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4.0k · Jul 2018
nawke Jul 2018
once in my sanctuary
it came in a loud gallop
followed by a wallop
my sorrowful lumbar
detaching the fear
of a clumsy blunder

shifted away from
the law of physics  
an emptied vessel unmoved
like a sealed vacuum
certain a final curtain
pin drop in code of silence

light time alliances
whooshing me into
ethereal plains
a sublime hemisphere
of infinitesimal space, time
an indescribable beyond

gentle breezes
feathery light teases
soon a star-gazing eyes
darted through a
zero gravity galaxy of an
endless empyrean expanse

a’turnin spherical sight
orange white stripes
rosely red spot
churning roiling clouds
speckled dusty rings
what beauteous it shrouds

why am I here
a knowing voice appeared
melodically close but I
can only behold afar
of an ethereally existential
interstellar manifold

questioning mind
told of convoluted ways
as seen and heard
the rhymes and seasons but
for one and the only reason
mankind's whisper'd words

entrance to the portal
as did my dawned immortal  
met a peaceful assembly
I lay in days, this rapturous gifts
what divine effulgence of
a truly cosmic lift
July 2016 - the trip to somewhere
I long soon, to come and see you, again and again
607 · Jul 2018
I Commune With Thee
nawke Jul 2018
How long, how long, in infinite pursuit
Of this and that endeavor and dispute?

From the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
a recurring theme that life is brief
never let autumn leaves pass in grief
merriment is precious,  love and beauty
bears repeating, is here in fleeting moments
they exist for us to appreciate, to live is your duty
it is never clever to be weighed down with woes
ask one who knows, go for rainbows as they rose

Better be merry with the fruitful grape
Than sadden after none, or bitter fruit.
Inspirations from yonder years.
546 · Jun 2018
On Death
nawke Jun 2018
There are good death
And there are bad ways over
Mundane or momentous
Closure is a pain bipolar

To lovers, family, friends
Or old habits and memories
Our hearts of roller coasters
Point always the longest ways
436 · Jun 2018
An Un-Trump Summit (II)
nawke Jun 2018
East of the Equator on 1° 15' tropics is an old pirate isle
Irate *****-wavers are set to meet, I repeat, on Santosha
where, if you know it by its sanskrit, they might reconcile
Wishful leaders play symbolic. To us are none, but frenzy frolic.

Rudy doubles a pretty sight when smart cookie crumbles
to his knees.  The apprentice,  a fake gansta has capitulated to
Trump who's  known to expostulate his lot of twitterati
oh, the wizard of sentences,  cut the circuit and paparazzi.

Rocket man says read my lips, so Dotard threatens bigger drips
Both gaga over trigger hands, like-a-****** on hot dozen buttons.
Ain’t it a saga, they goatherd each other on,  so call in Dennis to
get us out of the funk. Just maybe, a remote chance, a fun slam-dunk!

The world awaits with bated breath, the immovable anchors to a
bad romance. We're stuck for answers to translate two gyrate minds,
singing hits a-capella under nuke umbrella.  No tanning spray and
pray please or death-from-behind us all, the wrench of humankind.

At 34, Prince has just begun life, to see his people starving to die
At 71, ****** has a life doing what he does,  while waiting to die  
Chasms miles long, but cookie cutter share tall man phantasm
94 stories high towards disarming God in their own ego suites.

Gurkhas and gazetted city blocks, the people in uttered groans
All twitterpating over a hermit throne dancing to a jailhouse rock
Two bright like buttons, so zero sum bargains may cost an arm and
an earth - nuclear glutton! Not a far gains from your usual Target?

At St Regis in gather,  string theories of riddles to Lord of the Rings
Towkays at the table “Order! Order!” no one absquatulates at all borders
In shambhala, will it be “Big and Bold” or “Beg and Hold”, who knows
Except Goldenhair, in first minute - Upside or Upset of an F1 ride!
An observation of Trump-Kim Summit 1206 Singapore @Copyright
371 · Jul 2018
Triple-Dog Dare
nawke Jul 2018
Three dented cars when
a tree fell in the forest
- No one was hurt
338 · Jun 2018
nawke Jun 2018
The morning light wanes
out on open plains
my belly debates
croissants have to wait  

All the nylon fliers
like crayons palettes
festival of spectacles
So many favorites

Up Up and Away
a hundred balloons
above lagoons and chimneys
below valleys and alleys

In one strong forehand
a spectacular descent
it looks unplanned
a landing on the grandstand!

