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nawke Jun 2018
the god reaches the height of outrageous
and all flee cradles are now in cages
wrap with america's love in all this foil
add zero tolerance, vinegar with oil
nevermind papa are lacking the wages
baby ******* diapers in ops pied pipers
so humanity rage pages to teach all ages
as super agent dancing on loopholes table
just act savages, break'em up like marriages
mother of all separations and isolations
not a **** to refugees let alone day give
drown in this cruelty or tour of its duty
goodbye sanity, welcome cry to show reality
trump the wall, let contagious truth be its fall
Keep the family in, or keep them out
That's what compassion is all' about
I simply don't understand the flout
Pray the children wont be flickering out
Jennifer Weiss Sep 2014
Sometimes people
                                   don't know how to take,
                                                                ­           the works of art that I create.
I don't understand
                                  how knowing who I am
                                                                ­           causes the problems at hand.

They think that I am
                                    living in a dream,
                                                              bu­t  there's truth behind what I say,

AND how they make me seem.
                                    I can still say to the whole world
                                                           ­       I know the meaning of C.R.E.A.M.

But cash rules nothing in my world,
                                     I care less for the dollars
                                                                ­   And all about the DREAM

But I wouldn't mind the paper
                                and I am flattered by the follows
                                                       Because not even evil is all that it seems.
Don't judge till it's you.
            Not everything society demonizes
                                                  Should be demonized.

Just be a good person.

— The End —