the name that Siddhartha Guatama had named his new born son before he abandoned him to seek enlightenment.
Jun 2018 · 66
By Soul and Spirits
nawke Jun 2018
In soul and solitude retires
the wheel of life takes a pause
to see what have we admire
and to choose in our renewal
letting go of old compulsions or
caught up in the ruts of old desires

Do we step out of hungry minds
or retreat into mindful oneness
the tree of life that grows inner
a divine law that guides thus
to our inward journey, is the
spiritual exodus that awaits us

Accept the transcendence of
the experience, we will yet
discover new life buried
secretly and vagulately in us
truly, that breath we are 
a freed-om leads to freedom.
Jun 2018 · 107
nawke Jun 2018
Mark him, carefully
He's the face sucker expert
VR cyberian
Jun 2018 · 94
Fool's Heart
nawke Jun 2018
I don't lie
to waste my time
Proving something that's
easy for me to do
If you can't catch me
when I still care
You won't have a look,
a call, a text
That's fair
Once I exit of our
common thread
This makes it easy for us
to move on  
sans sentimentality
For I always give my
party every chance fair
to make  
dancing decision
Once all's said and done
it comes from deep
inside a wise heart
Unless yours aren't
in which case
you shouldn't be
Fool me once, fool me twice, fool me three times, f...k the peace signs.
Jun 2018 · 181
The Human Test
nawke Jun 2018
love is for the infinite beings
and remains so eternally
never will a turing bot

tomorrow when robots arrive
the heart that is not in love
will fail the human test
Ponderings of The Rise of Machines and AI.  [email protected]
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