There was no flaw
only the applause
at dawn, champagnes flow
I stand in awe
296 · Jun 2018
nawke Jun 2018
When dreams turn to dust, we vacuum
If it's made robust, enter the back room
Turn to distrust, it will ditch us into a drab
So sprinkle stardust to make it dream-like fab
Lost the wits, but never call it quits. Life will never omit where you sit.
[email protected]
277 · Jul 2018
Caved In
nawke Jul 2018
Twelve kids plus monk coach
Caved in for meditations
Survived the ordeal
Kentucky fried chicken and
Less homework. Happy birthday!
Notes to their parents from Tham luang cave rescue. Wild boars Thailand 7/2018
272 · Jun 2018
Peace On A Plate (I)
nawke Jun 2018
The path from Tauts-to-talks
are paved with food intentions
Four -piece meal for peace has
nothing to see here, you scab
Chilli crab - ain't your usual crap
are good gut check with no mishap
Bourbon and Sujo cocktail blend
beats sermon anytime, we'll show you
Summitwich - both sides have agreed
on buttermilk chicken and kimchi
Don you miss it, is Un-believable!
gimmickers seal it with their kisses
oh, and don't forget from the host too
Pandan cake to pudding on the table
no details are too minutiae, they're able
those circling the summit must march
to disarm the hunger and overcome pride
of King-me Dotard and Lil'Rocket Man
Now that's plenty to deal with it, so get real.
Trump Kim Summit in Singapore 1206
270 · Jul 2018
Silenced - Haiku
nawke Jul 2018
She hears beyond ten,
the sound of one hand clapping.
Nothing comes to mind

Business of being
is busybodying self,
needs no false witness

Mental o' pedal
tormenter love to meddle
what a nomenclature  

Left behind, acres
of forest writings. None
the wiser on walls

This life's an empty
breath.  A garden ain't here to
impress or placate.

Dumpty the great fall,
silent while branches grew tall.  
Come hear, creator
To scramble mother's nature is human nature.
229 · Jun 2018
My Heart Is
nawke Jun 2018
tender         strong      discerning
open        loving       vulnerable    full
      reasonabe        understanding
spacious       beautiful      compassionate
      healing       kind       giving

Come knock on it
Is unlocked again
Like many before
Cause I know it has
x100 times electrical field
x5000 times magnetic field
more than my brain!
this electromagnetic device
is where all the actions are
that affects my reality
Reset atoms.
200 · Jul 2018
Unlabeled Bottles
nawke Jul 2018
I rather wake up
to headache than to a heart
that aches without you

I rather drown in
an overactive mind than clarify
that assumptions made about you

I rather live in denial
of a mistaken love than bravely
terminate a toxic one with you

I rather escape to
a world of make-believe than
create a real one sooner for you

I rather pass out to
a state of palpable stupor than
chart to a clear future by you
(revision). A lament on life's observations. May we find compassion but not be an enabler.
197 · Jun 2018
From Cradles To Cages
nawke Jun 2018
the god reaches the height of outrageous
and all flee cradles are now in cages
wrap with america's love in all this foil
add zero tolerance, vinegar with oil
nevermind papa are lacking the wages
baby ******* diapers in ops pied pipers
so humanity rage pages to teach all ages
as super agent dancing on loopholes table
just act savages, break'em up like marriages
mother of all separations and isolations
not a **** to refugees let alone day give
drown in this cruelty or tour of its duty
goodbye sanity, welcome cry to show reality
trump the wall, let contagious truth be its fall
Keep the family in, or keep them out
That's what compassion is all' about
I simply don't understand the flout
Pray the children wont be flickering out
194 · Jun 2018
Over Time
nawke Jun 2018
when did good reason become the permanent excuse
when did stepping stone become hurdle rock
when did the great leap become blind faith
when did education become conditioned
when did simplicity become complexity
when did innocence become cynicism
when did reality become an illusion
when did advice become criticism
when did habit become havoc
when did when become why
when did how become now
when did I become You
An half-examined life.
180 · Jun 2018
The Human Test
nawke Jun 2018
love is for the infinite beings
and remains so eternally
never will a turing bot

tomorrow when robots arrive
the heart that is not in love
will fail the human test
Ponderings of The Rise of Machines and AI.  [email protected]
178 · Jun 2018
Into Me I See
nawke Jun 2018
they say you live there, put on a T and had sent me everywhere
map and compass free for all, how did we still get lost
you that way and beside, was i with you for the goose
those sweet deeds you hide, just impossible to deny
like a bashful bride, "In thee!" "In thee!", you cried
so when i finally turn the tide, how incredible
to spot the I and cross out the Ts
found me safe and sound
i seek no more
infinitely here
Woken up since 2011/nepal. Upside down read
168 · Jun 2018
My Unbirthday Wish To You
nawke Jun 2018
Of the 364 un-birthdays, best occupied by your craziest , unthoughtful and refillable teaports, who rather like to celebrate year round with you, though uninvited, it would be wise you decline hosting the party too.

