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nawke Jul 2018
Two in her upper
Another two, the lower
No practical use.
Teething Issues.
Sunny Apr 2018
The past few days have been full of pain
As I lie down in bed again.
When I open my mouth, it yells at me to shut it
So I sigh and quit trying to fight it.

I can’t eat or chew
Without my jaw breaking too
Can’t drink or sip, it seems
Unless I want my gums to scream

I can’t even function properly
Everything I do, I end up doing sloppily
Sometimes, I think of ripping my tooth out
I already know I’ll be better off without
This tooth, one of four that you don’t get at youth
Oh, how I wish I could rid myself of this wisdom tooth.
Jayantee Khare Jul 2017
(~~~~~~~~)              (~~~~~~~)
(You're like a)~(wisdom tooth)
( skewed, dispensable, useless )
( erupted painfully, pretty late )
(poking, hurting, surplus, hidden,)
(taught life lessons, gave wisdom,)
(Troubling) ) )   ( ( reminding)
(Extracted)                (forcefully)
(  Left  )                     (  a void  )
(to be)                          (filled by)
(other)                          (teeth)
      (I still)                           ( feel)      
(the)                          (pain)
( )                                 ( )
Wisdom teeth are useless, come very late, trouble, hurt, poke other teeth, forcefully extracted, leave void and pain for a long time, are few people..impart wisdom by leaving...

— The End —