"Well, why not? What's wrong with a Thinking party everyday?" 
I hear you asking.  Is what they do best by default afterall -- one is naturally invited whether one likes it or not.  

My reply would be "Mad Unthinking does not a party make!"  

Unless you like going on hater shooting rampage.  Otherwise, battling the twinkle little tea trays hovering in your delusional sky is rather, shall I say, a pointless endeavor.  Far better you meditate on that.

Luckily too, the only day they wont be celebrating is that one day on your special birth date.   Since it's the single time of year you're more than likeliest the happiest by design, among friends and families!  

But why just limit it to a day in the entire calendar year?   You should "happily uncelebrate bad-everything " or "celebrate happily good-nothing" for the 364 days in your mind.  And all should be well.  

Just remember, lift the tall hat and check under the hood, you may discover mad party always get you plenty of room.   But they merely recycle as a visage.  Chances are, you'd love to gate-crash and bring your best butter and bread knife to spread it all over time.  There's no "while" as they "mean", so to speak.   Especially when you are hangry and you had "nothing" yet, taking less is far healthier than filling up a buffet of nutrionless bad food.    Like clouds in the sky, let them go.

About that Raven too.  They are just cryptic messenger going backward and forward with unintelligible riddles that will spin your too clever head to a nevar resting point.  The codename is analysis paralysis.  

Akin to a kite in the sky, you can break the thread.  

Otherwise, you may end up like Alice to steal time, beat time, pass time and may get lost in a treacle well with much surgarcoating and sentimentality. Only to wake up 2 hrs later than you should have, to reality around you.  

So let it be known, and shed light into, the unknown parts of the 364 unbirthdays.  If you manage to go out, have some social bake and cake among humans now and then, you'll soon forget to uncelebrate them and lose all the over-muchness anyway.  

That's my wish for you !
Mind our minds.  Nevar let the unknown parts go unnoticed.   Inspired by Alice and Anthony.
165 · Jun 2018
Mind Games Haiku
nawke Jun 2018
Leave things open to
happen, simultaneously
waiting to reject it  

the tools, to justify the
truth, twisted to deny

Pretend a happy
giver, but resent taken
without strings attached

Choice is up to you
but get what I truly want
my fiendish intents

Play overt anger
a challenge to test your care
madman's despair

Mental stilettos
best to watch from the bleachers
be a spectator
Decline the invite for torment
No reactions to their games
They will move on to someone else more fun to mess with
164 · Jun 2018
nawke Jun 2018
9 to 6, used to think that's life
cling to the smell of madness
over the taste of earth's vastness

did the desert ever feel alive
if that was someplace I knew
I have forgotten she existed

the appetite of misery it provided
voices inside the moonlight
says beware, they are un-free

drifting out into rising tide
go on - ride and collide
so am I satisfied
160 · Jun 2018
nawke Jun 2018
life's constant journey
always tooling.willing.bleeps
precision mapping
What do we willingly bleep?
157 · Jul 2018
nawke Jul 2018
unity makes security
happiness is my harmony
honesty means authenticity
vulnerability gives me serenity
contentment equals tranquility
upset any of these immaturely
with aggression or stupidity
will ruin our stability
What are you prepared to struggle for?Everything else is just scenery
An old 2016 poem that's still relevant.
143 · Jul 2018
Killing Intent
nawke Jul 2018
you carry virus
that will spread and harm others
sorry, mosquitoes
Building good mosquitoes karma
140 · Jun 2018
Crutch and Such
nawke Jun 2018
removing the crutch and being here
slowing down all the best-laid plans
seeing the ***** life had none as such
grabbing has turned a soul untouched
prisoner of a rusty heart, I confess as much
Re-acquaint my heart
132 · Jun 2018
In Querencia - Haiku
nawke Jun 2018
Bull paused for strength in
querencia, matador killed
it, comfortably
A comfort zone theory in bullring.
131 · Jun 2018
All this shall pass
nawke Jun 2018
Something in me has untied
heaven knows I've tried
battled, broken and cried
now I take the rest in stride
just quietly sat by his side
129 · Jun 2018
nawke Jun 2018
What does the good heart ask
Who are still remain to compete
When a disease remains un defeat
Where on deathbed at the feet
Will I waste my last words so sweet
Why  "Do you see, I won? "
129 · Jun 2018
nawke Jun 2018
city changes fast
ferris wheel and taste of steel
all the repeat deals  
dumb pretty says committee
keep citizens unhappy
Good job with all round blandness. What can't we consume from one to another.
126 · Jun 2018
Meaning Making In May
nawke Jun 2018
What would he live for
if not for the letter to the customer
that he's forwarding the quote to
for a happy client is a happy profit
that he brings home for bacon
is he less of a father if there is not
a duty to perform for his family
is life meaningless if he didn’t work it?

what would a student live for
if not for the exams she's to ace
reading papers on her own volition
for quaint mathematical equation
that she may bring home a graduate  
is she less of a daughter if there is
no honors returned to her parents
is life meaningless if she didn’t learn it?

what would the couple live for
if not for the dreams they’d backpack
into future unknown as flights await
to enchanting a relationship
that brings rejuvenation to ruts
are they less of a couple if there is no
time away from the humdrum
is life meaningless if they didn’t travel it?

what would the barista live for
if not for making beans behind counter
to gay customers delighted by beverage
for which he is paid a salary to stamp his
tuition by an overworked single mom  
is he less of a barista if there is no
fees and books he’s to strive hard for  
is life less meaningful if he didn’t brew it?

what would a baby live for
if not for mommy’s milk bottles, hugs
kisses and adults’ gazes to nurture them
to crawl, walk, jump, hop scotch and cycle
to witness a blossoming  into full adolescent
is the baby less of a child if there are no
9 months to cross and milestones to check off
is life meaningless if it didn’t grow into it?
123 · Jun 2018
nawke Jun 2018
What matters truly
is a knowing inside,
not some imminent
attachment of love
desires display
whereas smoke
lays upon a fireside
I now see a muddy
  lotus hide
Know Thyself
121 · Jun 2018
nawke Jun 2018
picture ****, image
scam and body envy, like
pretty lined canals
of amsterdam, neither a
dam i give nor gram i take
120 · Jul 2018
Porpoise - Haiku
nawke Jul 2018
Man builds purpose to
reveal the divine purpose
of the Universe.
120 · Jun 2018
Pie In The Sky
nawke Jun 2018
Man's love for you is mighty
   deep like a chalice of gold
   never knowing you're gonna show

Ever since he had a hold on you
    like alice's soul, living beneath shadows
    only in modesty, you identify

When the shivering warmth breaks
    warriors contorted and gibbering
    you don't stop their withering.

The mind profaned by arrogance
    same mistakes we salute
    man's intelligence, natures refute

Flick of an absolute switch
    ego like engine ditch
    all going out like useless tricks  

You question his durability
    the importance of schemes
    till it falls apart at the seams

Flaxen man hasn't washed in weeks
   for a tiniest pie in the sky
   can he now kiss the peaks

Oh please permit him to cry
    and when he finally breathe a long sigh
    allow your silence to speak

Inspired by Expedition to Chomolungma, Tibet.
119 · Jun 2018
nawke Jun 2018
we can make
something out of nothing
is like not-sowing a single seed
yet we reap far and forever more
and forever is incomprehensibly long
so while waiting for something
anything arrives
and oh, how it thrives
soon, we begin to make
everything out of anything
chasing something
or another thing  
since they look like nothing
we've ever seen before
often, so certain that we already
know nothing very well
forgetting truly
nothing came from something
we would be
good with nothing
Windmills of the mind.
116 · Jun 2018
Hero to Zero
nawke Jun 2018
The children howling
for refuge seeking parents
lovingly foiled
#keepfamiliestogether #immigrant #senryu
116 · Jul 2018
Alt Reality
nawke Jul 2018
Doctor Strange said to
Spiderman “Don’t bug me”in a
113 · Jun 2018
nawke Jun 2018
Man spends most his time
fuelling furnace of progress
--  by fighting fires.
Senryu Haiku
113 · Jun 2018
Changing Seasons
nawke Jun 2018
Pablo wants to do with Matilda
what spring does with cherry trees

He longs to perfume the room
with a lately-opened bloom
when life gifted him lemons
not having, but making heaven
the best of everything's given

The milk in the fridge will whip
into smooth china silk
soon licking the dry lips
She didn't cry over the scalded milk
like he had with his love spilled.

She chose to chocolate fudge it
those essential ingredients
expediently leftover in the grudging shelf
pairs so well with plain vanilla
chemist says it is pure medicinal

Fella won't know what he's getting
from life's chocolate boxes
hidden beneath few good rocks
birds, beauty and not a beast
If only enough is as good as he feasts

Paula wants to reveal with Matthew
what autumn does with maple trees
113 · Jul 2018
The World's A Stage - Haiku
nawke Jul 2018
Author of Cosmic
play is so hidden behind
scenes, man writes their own.
108 · Jun 2018
nawke Jun 2018
The body has life and death
True self does not
Attain true self

Attach to the head, hand
the face, bone, looks
they are body, not “I”

True “I” has no life or death
only pure broth of essence
Simmer it

Man throws a bone  
A dog runs away with it
Truth is within sip
107 · Jun 2018
nawke Jun 2018
You asked me if I
truly believe in freewill
I replied 'No choice'
106 · Jun 2018
nawke Jun 2018
Mark him, carefully
He's the face sucker expert
VR cyberian
105 · Jul 2018
The Gift of Silence
nawke Jul 2018
First forgive the silence
       That answers prayer,
Then forgive the prayer
       That stains the silence.

Excuse the absence
       That feels like presence,
Then excuse the feeling
       That insists on presence.

Pardon the delay
       Of revelation,
Then ask pardon for revealing
       Your impatience.

Forgive God
       For being only a word,
Then ask God to forgive
       The betrayal of language.
A tribute to Mark Jarman, “Five Psalms” from To the Green Man.
103 · Jun 2018
nawke Jun 2018
Cawing crows' calling
They try to gather but fail
Attempted ******
101 · Jun 2018
Dancer From The Dance
nawke Jun 2018
The littlest things she did for him
Are the biggest this whole time
life’s simplest riddles

Is not a conditional love
   is a boundless way of love

Is not a dying for you love
   is a here with you everyday kind of love

Is not marriage love
  is a true companion sort of love

Is not demanding love
  is an understanding type of love

Even the journey is fraught
But the abundance he’s missed
Happened in spite of it
100 · Jun 2018
nawke Jun 2018
the mind has clarity
the body has purity
the heart has charity
the spirit has prosperity
the soul has destiny  

One sees Eternity
100 · Jul 2018
Selfless Heart
nawke Jul 2018
It feels what it feels
No attempt to manipulate
Nor contrive of issues
Not winning or losing
Non judgmental
It leans for integrity
99 · Jun 2018
nawke Jun 2018
Night's falling
Sepi all around
Sun earth forestalling
New moon drowned
Darkly strife call-in
Army of stars in town

Minds' seeking
Cowered in light
Hearts sneaking
Shrouded in delights
Calmness Seriousness
Flames at height  

Time's flying
She never waited
Words are trying
Desires unrelated
Eclipse satisfying
Souls illuminated
97 · Jun 2018
Alone Together
nawke Jun 2018
alone together
we travel far by cars, boats and planes
so intense notes may unravel a name
only to fence up with remote pretense
entirely misfed in an asylum of social disdain

gravity is so long farthest
no matter the shuttle climbs its sharpest
beliefs and feelings have no downtime
virtual thoughts ebb across in bytes of prime
conscious uncoupling, our present no longer chimes

we play saint to inner longings
yet only acquaint in outward belongings
illusion distilled can bring godly divine
and blissful reality sometimes entwine
but rewinding old drills is dismally unkind

would not we shatter one forty to bits
rearrange this sorry state of earthlings' orbit  
mould it fast before the deranged propriety
what loss to not awaken to a safari of sobriety
altogether one.
96 · Jul 2018
Tooth Wise - Haiku
nawke Jul 2018
Two in her upper
Another two, the lower
No practical use.
Teething Issues.
93 · Jun 2018
Fool's Heart
nawke Jun 2018
I don't lie
to waste my time
Proving something that's
easy for me to do
If you can't catch me
when I still care
You won't have a look,
a call, a text
That's fair
Once I exit of our
common thread
This makes it easy for us
to move on  
sans sentimentality
For I always give my
party every chance fair
to make  
dancing decision
Once all's said and done
it comes from deep
inside a wise heart
Unless yours aren't
in which case
you shouldn't be
Fool me once, fool me twice, fool me three times, f...k the peace signs.
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